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  1. Hi Guys Looking for the above in good condition in XXL please , new or used considered Cheers
  2. Looking for some 12 bore Winchester Trap 100 or Trap 200 shells for a mate whose shot 1000s of them in his career Ta
  3. I have my AYA Matador III single trigger ejector for sale at £295 , solid gun in good condition
  4. My Matador III in private sales..open to offer Cheers Classic Double
  5. This is my gun , pls feel free to contact me for any further details or photos Regards Gary
  6. Hi Pls pm me a price with postage pls Cheers Gary
  7. Hi Im looking for a decent Camo jacket or parka , not bothered what pattern but must be waterproof, windproof and breathable , so looking at Rivers West etc not army kit , pref with a hood I am a XXL in Rivers West and Browning but I may ask for some measurements Thanks
  8. Hi Would you consider selling one of your U2’s as I have one for my Trap 101 and cud do with another Cheers
  9. Looks identical to my old ORE model , great guns
  10. If only it was a 30 I’d have snapped it up Fabulous gun
  11. I have a pair of Avon Ice Touring tyres , very little use, 185x60x14 82T , fitted on a pair of standard Mazda MX5 alloys. The tyres retail for around £50 each unfitted, so grab a bargain Obviously must be fitted to a suitable 14 inch wheel if removed from the Mazda rims £40 collected
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