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  1. sillosocks

    In answer to the lack of Pigeons on the website - we have sold out despite having to containers arrive this year, there are more on the way and I'm hoping they will be here next week. Our own brand of HD Shell and Full Bodied Decoys have a matt finish specially made for us and do not shine. The option to buy Sillosocks Pigeons is back on the website as 'PRE-ORDER'. Hope that helps. Chris
  2. 3D Pigeon Heads - UKShootwarehouse

    I've got 400 'Feral' heads and 500 'Woodie' Heads at £1.25 each with £2.75 Postage (up to 25, £5 thereafter) Call Chris or Lena at UKShoot on 02476 329510 to place an order or leave me a message here.
  3. Incomplete magnet

    Without seeing the rotary I'm assuming like ours it has a threaded bar to hold the yoke on, when the motor comes to a halt in a Clockwise direction the inertia from the bars/pigeons unscrews the yoke from the machine, anti clockwise will always tighten into the yoke.
  4. Incomplete magnet

    I would recommend 7Ah, 12Ah and for a long day 17Ah. Just remember that if you fully discharge a large battery it will take longer to charge if you need it again the following day. Speed controllers are not necessary so you could go straight to the battery. Make sure it turns anti-clockwise.
  5. TICKS

    I've been posting info on Ticks and the diseases they carry on our Facebook page since last year. I was a victim of the little **** several times in Germany and lucky not to have had any issues. I think it's accepted that the weather is getting warmer which is not helping to kill off Ticks in the Winter. I have said that they pop up in places where there have never been any before and the photo's prove the point, this Tick was removed from near Poppy's eye after the Boss spotted it following a short walk. Here's the thing, we sell the cards, and yes, I'd like to sell more but if you read my blog on Ticks they are the last resort. You should use insect repellent and check yourself and dog if you take one out regularly. If you then decide to get a card anyway use the discount code Flapper1 and the card will only cost you £4.75 posted.
  6. North vs South Charity Shoot 2017

    Just reminded me to get some Raffle Prizes sorted! We (UKShoot) really enjoyed it last year.
  7. uv pigeon socks

    We've got UV Socks now http://www.ukshootwarehouse.com/ - Don't forget to use the Flapper1 code for 5% discount.
  8. UKShootwarehouse will be offering a Bundle every (working) day in the run up to Christmas with up to 20% off. This doesn't stop you using your Flapper codes either. We've put together a Jack Pyke Bucket Seat, Four Full Bodied Crows, 8 Sillosocks Crows and an Acme Crow Call. Todays deal can be found here
  9. out with the baikal and the pre-puffer

    Well done for keeping your cool, I can appreciate horse owners getting twitchy around guns, especially given recent stories in the press but it seems you did the right thing there. I've only had one run-in with a guy in the last 10 years and quite frankly I'm surprise it doesn't happen more often - but there again does that mean the majority of folk understand us Shooters? The rabbits look to be good eaters anyway!
  10. UK Shootwarehouse Offer Code GAMEFAIR16 - view cart at checkout and enter code. UK Mainland orders only. https://www.facebook.com/ukshoot/posts/602778319902467
  11. section7

    West Mercia - I'm in there somewhere but at 167 days getting somewhat miffed, now it's working days so should be resolved by 7 Aug this year - that's 8 months since they received it. Last email said "please excuse these unacceptable delays" Timescales: Shotgun grant application - 101 days Shotgun renewal application - 101 days Firearm grant application - 134 days Firearm renewal application - 134 days Variations - 50 days Change of address - 43 days General miscellaneous - 75 days Transactions - 24 days Please note all times are shown in working days
  12. New Member

    Greetings All, I'm pleased to be able to join you in order to learn more about Pigeon Shooting and anything else I can. I've been interested in all Field Sports all of my life and am lucky enough work at UKSHOOT Warehouse and also help run Bentley Clay Club in Warwickshire.