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  1. Finally got a chance to check the Rapid - turns out the bottle was loose I ran it over the combro first, it was all over the place - 14, 12, 18, 16 ft/lbs I think the o-ring had worn a little - re-filled it, change the o-ring and now back at 28 ft/lbs and the POI is back at zero where it lives Thanks for all the suggestions - will bookmark this page for future reference. WOW!
  2. Now sorted thanks to muncher
  3. Thanks guys - i'll dig out the Combro and check the power consistency first... If the reg does need a service - can you recommend someone to do it for me - i'll be able to get it apart and back together, but all the parts may not be put back in the right order 🤣
  4. Hi All, Set-up is FAC Rapid Mk2 .22 @ 28 ft/lbs - Bisley Mags - Weihrauch mod - Bushnell Legend 5-15x40mm Just noticed something strange last time i was up the farm target practice - Shots were all low at 30 yards and grouping was off a little (usually sub 15mm) now about 30mm. Now I haven't used the gun for a while, however when I tested it a few weeks back it was shooting spot on. Nothing (from what I can think) has changed so a little confused why this has happened all of a sudden. Also when I have gone to adjust the elevation, I'm now maxed-out and won't go any higher - this makes me think the scope has taken a knock, but would that explain the increase in group size - probably not? To try and figure out what has gone wrong, my plan is thus: Re-fill the bottle Shoot a group Take off silencer Shoot a group Re-attach silencer Shoot a group Remove + re-seat scope Shoot group Obviously if the one of the items resolves the issue i won't go any further Does this seem a sensible approach - can anyone recommend anything else? Does the regulator need a service? Barrel clean? I'm going to try and go out one evening this week -depending on the heat- and see what the results look like. JB
  5. As per title, or similar, pump or semi located in North Essex.ThanksJB
  6. Just measured the fleece and pit to pit is 24" so might be larger than 40" JB
  7. As per title - looking for a shooting buddy in the local area. I have access to about 100 acres of open farm land, where I get pigeons, crows, rabbits and rats in and around farm buildings + a private individual who has a rabbit problem in his gardens (6 acres). Looking to potentially share shoots with another like-minded individual. Mostly interested in pigeon shooting with the SG, but also have FAC air rifle and .22RF. Cheers, JB
  8. Deerhunter Brody reversable fleece/jacket Got this for xmas, but is too big for me, it says its a medium, but i would say its a large-medium. Excellent quality as usual from Deerhunter, very warm. Im gonna get the same fleece in a small. Was £29.99, but looking for £25 inc postage - Bank transfer or Paypal gift (or plus fees) preferred. <Pics here> Original blurb: Men's hunting jacket Deerhunter Brody made ​​from fleece material . It is equipped with a soft lining and is suitable as an outer layer for the period spring to autumn or as a mid-layer in colder weather. This jacket or sweatshirt has a zip along with a high collar that protects your neck from the cold.
  9. Ah - prob a bit too far for me - I'm sure you will have plenty of more local takers shortly... JB
  10. I'm in Saffron Walden - only 20 min south of Cambs - where are you permissions, north or south of Cambridge? JB
  11. I did not know they were called whips! Some of them look like they compact right down to nothing! JB
  12. Just be aware that you legally can't just put any old sound mod on your FAC air rifle. It needs to go onto your ticket by an RFD if i remember correctly. I'm not sure if they will do this for you, if you have bought it 2nd hand else where... I think a SAK is only about £35 new. I would recommend buying from your local RFD and start building a rapport with them. When you do apply for your FAC, you should apply for a sound mod at the same time. JB
  13. Hi there, What do you mean by whips? Are we talking S&M/bondage or something else? Thanks, JB
  14. Have been thinking outside the box a bit, anyone tried one of these as a bouncer? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brookite-Telescopic-Windsock-Flag-Pole-Ground-Stake-Festival-Camping-Caravan-/112047242877?var=&hash=item1a16893e7d:m:m-EQYOBvynpFKGWidiDOuYg Thinking of getting a 3m one - though not sure if it will support the weight of a bird... Thoughts? JB
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