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  1. Rusty knife

    It's nasty stuff. N+S so I think the sulphur is to blame.ushally use my old knife but forgot this time. Always take wedding ring off too for the same reason.
  2. Rusty knife

    I was using my knife to cut fertilizer bags open the last couple of days and noticed tonight the blade has started to rust. It's an opinel knife with the carbone blade. I know they're only fair cheap but it's only a few months old. What would be the best way of cleaning it up?
  3. How far....

    Had 2 rabbits, 4 pigeons and a crow out of the window in the last few days with the HMR. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones as I live/work on a 700 acre arable farm and have sole permission for vermin control.

    I love my sxs, an old AYA Yeoman bought for £75. It a a bit rough around the edges but I'm as good with it as I would be with a gun worth thousands.
  5. Canaries

    Grandad used to breed canaries, since he died my nan has been keeping them going. All colour fed, they look stunning.
  6. Any ideas what this could be?

    Well I took her to the vets tonight and it's basically a wart. A soft fleshy mass he said. Nothing at all to worry about and if I wanted it off I could but if not it'll cause no bother. Thank goodness for that.
  7. Any ideas what this could be?

    Booked in tomorrow evening, hopefully it's nothing sinister.
  8. Just noticed a soft, pink lump on my cockers elbow. It's about the size of a large tick. It's not causing her any pain and she'll let you touch it without moving. Shesjust turned 7 years old and has never ever had anything wrong with her before. Amy ideas would be great, Thanks, Dan.
  9. worst ever TV programme

    Love still game. Best tbing on tv
  10. Orange five pro mountain bike for sale

    I've got an Orange five with a similar spec. Absolutely awesome bike and a very reasonable price
  11. Leaving Radio 2

    Her and Ken Bruce work well together. Wish Chris Evans and Jeremy Wine would take a leaf out of her book and naff off.
  12. Wish I'd read this sooner. Ordered a set of scope mounts off them on Tuesday morning, £6 postage!! At that price I'd expect them to have arrived before I'd got off the phone but they still haven't arrived 2 days later. Probably won't be the right ones when they do finally turn up
  13. 187yd rabbit

    Love watching his videos, makes my shooting look a bit naff in comparison
  14. School closures

    We live on the Hereford/Gloucester border and our lads primary school is shut tomorrow yet the nursery part us still open. We have had a bit of snow but nothing much, I think it's down to how cold it is that they are shut more than the snow. 3 day weekend with the rugrats stuck in the house..... great
  15. CZ  452 American .17 HMR

    That's a lovely rifle, I have the same 1 but I wish it was the left handed version. If I didn't already have mine I'd bite your hand off!