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  1. A few years ago I received a plastic carry case for an "Eley Mountpoint". No foam inside to give a clue what was once in it, and Google searches throw up a big blank. It has a picture of a guy with a shotgun on one side along with the text so I'm guessing some shotgun mounting aid? Any ideas?
  2. Well, at least I think so There's a knack to getting their brief attention before they continue grazing - not easy with a manual focus lens!
  3. I have one of the MSC Overland 18k mAh packs. It's a bit spendy but I needed it for my 4L Explorer. Very convenient and more compact than decent jumper cables
  4. My favourite are the ones that don't indicate coming up to a junction/roundabout then as they're turning they flip the indicator on. I bet they pat themselves on the back thinking they're a good driver... I scream internally more at these people than the ones who don't even bother indicating
  5. Opossum


    heavy and awkward, but fun
  6. I'm after a barrel for my 12 gauge 870 that's shorter than 30". It'd be nice to put the gun in the safe in one piece but my 30" is a bit too long
  7. Hi, I saw one of these being offered in another Wanted thread and it looks very useful... so i'd like one I'm after the small Lee hand load kit in 12 gauge - it comes in a little box with maybe five components Cheers!
  8. My brother got this perfectly timed photo of me in the Peak District with his Pentax ME Super
  9. That's sweet. I wonder what kind of cost-cutting went into that gun compared to the Wingmaster. It looks nicer than an Express
  10. I managed to use the detailed link to date mine to 1907. I thought it was early-ish when I bought it but got it home and it's 113 years old! Still shoots great
  11. You can test the speed load feature by just poking the lifter from the bottom. if it moves freely it's speed load, if it requires you to hold the bolt release button down in order to push it up to insert a cartridge into the magazine, it's an earlier one. Your serial number makes it seem like a 1958-ish version? My 1960's version begins with a small "60" followed by the larger font 5-digit serial number
  12. Turns out my Ithaca 37 does NOT like Gamebore Velocity cartridges. Ironically I bought a bunch of the cartridges because they're the only thing my brother's 1100 works with, and my new (to me but ancient) A5 likes them too. Had to slam the butt against the floor to clear it. Chamber was nice and clean too.
  13. I'd read that people chuck them onto fires, I'd rather keep them for sentimental purposes i suppose!
  14. ah cheers. I've had them kicking around for a few years but I checked them recently and they're way worse than I remembered! It'd be fun to try to fire some off but I don't have a (non-fudged) 20 bore
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