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  1. I know someone who had one of these in 12b and it got to the point where you could barely open it. On inspection one of the parts inside had worn down (If I recall it was the bottom of the lever itself which has a cam on the bottom). I'd be worried that it'd wear enough that you can no longer break it, which is almost what happened to this one.
  2. I figured about the same end result, albeit with an interesting approach.
  3. I was sat with my brother in his somewhat uncommon but not particularly desirable/valuable US SUV at a KFC and a guy appeared from a van telling us he had loads of parts for it and if we needed anything for it he had a warehouse nearby that we could go to. It seemed dodgy of course and a it was clear he didn't even know what the car was, but what was the end game for this guy? The car wasn't worth stealing as it's clearly a cheapo project - hardly a matching numbers Mustang. Was he going to sell us generic carpets etc. for it? We said we were busy and could he give us his number and he st
  4. Thanks! Already tried Gunspares though and bought a forend nut just in case I could only find an action tube. Also I've been refreshing Ebay enough it's unhealthy
  5. Ah yes, the speed load! It's a drop-in fit for older guns too. My 1907 wears a straight stock, no-rib 25" barrel and speed load feature. It's awesome. And yes the speed load feature would make it post 1950's so my guesses were even more hopeless!
  6. Ah fair enough, my 1907 had a serial number that checked out on that site, but it was also the features of that early era that confirmed it.
  7. According to https://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=216472 it's 1914. I used this to date my 1907 along with the useful diagrams. I'm not sure when they used the year prefix but on my 1960 model it's obviously separate to the main serial so I don't think yours is a 1946 model for example.
  8. Well my forend nut is well and truly stuck on my 870, and I'd like to give it a different forend... Buying an action tube from the US is a no-no as Brownells can't get them and ITAR means nobody else will ship to the UK. Does anyone know where I can find one, or failing that a cheap (yeah right :D) or knackered S2 870?
  9. A few years ago I received a plastic carry case for an "Eley Mountpoint". No foam inside to give a clue what was once in it, and Google searches throw up a big blank. It has a picture of a guy with a shotgun on one side along with the text so I'm guessing some shotgun mounting aid? Any ideas?
  10. Well, at least I think so There's a knack to getting their brief attention before they continue grazing - not easy with a manual focus lens!
  11. I have one of the MSC Overland 18k mAh packs. It's a bit spendy but I needed it for my 4L Explorer. Very convenient and more compact than decent jumper cables
  12. My favourite are the ones that don't indicate coming up to a junction/roundabout then as they're turning they flip the indicator on. I bet they pat themselves on the back thinking they're a good driver... I scream internally more at these people than the ones who don't even bother indicating
  13. Opossum


    heavy and awkward, but fun
  14. I'm after a barrel for my 12 gauge 870 that's shorter than 30". It'd be nice to put the gun in the safe in one piece but my 30" is a bit too long
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