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  1. Opossum

    Benelli M1 Super 90

    You'll have to get some pics when it arrives. An M1 Super 90 is on my list of shotguns to acquire, but can't find one in S2!
  2. Opossum

    Good timing

    My brother got himself an old film camera and brought it along to a shoot. The dodgy exposure is due to forgetting to change the setting on the camera for different film speed but he managed to get this shot which I thought was pretty cool! The guns we brought along
  3. Opossum

    Semi Auto Club

    I had another go with the 1100 this weekend after a thorough cleaning and setting up of the rings etc. as advised, and got failures to eject about 20 shots in 75 using 27g cartridges. it's just not pushing that bolt back with much force, as when it did eject it didn't do it with much gusto. I have some 32g cartridges but my local site (Kibworth) has a max of 28g so I can't try anything heavier sadly.
  4. Opossum

    Semi Auto Club

    Hi thanks for the advice, the easyloader is set up correctly. I heard that it can cause problems so I made sure to thoroughly test it. The problems with the gun have always been failure to eject. I'll try the old action spring and a couple of cases in the mag tube to try to give it the best opportunity to cycle! And yes, it has two gas ports, I can't remember what he opened them up to, sadly.
  5. Opossum

    Semi Auto Club

    My brother's 1100 refused to work with whatever O-ring variation, new/old spring combo, new/old piston rings or anything I tried. I took it to someone who deals with Remingtons and apparently the barrel that came with the gun was set up for heavier loads and had particularly small ports so he enlarged them to the spec for 24g carts. It was a last resort but it did work, and the gun ran beautifully after that... Until we tried it in January in the cold and it wouldn't cycle even once. It's a huge shame as I bought the gun to get my brother into shooting and it's no fun wondering if the second shot is going to go pop or not. I might bring the old worn out action spring next time I use it in case it plays up. I need to cut back the easyloader sometime as it's a real thumb trap!
  6. Opossum

    Original Browning Auto-5 Parts

    I need a locking block latch pin (the one that goes through the hole in the receiver into the bolt)... that is if John could do without I haven't gotten around to making one yet as mine broke :(
  7. Opossum

    Pump Club

    I’m looking for a plastic Ithaca stock, however fugly. Just sayin’
  8. Opossum

    Pump Club

    Thanks for the pic! Mine lacks those spurs, which I suppose is why it’s been so reliable Also: I was testing the Ithaca with dummy rounds, and it will reliably spew the round from the magazine onto the floor instead of onto the lifter if it has to eject a full weight dummy round. It didn't do it when it ejected an empty case. I guess this is because the heavy cartridge slows the lifter coming down so the magazine cutoff is tripped while the lifter is coming down - It's not really an issue, just a quirk I noticed!
  9. Opossum

    Pump Club

    Do you have a picture of the “thumbs” on the lifter? Mine’s a 1980’s model. Cheers!
  10. Opossum

    Ithaca 37 synthetic stock

    Looking for an Ithaca 37 12 gauge synthetic stock. Any style really. Cheers!
  11. Opossum

    Browning Auto 5 locking block pin!

    It seems reasonably easy to file - good call on that. It's 3.65mm or so in diameter. I'll check out what materials I have handy as I could do with having it functioning by saturday!
  12. Opossum

    Browning Auto 5 locking block pin!

    I could, and was thinking of it as a stop gap as I have a lathe etc but I'm not sure if this kind of part is hardened or treated (or needs to be!).
  13. Opossum

    Browning Auto 5 locking block pin!

    Mine snapped in half, and Brownells no longer sell A5 bits... Part 42 on Numrich: https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/browning/auto-5/parts-list-auto-5?page=6
  14. Opossum

    Pump Club

    That's interesting. My 1982 37 has the second trigger, where the hammer will follow the slide. I was worried about the "dead gun" situation but it's not happened yet
  15. Opossum

    Pump Club

    I think it was either 24 or 26. I don’t think the stock was particularly long, but the long forend means you don’t have to reach forward as far as with an 870 or Mossberg You can buy them with longer barrels