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  1. That’s good news it seems like it might not be too bad for me after all. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Brilliant thanks guys! Let’s hope he leaves it well alone
  3. Hi guys, I’m super excited as this year is the first time I’ve had a bit of land with a crop that pigeons are interested in. the farmer has cut the wheat today but I can’t get out until next Tuesday and won’t be able to start until 4:30 in the afternoon. Do you gents think I would have missed my opportunity? I can get out for a longer session the following weekend but again am I too late? How many days do you guys typically get decoying before they aren’t interested anymore? I’m also not after big bags. 10 birds is great for me haha! cheers guys darren
  4. I’ve got a hushpower moss berg pump in 20g yeah it’s a bit heavy but it’s an amazing tool and makes supersonic cartridges fine without ear defenders especially so with subs. I’ve also got a norica 3shot bolt action .410 that I’ve made a moderator for and is quiter than a mates hushpower and I love it so much but notice a huge difference in stopping power. I’d go for a 20g hushpower cracking tool! I’ve used a 12 and it’s a tank of a thing
  5. Cheers for the reply’s guys. I did have a look at the Warne mounts just slightly out of budget unfortunately.
  6. Thanks for your reply that’s very reassuring to hear, I’m sure the 25-06 has a lot more punch than my .243
  7. Hi guys, I’ve got to change scope on my tikka t3 in .243 I’ve got a S&b 8x56 as everyone seems to rate them for staking. My question is about mounts, I’ve got a set of optilock bases but no rings as they were leant to me but I need to give them back to the owner. I’m not able to splash out on optilock rings rings at the moment(first baby on the way) so I was wondering what you guys thought about this mounts from sports match? Will they fit and able able to cope with a centerfire? Thanks so much in advance I really appreciate it! darren https://www.uttings.co.uk/p132086-sportsmatch-uk-2-piece-25mm-high-mounts-15mm-dovetail-for-cz527-fox-ht082/
  8. Cheers for all the advice guys! Let’s hope it turns out to be tb free!
  9. That’s great thanks for the advice guys! It looks like destroy is the way to go. Does anyone have any experience with this matter? Any idea if a herd can recover from it over years?
  10. Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well! im after a bit of advice, I’m hopefully taking over a patch of land for stalking that holds a good number of fallow which is great for me and hopefully will get to put a lot of though into how best to manage this herd. That land has not been stalked for a number of years and I heard that the last stalker had a few fallow that showed sign of tb, swollen and pussy mesenteric chain and pussy hard lumps in the lungs. I know it is a notifiable disease so if I end up running into I guess that’s the only option. Also it seems very unclear if the carcass can go into the food chain or not? I’ve read as long as the rest of the animal seems normal and healthy then it’s fine and legal. I’ve also read it should be destroyed. Any information you guys could pass on would be greatly appreciated! Also this was years ago so might not even be a problem but I want to be prepared with knowing what to do if it does happen! Thanks again in advance!
  11. I’ve got one, by far my favourite shotgun! Shoots great and never jammed. Someone should snap this up
  12. Where abouts are you pal?
  13. Where are you based pal?
  14. That seems to be the thinking, I think I’ll hold off and get somthing half decent
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