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  1. Pump Club

    I’m looking for a plastic Ithaca stock, however fugly. Just sayin’
  2. Pump Club

    Thanks for the pic! Mine lacks those spurs, which I suppose is why it’s been so reliable Also: I was testing the Ithaca with dummy rounds, and it will reliably spew the round from the magazine onto the floor instead of onto the lifter if it has to eject a full weight dummy round. It didn't do it when it ejected an empty case. I guess this is because the heavy cartridge slows the lifter coming down so the magazine cutoff is tripped while the lifter is coming down - It's not really an issue, just a quirk I noticed!
  3. Pump Club

    Do you have a picture of the “thumbs” on the lifter? Mine’s a 1980’s model. Cheers!
  4. Ithaca 37 synthetic stock

    Looking for an Ithaca 37 12 gauge synthetic stock. Any style really. Cheers!
  5. Browning Auto 5 locking block pin!

    It seems reasonably easy to file - good call on that. It's 3.65mm or so in diameter. I'll check out what materials I have handy as I could do with having it functioning by saturday!
  6. Browning Auto 5 locking block pin!

    I could, and was thinking of it as a stop gap as I have a lathe etc but I'm not sure if this kind of part is hardened or treated (or needs to be!).
  7. Browning Auto 5 locking block pin!

    Mine snapped in half, and Brownells no longer sell A5 bits... Part 42 on Numrich: https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/browning/auto-5/parts-list-auto-5?page=6
  8. Pump Club

    That's interesting. My 1982 37 has the second trigger, where the hammer will follow the slide. I was worried about the "dead gun" situation but it's not happened yet
  9. Pump Club

    I think it was either 24 or 26. I don’t think the stock was particularly long, but the long forend means you don’t have to reach forward as far as with an 870 or Mossberg You can buy them with longer barrels
  10. Bargain?

    I remember that one time I bought 250 Tunet cartridges for 30 quid. If I could get them all the time I'd be so happy but it was a one-off :(
  11. Pump Club

    I really liked my Benelli Supernova, but the action was really stiff. I know you can adjust it via the grub screws but it was always a bit rough. After 50 clays I just couldn't be bothered pumping it anymore! I do miss it dearly though but it ended up in a cabinet cull a couple of years back.
  12. Pump Club

    Yeah I'd like a spare stock to do that to! Well, just the comb adjuster... I'm not greedy! Also, is the pump club meet on the 11th? It's miles away but I'll spend the week thinking about it... I won't win it due to my choice of pump gun... I used the same gun on a work clay shooting team building day and only scraped a win alongside people who'd never shot before
  13. Pump Club

    No problem. I'd take any decent safety, left or right handed. My first gun was an old Auto 5... I love it to bits and I'd rather swing that crate-wood crooked-ribbed full choke thing around than my wonderfully fitting 525. I think if I had the guts to put an adjustable comb on my Ithaca I'd be pretty happy though
  14. Pump Club

    Excellent thank you. Looks similar to mine after I attacked it with a file! I don't suppose that spare is a spare spare that you'd be willing to get rid of? I sometimes shoot LH
  15. Pump Club

    What did the original safety look like? Mine has the detent pin but no actual place on the safety for it to engage. It just kinda rubbed against the safety pathetically and if you looked at it it'd move out of position!