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    Gun safe

    Gun safe required, in the Wirral area, let me know if there are any for sale. Thanks,
  2. Pigeon watch members! I've been having a crisis of recent with night vision scopes. Third world problem i know but i just don't seem to be getting anywhere. Ive tried the Pard NV008 and the ATN 2 HD Both costing around £600, i expected to see my targets with ease. The Pard had a technical fault so i had to return that, it was an issue with the reticle which was apparently a common issue. I used the scope as a spotter for one night and it was ok but wasn't blown away with it. I was offered the ATN as a replacement. ive had two nights out with it now and im dissapointed to say the least. Battery life is abysmal and the performance is worse than the PARD by a long way. Should i give up and just go back to lamping or is there any other products anyone would recommend? Vermin control is part of my job so efficiency is key. Shooting a .17 HMR and a .243 depending on target, stalking or out of the car is my normal situation, mostly solo shooting. Thanks in advance.
  3. Im on the Wirral in the North West. Where is your local grounds?
  4. Thanks. Im mainly using it for sporting clays. New to the sport and it’s been suggested to me several times the silver pigeon is the best place to start.
  5. Silver Pigeon 686. 12 Guage 30 or 32 inch. Adjustable or standard stock. Mainly for sporting clays.
  6. I appreciate its all about accuracy and with the AA I am getting great groups but I don't think I'm willing to pay top price for in effect 250 pellets (50% loss due to the damage on the skirts) if I'm spending around the £15 mark surely i should expect both accuracy and quality. Has anyone used the h&n barracuda extreme? If so what do you think?
  7. Hi all, I've just bought my first ever pcp air rifle. I played it safe and went for the air arms s410 in 22. After doing much research on what pellet to use with my new purchase I settled on buying a tin of AA diabolo .22 5.51. I found people were having great results in both small game hunting and plinking with these. I received them this morning and started inspecting them to find I'd say around 50% are damaged or deformed. Now at £13 a tin I'd expect just a few to be like this. The performance is great and they have a 5p grouping at 35 yards but out of 60 pellets picked only 36 of them were not damaged in some way! Is this normal? Can anyone suggest alternatives? thanksin advance.
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