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  1. I don't think it was closed for profit more that it was attracting a lot of noise complaints, that became impossible to deal with. A real shame as it was a great ground and as said some good competitions. Thankfully we still have Griffin Lloyd shooting ground in the area, which has a great sporting layout.
  2. Sorry to hear you are having a hard time but you have definitely done the right thing and with a decent FEO you now don't have the stress of worrying about your tickets. What better way to de-stress than spending time out in the country? well done West Mercia and i hope you troubles pass soon.
  3. Did you find it close to any power lines as it looks like it has electrical burns on the feathers? I have seen a lot of birds and squirrels like it.
  4. Here he is. He looks more Staffy in this photo buy everything he dud was spaniel
  5. I had a staffy cross springer that my wife got from a rescue home. He was two years old at the time. He was an absolute natural, he would work cover all day long but would suffer with nettle stings and bramble scratches that drove him mad in the evenings due to his thin coat. He would also retrieve as good as most trained dogs but when it came to hide work, as soon as the gun went off he would be off taking the net and poles with him every time, he was a night mare.. he will always be one of my most memorable dogs God bless him.
  6. nice clip. some very good shooting and great to see your dog enjoying old age.
  7. The last two days I have been on, start the day bacon butties and coffee, first drive, two teams of 12, 12 shoot , 12 load, 15 minutes of shooting before whistle blows and you change over. break for refreshments, snacks then another drive, break for lunch then two more drives in the afternoon, same thing. at the end of the days shooting back to the pub for dinner. All in all, breakfast, lunch, dinner, 6000 clays over your head over 400 cartridges shot per person £175 per gun. David Beardsmore, shooting I defiantly recommend trying it
  8. I have got to episode 6 at the moment so might not have seen the years tally but with you 100% I think the three ewes did genuinely get to him and believed him when he told them he hadn't named them out loud.
  9. You are absolutely right, those that know about country life and him owning the farm for some time will need to take the production and his dubious, ignorance with a pinch of salt, but it is what makes the program so charming and a great watch.
  10. I can see your point and can understand to farmers that have struggled all their lives to make a go of what they have and don't have the endless amounts of cash to throw at projects and pay for help, it could be annoying. but for me I was hooked, by the very first episode. This program has the right balance of humour, facts and reality to give a lot of town and city folk a good insight into farming and maybe even make them want to learn more. It shows an entirely different angle to farming that country file and its woke propaganda could never get across. I really hope that this program runs for a few more series before all his money runs out. Is Caleb Gerald's son? Same surname.
  11. Right handed shooter, left ear is slightly worse but definitely damage to both. Like others have said when sounds go to a certain frequency I simply cannot hear them, things like watch alarms and the sound given out from volt/multi meters, which I use a lot. These sounds are masked by my tinnitus that is always the loudest thing in the room, I can sort of forget about the whistley, hiss but the sounds I mention above seem to make very loud or if some one mentions the word tinnitus, off it goes.
  12. Are these the green ones? as I bought a set from Best4Systems a while back. they are very good the three sound levels really bring out the background sounds which is great for rough shooting. also they seem to be a lot better than my Howard lights for dealing with wind. You do have to make sure they are switched off as there is no auto switch off as with others but then they don't take long to charge. I leave the charging lead in the storage case as I think with most rechargeable things the socket will wear and render it useless over time. All in all I think they are great and would recommend them for anyone looking for a budget ear protection.
  13. Our little Nation and peoples must be on the forefront of every Europeans minds, to loath us so much and that's kind of comforting. 🤣
  14. 4 this weekend and lots more to go at. Total=1154
  15. A truly great man, a man I really admired but it seems I new very little about. since his death I have found out so much more about him and my admiration has gone through the roof. The whole idea of being taken to his resting place in a gun bus designed by himself was to be an unmistakable link to the country loving man he was and what he believed in but our illustrious BBC have chosen to report his mode of transport simply as a hearse that he designed. its enough to boil urine that a great mans wishes cant be acknowledged. Land Rover hearse designed by Prince Philip unveiled - BBC News
  16. That looks perfectly cooked and delicious. it baffles me why so many people screw their noses up at eating pigeon but hey ho more for us and they don't know what they are missing.
  17. Recently my two year old pointer unbeknownst to me ate a nice bowl of pork an mushroom stroganoff he soon became unwell and threw up. It is was on the second or third spew that I could see the mushrooms and after a couple more goes at it I was sure he was empty. He soon recovered I have never seen a dog go anywhere near a mushroom before, they even repulse at the smell, so the only person I can blame it on is my wife for making them taste so good.🤨
  18. I saw that episode and the steel was the worst of the lot it did look truly awful and was proved to be toxic if digested.
  19. You could try taking the switch out of the unit and tapping it.
  20. try Efest vape battery on Amazon. lots of them on there but they are going up in price.
  21. Oh I do feel your pain. there is nothing quite like a well blackened nail. if your going to go down the putting a hole through it which is really the best way you have to go deep else the blood builds up again and the pain comes back. it sound barbaric cause it is but it works.👍
  22. 100% the above. I am also saddened that so many have been put off and insulted by snobbery by the elitist members of their local hunts, this will definitely bring about the demise of hunting when country folk are made to feel unwelcome, I have never witnessed this to any unpleasant degree but our local is manly a foot pack. as for hunting not have a place any more I feel that is untrue as our little shoot and others around us welcome our pack, working the land prior to releasing the pheasants out of the pens.
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