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  1. Enjoyed that, well shot! Do I detect an East yorks accent?
  2. Thanks very much for yesterday Agaman, we had a good afternoon putting the world to rights and protecting crops! His tactics were spot on and the birds decoyed well, it was my first time using steel on pigeons and to be fair if your on them it kills well we had the odd hard hit bird flying on and needing a second barrel, and Agamans young dog Bob did well gathering up any walking wounded. All in all a good day with good company, hard to beat it!
  3. Good on you two for getting out and controlling some pests, I’m trying to imagine the ‘best pigeon ever!’ It must have been a hell of a shot!
  4. Exactly that Mick! Both good ideas if it’s possible, not sure of membership numbers but I would imagine it’s a fair few and would show solidarity from the forum.
  5. It does ask for replies come from groups due to the time constraints so I think a well worded email from PW as collective would carry more weight
  6. Hear hear! That is the most sensible well considered post I’ve read in the all the topics covering this mess, I’ve almost given up on pigeonwatch due to the amount Ill informed drivel that’s spouted out weighing the sensible knowledgeable content, now more than ever we need to be united as one loud voice!
  7. I think it’s a hens egg and that’s a Banty egg next to it and all the fruit is miniature like those marzipan sweets! What do I win????
  8. Cheers Stu I’ll bear that in mind when we figure out which cameras to get them, seen a canon bridge camera in Argos for £149
  9. Thanks very much for the advice folks, that’s given me a bit more focus (pud intended)
  10. Hello PW’ers My Auntie has kindly offered to buy my daughters a camera a piece for Easter, as she thinks the older one (13) has quite an eye for a picture and the 9 year old just so she isn’t left out, she has set a budget of £150 and £50 respectively so my question is, does anyone of you fine folk have any recommendations as to what to go for? I’ve have a quick google but one is pretty much the same as another to me, I guess something simple to use and best quality for the budget, also if you think a perfectly good camera can be had for less that would be great, thanks for reading and I look forward to reading any advice you are able to offer kind regards wilksy
  11. Wilksy II

    Vitamin B

    I don’t think it’s owt to worry about, I seem to remember being told it’s just the excess B vitamins as your body only absorbs what it needs, and you pass the rest
  12. Wilksy II


    Hiya Greeny, would you consider the greylag and duck call for £40 posted?
  13. Glad you could help him agaman, don’t make em like that anymore!
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