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  1. THats great thanks for your Input. Does clay and game sell the sp3 powder?
  2. Thanks for all the advice guys much appreciated, I'll see what loading data I can find on it
  3. Hi guys I've been looking st the cost of reloading 410. Maxam powders seem to be nearly half the price of any other brand, is there any maxam powder suitable for reloading 410? Thank guys Darren
  4. Thanks for all the help guys much appreciated! Maybe I'll give the guys a call and see what they do! Thanks again chaps darren
  5. Thanks pal, I've had a look and can't find one in 410? You don't have a link do you? Cheers
  6. Hi all, does anyone know where I can pick up a cheap 410 roll crimp tool? The cheapest I can find online is around the £40 mark which just seems crazy. I've got a metal working lathe but without have one in front of me I'm struggling to get my head around how they work so I can't make my own. thanks guys any advice is much appropriated darren
  7. Perfect I'll get myself one of those, other than those 2 items are there any other large components that need to be bought for a dripper heater? Thanks a lot for your reply
  8. Hi all i asked some questions about a year ago on this subject and I can't find my old posts I also had a very helpful phone call from a member but again can't remember who that was? for the heating element for a shot dripper would these 2 work together? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universal-Cooker-Hob-Radiant-Spiral-Boiling-Ring-Element-2000W-5-Turn-7-178mm/311464671857?hash=item4884bdba71:g:8TYAAOSwYDZaXjOc and https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BELLING-Oven-Cooker-Hob-Energy-Regulator-Switch-Simmerstat-Invensys-Genuine/163421138006?epid=1340424798&hash=item260ca8ac56&_trkparms=ispr%3D1 along with a thermometer probe is that it?! thansk guys darren
  9. That's great I much prefer to hear people's real life experience than what a manufacturer claims their product can do! Thanks again guys
  10. Thanks for all the advice guys much appreciated. Also thanks for the cartridge suggestions, anyone know of a good 410 sub?
  11. Thanks for all your time and advice guys, this has made me feel a lot more confident about my gun. To be fair I haven't pattern it yet i just assumed it would be too open!
  12. Hi all would anyone happen to know if you can get slip on 410 chokes? I've seen adjustable chokes that look like they slip over the barrel is that the case? The chap at the shop told be my 410 was 1/2 choke when I bought it so would like a cheap way to tighten the pattern up. thanks guys Darren
  13. Does your mag have the ability to lock down so you don't need to hold the carts down by hand in order to slide the bolt forward? Yeah I know what you mean there's something really fun about a 410
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