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    Shooting over hemp?

    Cheers for all the help guys, I guess it's not the best of crops to shoot over. Cheers guys
  2. Hi guys the farmer where I work has put 3 feilds into hemp. Has anyone ever had any luck shooting over a hemp field? I've tried a couple of times in the past but with no joy whatsoever. any help is appreciated darren
  3. Ah cool I'll look him up thank you
  4. I've got a lee loadall ready to be used. I guess at least I don't need to buy that tool. I saw on clay and game they do a fast burning powder nearly half the price of the rest. I'm going to have a look and see if I can find some data including that powder! Thanks for the reply
  5. Maybe you're right I should just buy the materials to do it properly. The only thing that puts me off is the upfront costs of it. I'll try to find out what the smallest quantities they do is
  6. Ah that's cool I'll have a closer look! Thanks
  7. Ok maybe it won't work out after all, thanks again for your advice guys
  8. I was planning on contacting lyavale and finding out what powder they put in the cartridges I was planning to use and find a recipe to suit. I know it's a vectan powder but unsure what type. I have a chronograph so can test speed but pressure could be the only issue. If I know what the components are I can't see the difference in loading some shells from dismantled cartridges over buying the same components and loading them that way?? I would be keen to hear the difference as I want to learn as much as I can and like I said I don't fancy blowing my face off thanks again guys
  9. The hassle would be fine for me, I a bit strange in the fact that I quite enjoy little jobs like that. Obviously anything to do with explosives I'm going to be very careful of as I don't fancy blowing my face off hahah. Jjsdad what would be your concern if you were going to do this yourself? Thanks a lot for all the help guys darren What testing are you talking about? cheers
  10. Hi again guys I'm after more advice from you helpful lot. i asked this question before but came away not being 100% on the out come. if I was to buy some 20gauge wads then buy some super cheap 12 bore cartridges I think I can get for £4.50 a box could I dismantle them and use the shot, powder and primers to load some 20 subs providing I Find out what type of powder it is from the manufacturer and use the right amount of shot/powder?? any he'll would be appreciated I'm assuming a 20gauge would take less powder so might even be able to turn 25 12 bore cartridges into more than 25 20bore cartridge?
  11. I isn't know you could buy smaller quantities, I already own a loadall but need to buy the 20g conversion. Are loading components something you can buy online? Thanks that's made me feel more optimistic about reloading
  12. That makes perfect sense, so even with the standard hushpower cartridges there is still a lot of improvement to be made over them. Maybe it's worth biting the bullet and saving up for some components. Do you know any cheaper way around homeloading. I can't see a time where I'll have nearly £300 that I can't throw out on components. Cheers mate
  13. Thanks for the replies chaps, I must admit I do notice a difference with the standard shells as they leave a slight ringing in my ears where the subs don't. I can't say how much of a difference it makes at range though might be worth a bit of an experiment.
  14. Cool I'll have a look, ah nice yeah I'd be keen to hear how you get on with them!
  15. There really doesn't seem to be a good cheap way around, thanks for your help though mate.