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  1. Use of the 'Safety' catch.

    For anyone who doesn't realise I think you will find that Mr Westley knows what he is talking about.
  2. Does gun buying ever stop?

    £37..wow. well done you 👍 Yes the wife needs to accept she is no longer a priority 😀
  3. Does gun buying ever stop?

    May mate it doesn't stop it's an addiction 😀 What's the sxs in second pic, looks tasty
  4. Victor sarasqueta

    Is it sidekick ? Got any pics ?
  5. Use of the 'Safety' catch.

    I do use the catch just in case I trip etc but muzzle awareness is more important
  6. Use of the 'Safety' catch.

    Respectfully disagree. Muzzle awareness is everything, safety catch can lull you into a false sense of security. I do not rely on safety catch I rely on muzzle awareness Exactly
  7. Use of the 'Safety' catch.

    Safety always off on clays. Safety always on for game auto or manual but it's belt and braces job and should never be used to cover poor muzzle awareness. I flick the safety off when I first address the bird and if I don't take the shot I flick safety on again. In reality I don't need safety catch because like the majority (one hopes) I have excellent muzzle awareness and general safe gun handling 👍
  8. All terrain tyres

    Great info, many thanks will definitely be getting some ATs then
  9. All terrain tyres

    Will it not matter that they are minimal larger diameter ? Would be ideal I will Google em, cheers
  10. All terrain tyres

    Let down as in not 4x4. The xtr model is pseudo off roader with higher and firmer suspension, sump guard and side mouldings, if it was 4x4 it would probably be the best vehicle in the world 😀 I am thinking better ms tyres or at tyres with steel wheels would do the trick
  11. All terrain tyres

    Its a 65 plate Citroen berlingo multispace xtr. I currently have m&s tyres on but want some proper AT on it if I can. Its a brilliant vehicle only let down by being front wheel drive. The M&S work well if traction control turned off but I reckon even better with AT
  12. All terrain tyres

    Unless anyone knows to the contrary I cannot get all terrains in 215/55-16. If this is the case what is the best as in the deepest most off road M&S tyre. Or could I get 15" steel rims and do it that way
  13. Hodophobia

    Me too. I would hate to pop my clogs and not given her a kiss the last time I saw her.