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  1. Had a fabia and it was fantastic only changed it because we needed a bigger car so now have a karoq would definitely recommend giving one a go
  2. Shot at Christmas on a pheasant shoot and side by sides outnumbered o/u have shot one for a number of years now for all my game shooting and would never go back far more pleasant to use.
  3. I use an English ex's which is a hundred years old and cannot recommend any other cartridge than express supreme game I shoot 30g 6 and find these extremely smooth.
  4. I have a English Damascus barrels side by side and it is fine with ordinary cartridges just never shoot steel and check it has been proofed for nitro only downside is they are usually 2.5 inch chamber but there are plenty of cartridges in this size This gun is my go to game gun and there is nothing better than shooting with a piece of history in my opinion
  5. Have used express supreme game for quite a while through my side by side and they are very good on the shoulder and throw a nice pattern
  6. On our soda the start stop doesn't work if it detects that the battery is slightly flat and will work again after a good run don't know if it's the same on a land rover but might be worth looking into.
  7. Myself I can recommend the xtrail have had one for many years and not had any real problems apart from the usual wear and tear items The ground clearance is not the highest but with a decent set of tyres goes everywhere I have needed to and returns about 40 to the gallon.
  8. Unfortunately I think you will struggle price wise I use a gun built in 1910 for my game shooting and always use express supreme game 30g 6 smoothest cartridge I have ever used but are expensive.
  9. Second the general grabber tyre have had them on my x trail for a number of years and they are very good on and off road
  10. All I can say is that I have had my x trail for several years and have been all over the place even right down to the bottom of France the other year and apart from the usual has been fantastic. It's a 55 plate diesel and yes is a bit taty and a bit of rust on the rear arches but has been used and abused and has never broken down. Would highly recommend if it's the type of vehicle you are looking for.
  11. Nice area live not too far away myself, as stated plenty of pigeons and game shoots in norfolk also wildfowling clubs and clay shooting grounds.
  12. shot steel through mine no problem at all just don't use more than half choke Didn't mean to suggest in original post that just that it has 3" chambers that you can but you can.
  13. Have had one for years used and abused it and has never let me down 3" chamber so yes you can shoot steel if you do buy it you won't regret it
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