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  1. Going back a couple of years we looked after a Bengal cat for the wife's brother while he went travelling. We were told he was strictly a house cat and he didn't likeit outside and that he shouldn't be let out. About a month in to us having him I could see he wasn't happy in the house so I let him out. He was like a different cat. He would go off for the day and come back inthe evenings with mice, rabbits, even magpies! The wife's brother went mad when he heard he was outside ? Since then he has gone back to his owner and is stuck inside again. I think it's very very wron
  2. R and B sporting near in Ross on Wye, not far from Hereford. Well worth a look.
  3. When I got my FAC I managed to get a mint CZ 452 .17HMR and a BRNO Mod2 22lr for about the same as you have to spend. Both really good rifles and didn't break the bank.
  4. Hi all, I'm just after a bit of help really. Basically I've been looking at getting a night vision set up for my rifles for a while now. I am looking at an add on set up so I can swap it between the 2 guns accordingly. I've looked at various different ones but the 1 I keep coming back to is the Nitesite Wolf. It seems a decent set up and would suit what I'd use it for. The rifles it would go on are a 22lr and 17hmr so a range of 200m would be plenty.  Is there any other NV add ons out there for a similar price that I should be looking at? What are people's thoughts on t
  5. All the dealings I've had with them recently have been positive. Definitely some improvements been made.
  6. I'm 32 with a 2 year old and a 5 year old. Every day that goes by it gets slightly easier and more and more enjoyable. They both love shooting and ferreting, watch very little tv and love being outside. I reckon we are doing ok
  7. Dan7626

    Rusty knife

    It's nasty stuff. N+S so I think the sulphur is to blame.ushally use my old knife but forgot this time. Always take wedding ring off too for the same reason.
  8. Dan7626

    Rusty knife

    I was using my knife to cut fertilizer bags open the last couple of days and noticed tonight the blade has started to rust. It's an opinel knife with the carbone blade. I know they're only fair cheap but it's only a few months old. What would be the best way of cleaning it up?
  9. Had 2 rabbits, 4 pigeons and a crow out of the window in the last few days with the HMR. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones as I live/work on a 700 acre arable farm and have sole permission for vermin control.
  10. I love my sxs, an old AYA Yeoman bought for £75. It a a bit rough around the edges but I'm as good with it as I would be with a gun worth thousands.
  11. Dan7626


    Grandad used to breed canaries, since he died my nan has been keeping them going. All colour fed, they look stunning.
  12. Well I took her to the vets tonight and it's basically a wart. A soft fleshy mass he said. Nothing at all to worry about and if I wanted it off I could but if not it'll cause no bother. Thank goodness for that.
  13. Booked in tomorrow evening, hopefully it's nothing sinister.
  14. Just noticed a soft, pink lump on my cockers elbow. It's about the size of a large tick. It's not causing her any pain and she'll let you touch it without moving. Shesjust turned 7 years old and has never ever had anything wrong with her before. Amy ideas would be great, Thanks, Dan.
  15. Love still game. Best tbing on tv
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