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  1. I use .410 with mod. Very quiet. If you are local to me I will come and do it for you. Dm in West Sussex.
  2. I was once asked to dispatch a sick chicken because the owners didn't have the heart. I shot it with my 410 shotgun, it was really flat afterwards, mind you I was only six inches away.
  3. If they dont sell let me know.
  4. Even some members on here don't believe it is legal to kill animals!!!
  5. I think they wrote the provision within the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 for grey squirrels as they are a non-native invasive invasive species. Obviously foxes aren't. But the Abandonment of Animals Act 1960 was repealed with the Animal Welfare Act 2006. The wording of the old act did encompass abandonment causing unnecessary suffering, and I believe the new act seeks to include that provision. However it is arguable and doesn't state it specifically, and I respect your position.
  6. My take is that relocation causes unnecessary suffering! Ergo, illegal...
  7. The "cruelty to animals" legislation you must be referring to is the Wild Mammals Protection Act 1996. The act is quite clear in the actions it forbids in terms of dispatching an animal and if you take the time to read it, it's far from "vague" or "a minefield". The person who was prosecuted for the squirrel was not prosecuted for killing the squirrel but for treating inhumanely and causing unnecessary suffering. Vince, you obviously don't really know what you're talking about in this area. Notwithstanding that, people who don't hold the relevant SGC or FAC are probably relocating foxes. The law isn't really enforced, and it's surprising how many people actually don't realise that this is in fact against the law. Yourself included. As I said previously, shooting foxes is perfectly legal, there is no requirement for them to be sick or injured, they are a pest, they are not a protected species, it is perfectly legal to shoot them with a firearm providing that they do not suffer.
  8. Its perfectly legal to shoot a fox. With an appropriate firearm. Vince, go home.
  9. Utter nonsense. Perfectly legal to shoot a fox.
  10. Foxes don't need to be a threat to livestock. I shoot lots of cage trapped foxes in urban areas. Why? Because they are a pest!
  11. I have the carbine in green. An absolutely wonderful gun. Accurate and beautifully made.
  12. I went in an air rifle safety course in Bisley last year. All guns were tested, one belonging to an ex-copper was the only one over, about 14.5lbs... He was referred to as Shawshank thereafter.
  13. Prospero


    Thanks. Says you can only get it off with a knife? That looks the job, thanks.
  14. Prospero


    I need some tape (or something similar) to put around the top of the barrel on my Baikal .410 Hushpower so that when I poke it through the bars of my cage trap it doesn't get all scratched up. Anyone know anything that won't damage the end of it when I take the tape off? Thanks.
  15. I see what you're getting at, you'd prefer them to be a bit older before they were slaughtered. Well fair enough I don't think I've eaten suckling pig before so I'll see how we go. I'm going to remove the head and the lower extremities that we wouldn't be eating anyway in a bid to fit it in the oven. Having weighed it now, it actually comes in at 12 and a half kg so I'm thinking I'm going to need to cook it on a low temperature for around 10 hours, and then at the end see if I can get it nice and crispy on the outside. Lots of basting with I think my favourite which is soy sauce. 🐖🐖😝
  16. So you're saying that it should be spit roasted rather than cooked in the oven?
  17. Unfortunately I don't have the facility to make a fire pit. Likewise ordering something from eBay it's not going to get here in time for the weekend. I plan to put it on my BBQ with some foil underneath then just keep turning it over and over and over so that the gets evenly cooked. Thanks for the suggestions chaps.
  18. So I have bought me a suckling pig to cook at the weekend. It's a bit bigger than I anticipated and is coming in around 11 kilos and is too big for my oven. I don't have a rotisserie spit for my barbecue any tips on how I should try to cook it?
  19. Yes, they are a little bit snooty in there. To tell my story is a bit long so I'll try and condense it, basically I was in buying some shotgun cartridges and because of that the bloke had a look at my licence and my age. This was a few years ago and I was in my late 40s, and whilst I was there a cheap air gun took my fancy so I decided to buy that as well. The guy obviously looking at my age and making a judgement about me, and said that I shouldn't allow my grandchildren access to an airgun without supervision! I told him my oldest daughter was 13 so I was a bit away from having grandchildren. He went so red it was absolutely hilarious. I guess I'm not the typical Chichester Armoury punter, I'm from up north originally I've got a few tattoos and probably a little bit rough around the edges. But as there's no other gun shops in the local area I have been back there quite a few times lol.
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