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  1. I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination but the pup is only 12 wks old ?
  2. Used to be fencing but now retired due to general decrepidness ? Now gundogs, caravan, camping and off roading.
  3. None of the pheasant, partridge, pigeon i have shot with 30g 6s seemed to mind much.
  4. The news said accident, no criminal offence....sorry but a child was allowed access to a gun which by law should have been secure...i will say no more.
  5. ? The simple fact is that the uk have laws about many things and yet the courts seem to dish out the most lenient of sentences. I totally agree with the above analogy
  6. Irrelevant. The point is that licensing will carry a degree of responsibility and will go a long way to ensuring people at least secure and handle guns in a responsible manner. Obviously we have no details of this particular incident but if we presume the gun was not secured and that it was either loaded or able to be then that would "probably" not have happened as the license holder would have abided by the law and had it secured in the same way as sgc holders do with there guns . As for grass roots blah blah blah, there would be nothing to stop someone joining a club and progressing from there or if lets say they had land for pest control then apply for a licence abide by the rules and crack on
  7. I am at a loss as to what reasons some people are against licensing. Saying it wont make a difference is no argument because of course it will. Airguns should imo be licensed exactly the same way as shotguns. Unsavoury folk will be put off the hassle of applying, decent folk will go through the process and eventually "a lot" of illegally held guns will be taken off the street much the same as would have happened when shotguns became licensed. Yes criminals still have guns but that is nothing to do with licensing. As an aside anyone who leaves any gun open to access by children or indeed adults is a total idiot. My air rifles are locked away and have been for thirty odd years since i got my sgc.
  8. In my opinion there is no valid reason for even sub 12ft lb air guns not to be licensed in some way. This is very sad indeed and only goes to validate the law regarding air guns to be kept secure from children.
  9. ips

    Wasp sting

    I got stung on my hand on Tuesday it swelled up something terrible and went up my arm, painfull and itchy still not right but improving
  10. Yes sir they do all the coding but you need to take your car so they can check it works, it would seem that they just copy the code from the key you have. My local timpsons is a kiosk outside local tesco so it was easy. They really were very very efficient and literally five min job ?
  11. Yep, timpsons did a coded key for my vitara within five minutes and about 40 quid
  12. Thank you gentlemen. As for wind, from past experience of shooting drillings on this part of the crop field it usually blows from the grass to the crop straight through both woods. Hasnt been any wind lately however so things may have changed. PS Farmer reckons crop is poor and a while off being cut. PPS Had a recce yesterday evening birds were on rape stubble which was being harvested at the time however other end of my field i watched a few dozen take off from the standing barley then drop in again so they are definitely hitting this crop
  13. Cheers Ken And thank you for the replies thus far
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