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  1. It's what I jumped on. the 30" 3" magnum 870 I bought barely fits in my safe, but no regrets!
  2. I have a Mossberg 183 bolt action with the moderator attached to the adjustable C-lect choke that screws onto the end of the barrel. I'd like a standard one of these so I can use it without the moderator Like this: Cheers!
  3. I've had both, more of an item of interest to shoot clays with than using it over saltwater at ducks. My Supernova was reasonably stiff to pump, and after 75 rounds i just couldn't be bothered to pump it any more. They're supposed to be really slick so maybe I had a duff one, or I hadn't adjusted the hex screws on the forend properly. The Mossberg was a Mossberg... Not pretty but it goes bang when you want it to. If i were to have another I'd go for a Supernova, albeit without the godawful pistol grip stock. What I'd really like is a basic Nova if i can find one secondhand for a dirt cheap price.
  4. I found out recently my 1100 doesn't like 27g superfasts... It was night and day when I used a different brand 28g instead! We even got it to cycle with 24g Fiocchi's at one point.
  5. I moved to Atherstone... or "Ratherstoned" as one of the signs now says Haven't been to Tamworth in years!
  6. Opossum

    Franchi SPAS 12

    I take it you have the fixed plastic stock on there currently. Bear in mind you can't just throw the folding stock on there as it'd bring it under the 40" overall length assuming you have the usual 24" barrel and not something longer. I had to pin my folders in place.
  7. I have a SPAS-12. The selector mechanism is rough until you take it apart and clean out 30 years of gunk and then grease the cam guide track under the forend. Then it's pretty slick! I'd like a Benelli M3 at some point to add to the collection
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a steel friction ring which sits at the base of the magazine that's used to swap between heavy/light loads, for a 12 gauge gun. Cheers
  9. These are now FREE if you pick them up!
  10. Hi, I've got four off road tyres: 2x Runway Enduro - Just above legal limit, but barely. The tread is quite scalloped so has a lot of road noise. Good for an off-road only vehicle really 2x Falken Wildpeak AT. These have seen maybe 1000 miles since new a couple of years ago, loads of tread left. I'm looking for £40 for the lot (Well for the Falkens - the others aren't worth anything but you have to take those too ). Picked up from Atherstone, Warwickshire. I won't split as they're taking up room in my car and I need them gone! Cheers!
  11. I’ll take the ribless one please edit: i’ll pm you when I’m back from work!
  12. Sorry about the pic quality. My spare set is a lighter wood and the stock has no checkering. I was lucky to find a police style that had a very similar finish to the Wingmaster stock:
  13. I have a police style forend on my Wingmaster. it's not as slim as that example but I prefer it to the standard longer Wingmaster forends. I have a similar police forend and stock set spare that i keep meaning to put on ebay
  14. I designed and printed a reinforcement for a Black Warrior Ithaca 37 stock... pretty specific application though. I'm also in the games industry
  15. PM'd you about the forend @impala59
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