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  1. Screwfix sell a WiFi booster built into a double socket front I think they are £22/23 I was thinking of getting a couple to extend the reach of my WiFi so I haven’t got first hand experience of them but they came highly recommended by a good electrician friend edit; added bonus being your not taking up plug in point with a plug in one
  2. Now then PB! Lots of good knowledge on here with a smattering bs, I’m in Beverley
  3. Had a look through my wife’s FB, it looks great, there was spare place for 4th Jan but it’s been filled I would imagine places get snapped up sharpish I will keep an eye on it as I wouldn’t mind taking a ride up just for a day, beautiful land, have you shot there Patrick? Thanks again for the heads up
  4. Hello, bit of a long shot (extreme pheasant) I’m fortunate to be staying in the area from new years day for a week and just wondered if there was a driven shoot opportunity or failing that i’d be happy beating for someone, including an enthusiastic border terrier
  5. It was fuddster! Don’t tell me you were there?
  6. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity shoot clays with one last month, i shot well enough with it, it has a decent weight to it and recoil is none existent, the wood was nice and it felt solid however I wasn’t keen on the thickness of the neck and the palm swell felt odd, that said I’m used to to slim necked sxs i wouldn’t condemn it but I would say for £2300 there is a lot of choice out there, until someone wins a major competition with one then it will struggle with sales
  7. As title does anyone have a spare barrel for a browning b80 for sale?it was made my beretta so 300/301/302/303 fit as far as know, was thinking 28” but 26” would be fine, also not bothered if it’s multi choke or fixed thanks wilksy
  8. Crabapple whiskey! I haven’t tried it but I’ve got a glut of them and I’ve found a recipe for it so I’m going make some this weekend! 750g crabapples 70cl whisky 5 Tsbp sugar or honey 3 sliced fresh ginger (or any spice you fancy, cinnamon, vanilla pod, cloves, cardamon) 1ltr jar add the chopped washed apples sugar and whisky and shake well (I like to just put the sugar and fruit together for a day or two before I add booze as it makes it more syrupy) then treat as you would any other fruit ,shake/store in a dark place etc
  9. Yes one farmer I know gave up on rape two years ago due to beetle and he has a lot of pigeons, and my main permission hasn’t sown rape this year as you say due to conditions but it has been very lean for pigeons this past 18 months on his patch, so I’ll be looking for more permission once the pigeons hit the rape
  10. Thanks for all your responses folks, as Marsh Mans says could be a regional thing.
  11. I seem to think I read somewhere that teal are referred to as cock and hen as opposed to drake and duck, is this true? and if it is, is there any other duck breeds that are labeled as such?
  12. Great write up and pictures, looks a brilliant day I’d love to try my hand at that!
  13. My reckoning is if you spend that kind of money on a gun,you expect years of flawless performance, that said I wouldn’t want to put the gunsmiths out of trade, I would think servicing based on cartridges shot verses time owned
  14. Mad dogs and Gordon are out on the pigeons today! Just think how strong your wrist is! I rest my case! Monday we’re away, rape at Leven still not down!!!
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