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  1. Wilksy II

    Windy conditions

    Two good reports adsyvillla! Quality Time out with your dad and the dog
  2. Wilksy II

    Frustrating Days

    It’s good, it just shows you that anything is worth a try
  3. Wilksy II

    Tough day

    Good on you for guarding the field for day, I don’t think farmers are that bothered how many you shoot as it never seems to put a dint in the overall numbers, but your efforts have given that field a rest at least
  4. Wilksy II

    A beautiful morning to be out

    Nice write up and pictures clodhopper, we’re Very lucky with this weather at mo, great to be out,even better with a gun!
  5. Wilksy II

    Tricky birds

    Ooooh! Woe betide you if your late to meet Jdog! Great write up gingercat,sounds idilic, beautiful countryside on beautiful day and you were both on form!
  6. Wilksy II

    Frustrating Days

    Hard earned bags PC well done! It just shows that even though the other shooter was in the right spot he still wasn’t making the most of it, and I’ll try the flock splitting up trick, But I’ve found the pigeons will just clear off to a quiet field, have you seen any signs of imminent drilling on your patch PC?
  7. Wilksy II

    75 for 17? That can’t be right.

    Crocs instead of sandals and you’ve nailed it!
  8. Yes, really is stunning land, never seen the horseshoe steep sided dale, but there great for game and pigeons!
  9. Wilksy II

    75 for 17? That can’t be right.

    Hahaha! I love that idea! Combined with a big handle bar moustache and a poncho maybe “el j dogo”
  10. Great write up clodhopper, and well done on taking the job on, glad it worked out I’d imagine it’s being like an expectant father! Jdog showed me a beautiful dale of yours whilst tracking down pigeons last month, he had nowt but praise and it’s a cracking bit of land!
  11. Wilksy II

    Trouble with the Wind

    Great report PC! And another exceptional bag on rape, I’d hoped for a better bag in that wind yesterday, great for masking the shot noise but after a frantic start it also dried up for us at 11 and never resumed. I’ve found that granola gives me trouble with wind!
  12. Wilksy II


    I’ve had one or two like it over the last month, just shows the resourcefulness of our quarry, hope you bagged a few in these high winds!
  13. Wilksy II

    Last game and ducks of the season,maybe.

    Great pictures! Looks like you’ve had a great season all the best on the bucks have you seen some nice ones?
  14. Wilksy II

    Cracking last day

    As said, that’s a stunning part of the world and your dogs expression says it all, fine looking hound! Do you get any ptarmigan high up?
  15. Wilksy II

    Unlucky thirteen.

    I think it’s the same s*ds law that says a pigeon will come just as you pour a brew or unwrap a sandwich