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  1. I've never come across starting a fold crimp then finishing it by rolling it. Does anyone have an idea which is better fold or roll?
  2. Cheers For the reply. The roll turn over seems to be the cheap option but I don't if it's th best option? When you say roll a pre crimped case? As in start a fold crimp then finish it with a roll crimp? I've possibly got the wrong end of the stick?
  3. Hi guys I'm after some more advice on reloading 410. Thanks in advance chaps, having everyone's wealth of knowledge on this forum is a godsend to me I really appreciate it! Anyway I've been looking into 410 crimp options I've got a loadall set up for 20gauge so that's fine but they don't off a .410 conversion I'm either looking at a roll crimp to go in a drill press or buying one of those crown crimp starters and making a frame for it to go in and make a sliding punch to finish the crimp? I do a large amount of metal work and welding so rigging up a loadall type press won't be tricky but I'm just after your opinions on what I should do??? also open to other options ideally the cheaper the better. thanks again guys Darren
  4. That's great thanks guys much appreciated
  5. Cheers guys sounds the safest option in just to buy the billet and buy a powder that is better suited to the 410.
  6. This powder states it suitable for 410. Has anyone ever used it? Cheers guys https://www.claygame.co.uk/maxam-psb2-powder-pd19
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. It looks like the cheaper maxam don't do a suitable 410 powder which is fine if that's how it is. Where do you guys get your load data from?
  8. Hi guys, hope everyone's had a good Christmas! I mainly shoot a hushpower 20gauge and a 410 norica that I've made and converted to be moderated. Both these guns are expensive to feed so as going to start reloading for them. I'm struggling to find the load data I need maxam powder is half the price of any other do ideally would like to use them as a brand. Does anyone know where I'd find some data and any idea if there is a maxam powder that I can use for both calibers? Thanks for any help guys it's much appreciated Darren
  9. THats great thanks for your Input. Does clay and game sell the sp3 powder?
  10. Thanks for all the advice guys much appreciated, I'll see what loading data I can find on it
  11. Hi guys I've been looking st the cost of reloading 410. Maxam powders seem to be nearly half the price of any other brand, is there any maxam powder suitable for reloading 410? Thank guys Darren
  12. Thanks for all the help guys much appreciated! Maybe I'll give the guys a call and see what they do! Thanks again chaps darren
  13. Thanks pal, I've had a look and can't find one in 410? You don't have a link do you? Cheers
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