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  1. I know what you mean, I wouldn’t try to shoot out of season deer of course, it only takes a second to look it up online to check, my problem that I’m struggling is trying to retain all the dates of the open season plus dates of when young are born, rutting, casting antlers etc. I’m severely dyslexic and dates are somthing i struggle to store, like I said it’s not lack of commitment to the world of deer stalking and is something I’m taking seriously which is why I’m trying to seek advice from you guys. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the reply I’m just trying to get the dates in my head now, having to remember the Scottish dates keeps throwing me off too. Yeah I’ve practiced the shooting a number of times now and I’m pretty confident with it. I’ll go out one more time just to make sure! Centerfires get awful expensive to practice with! Haha
  3. Cheers for the reply’s guys, looks like I’m going to have to store as much of it as I can! Wish me luck!
  4. Hi guys, I’ve got my dsc1 assessment day next weekend which I’m really looking forward to. Anyway the course book that I have been given to study from is huge and I understand there is so much to learn when it comes to deer stalking and everything that comes with it. Would I be expected to remember every single bit of information in the book as it is seeming like a very difficult task. Please don’t think this is because it’s lack of commitment to the sport I just struggle with retaining some information particularly dates. cheers guys Darren
  5. Maybe they perform differently in the larger .308 caliber? Very interesting though.
  6. Thank you guys, this has been really helpful!
  7. Fantastic cheers guys! Plenty to try and see what my rifle likes!
  8. Cheers for that another good option, out of interest have you ever tried them on fallow ? Thanks mate
  9. Thanks for the advice guys, I know the rifle I’ve bought likes sako Ammo so maybe they are the ones to have a go with. Any particular weight of bullet? And thanks for the extra .243 confidence
  10. Hi guys, with the recent news of my first fac being accepted my after recommendations of bullets ideally that won’t make a mess of a munty and will take a fallow. the caliber that my land is cleared for is .243 and I know there’s been a million discussions on the .243 and fallow and I’m fully aware that some think it’s not up to the job but bottom line is that’s all I was able to be granted that’s that’s what I’m having to use. If anyone has any recommendations of suitable bullets I’d be really grateful to save me having to use trail and error and lots of money! thanks guys darren
  11. Dazv

    Tikka t3 optilocks?

    I’ve just pmd you! Thanks
  12. Dazv

    Tikka t3 optilocks?

    Did you happen to have a set? Cheers pal
  13. Dazv

    Tikka t3 optilocks?

    Cool thanks for the reply mate
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