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  1. Hiya fuddster, I was in york guns yesterday and they are stocking the Gamebore silver steel 32g 4’s bio wad £11 a box but they were currently out of stock!
  2. The odd field down round Beverley, started the rape at lec on tues but got rained off, small field of rape at beswick cut, nothing down on my patch and now not likely to be for a good week or more edit; and apparently they’re lifting peas at lelley, on bbc news!
  3. Made a laid patch bigger!? Haha! I’m sure your your not on your own, as kid we would lay patches of wheat with corridors between them probably looked like crop circles from above, and after harvest pull clumps of stubble mould the root ball and throw them at each other! Hahaha!
  4. I was just wondering if anyone has ever shot a man/alien made laid crop circle?
  5. You would have thought they’d have hung on till 7:30 for another 15!
  6. Back on gun watch further price drop to £70!!!!
  7. Enjoyed that, well shot! Do I detect an East yorks accent?
  8. Thanks very much for yesterday Agaman, we had a good afternoon putting the world to rights and protecting crops! His tactics were spot on and the birds decoyed well, it was my first time using steel on pigeons and to be fair if your on them it kills well we had the odd hard hit bird flying on and needing a second barrel, and Agamans young dog Bob did well gathering up any walking wounded. All in all a good day with good company, hard to beat it!
  9. Good on you two for getting out and controlling some pests, I’m trying to imagine the ‘best pigeon ever!’ It must have been a hell of a shot!
  10. Exactly that Mick! Both good ideas if it’s possible, not sure of membership numbers but I would imagine it’s a fair few and would show solidarity from the forum.
  11. It does ask for replies come from groups due to the time constraints so I think a well worded email from PW as collective would carry more weight
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