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  1. Crabapple whiskey! I haven’t tried it but I’ve got a glut of them and I’ve found a recipe for it so I’m going make some this weekend! 750g crabapples 70cl whisky 5 Tsbp sugar or honey 3 sliced fresh ginger (or any spice you fancy, cinnamon, vanilla pod, cloves, cardamon) 1ltr jar add the chopped washed apples sugar and whisky and shake well (I like to just put the sugar and fruit together for a day or two before I add booze as it makes it more syrupy) then treat as you would any other fruit ,shake/store in a dark place etc
  2. Yes one farmer I know gave up on rape two years ago due to beetle and he has a lot of pigeons, and my main permission hasn’t sown rape this year as you say due to conditions but it has been very lean for pigeons this past 18 months on his patch, so I’ll be looking for more permission once the pigeons hit the rape
  3. Thanks for all your responses folks, as Marsh Mans says could be a regional thing.
  4. I seem to think I read somewhere that teal are referred to as cock and hen as opposed to drake and duck, is this true? and if it is, is there any other duck breeds that are labeled as such?
  5. Great write up and pictures, looks a brilliant day I’d love to try my hand at that!
  6. My reckoning is if you spend that kind of money on a gun,you expect years of flawless performance, that said I wouldn’t want to put the gunsmiths out of trade, I would think servicing based on cartridges shot verses time owned
  7. Mad dogs and Gordon are out on the pigeons today! Just think how strong your wrist is! I rest my case! Monday we’re away, rape at Leven still not down!!!
  8. I’ll take these please Dave I’ll pm you
  9. You missed off the master of self deprecation also! Well shot you two! Nice to see you got a good day together, pigeons are hard to pin down north of the Humber at the mo, always good to dint the crow population and as for back advice I say take up ‘planking’ (google it) strengthens your core supports your spine great report and banter!
  10. Hiya fuddster, I was in york guns yesterday and they are stocking the Gamebore silver steel 32g 4’s bio wad £11 a box but they were currently out of stock!
  11. The odd field down round Beverley, started the rape at lec on tues but got rained off, small field of rape at beswick cut, nothing down on my patch and now not likely to be for a good week or more edit; and apparently they’re lifting peas at lelley, on bbc news!
  12. Made a laid patch bigger!? Haha! I’m sure your your not on your own, as kid we would lay patches of wheat with corridors between them probably looked like crop circles from above, and after harvest pull clumps of stubble mould the root ball and throw them at each other! Hahaha!
  13. I was just wondering if anyone has ever shot a man/alien made laid crop circle?
  14. You would have thought they’d have hung on till 7:30 for another 15!
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