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  1. lol the pressure is getting too much, I might just get a staff and have done with it..... will pick the bloody birds up meself
  2. many thanks the ess is certainly a popular breed and if this thread is anything to go by they certainly do inspire devoted owners, I do understand why
  3. I did have a look at golden retrievers as they seem very laid back (much like myself) but having watched them in action last season they seemed to rely on site rather than scent, I went and picked up a few that the retrievers had ran past several times and when your shooting it can sometimes be impossible to mark every bird that comes down so I did rely heavily on the dogs and our picking up Ladies to ensure everything was picked up it might not be the breed as such but that was the impression that I got plus the puppies seem quite expensive in comparison to other breeds of gun dogs, i'm looking to start decoying pigeon after enjoying great sport (and eating) with the ones that came over during the drives last season so am hoping to develop the confidence in the dogs ability to get stuck in when birds present themselves as we all know if you miss your chance on a day out there might not be another! cheers Leon
  4. absolutely, there is a strong possibility that after all my research I will end up with both a lab & spaniel cheers Leon
  5. very true working dogs all play a very vital role in our sport and each breed has its pro's & cons i'm just making sure I pick the breed best suited to what I need it for so both myself & the dog are happy
  6. i did suspect as much with a spaniel, the hard work part was a major influence in the decision to go with a Lab but i have also seen some spaniels in action that clearly showed why its worth investing the time and patience in them, absolutely amazing little workers! however i don't have time or patience in abundance so a lab it is i will be looking to get a puppy mid-late September with a view to doing some general training over the summer ready to join me on my peg for the 2018/19 season, alternatively if i can get an older possibly partially trained dog i will take them along this coming season many thanks for the input.
  7. very good point to be fair, we all have to start somewhere with the training nobody complains or anything like that and the spaniels did far outnumber the labs so im glad you pointed that out, im still thinking the more relaxed dog is a better match for me personally but I have found all of the input on this thread very useful.
  8. thanks guys a Labrador is definitely a top contender, especially after watching all the spaniel owners on the shoot blowing their whistles and shouting for and at the dogs continuously last season, spaniels are amazing retrievers and watching them excitedly flush birds out of tall grass was quite an impressive sight, but they seem a bit too lively and the selective hearing on a shoot day would drive me nuts, so im possibly worrying too much about the training? I know a lot of what working dogs do is instinctive but watching them in action I genuinely thought it would take a huge amount of training to get them to a good working dog standard.
  9. I am Looking for my 1st Gun dog which will also double up as a very well loved family pet as I have 4 kids, mostly for on the peg driven but would like a good all rounder, a generally a steady dog is what i'm looking for, open to all advice as I have never owned or attempted to train a gun dog before so am unsure wether to send the new dog off for training or just practice retrieves in the garden or both, obviously will do my research and do the best job possible once a breed has been decided upon and a puppy purchased (doesn't have to be a puppy but a strong bond is essential). thanks in advance Leon
  10. are these ready to go?
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