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  1. Hi Apologies this has all been sold now.
  2. Many thanks, really appreciate you looking it up! Fingers crossed that Chris Batha might have further detail. Its $50 though to get a copy of the relevant records, if he has them.
  3. I bought a cracking Damascus Barrelled Hammer S/S Charles Boswell from Wabbitbosher this year. I have contacted Chris Batha, and his partner has replied but they are in the middle of house sale/move, so I am waiting out for info. He thinks he has records from the period - 1890's but cant access them for a bit. My serial no. is 13996.
  4. I am still interested in any you want to let go of.
  5. Hi If you dont shoot them all, I would be really keen to buy an assortment of whats left. I'm trying to start off a small collection. The Rottweil Specials and Baikals certainly bring back memories! Also interested in any of the paper carts. Andy
  6. Solognac hunting mitts, a zip on the palm lets you pop your fingers out, still covered by an inner glove. Really toasty! You can quickly unzip and shoot, then cover back up with the mitt. Not too pricey either.
  7. £20 including the postage. Apologies, only just seen your post.
  8. Sunday 8th Dec. Me and 1 other going, anyone else, out of interest?
  9. Lee Dies:- Full length re-size, neck size and bullet seating Dies. 50 x PPU once fired cleaned and primed brass 32 x brand new PPU brass £35 collect in person, Bath Avon area £35 posted to you MINUS the primed brass.
  10. Hi All I want to re-kindle a boyhood pastime (no, not THAT one!) and start a collection of old paper case shotgun carts, or plastic if interesting to me. I am not in the position to spend £50 on one rarity, but if anyone has 'spares' or just unwanted stuff, I'm more than happy to chuck a few quid in someones pocket. SW area easiest, as collection in person would be the most sensible option. Sadly I currently have none to trade in return. Me and a mate, years ago got his Mum to take us to a cartridge collectors fair, possibly in Marlborough? would have been mid 1980's I suppose these things no longer happen now?
  11. Hammo

    Fox club

    Where does the time go? Seems an absolute age since I posted on here... I have been using my 8x57 for Fox and the occasional Deer for a while now, but a new perm has a small army of Rats around the silage clamp and yards, so last night gave the CZ 17 Hornet an outing. Had to be careful of a solid backstop around the yards, but easily popped 15 before the action dried up. Some patient scanning around, from a handy concrete ****-spreader loading ramp; I spotted a fox in the next field over, obscured by trees but hanging about looking to be mousing under a hedge. a couple of loud tootles on the mouth caller had him coming in at 45 degrees, then I lost him behind the hedge. Another merry tune on the caller and out he pops, but stays tight to the hedge. Just about to touch off the set trigger, but he slinks off right into doc leaves. I get a second chance when he re-appears 20m further right, still tight to the hedge. I snap off the shot and he seems to thrash into the hedge, sound of a solid hit though. Its a cold misty night and the atmospherics are giving a poor thermal image, I know I am walking towards the general area he dropped - but cannot find him at all. Ten minutes up down and back and forth but no sign of the deceased. Annoying. To the North the ground rises up, and I can see another Fox again a couple of fields away. I move in to the top corner of the field I'm in, but that is as close as I can get without doing a lengthy back track and loop round the yards. Its 200m roughly, a decent distance for night time, so I tighten up the beam on the nv torch. Push the trigger forward on the CZ for 'set' trigger mode again....crack! Fox folds over like its deflating. Such a versatile round the 17 Hornet, popping rats at short range and stretching its legs out for the Fox. Was going to scale down the armoury, but I think I better keep the Hornet after all.
  12. I found an aftermarket trigger - £240!! 🤮 Im sure you have already, but you can wind out the trigger adjust screw in front of trigger guard to lighten it a little. The spring mod is the way forward though, if you search you will find simple enough instructions on the web. Another alternative is find a similar but lighter spring and do a straight swap. Anyhow, yes a cracking little rifle. Many happy hours thinning out crows, rats and squirrels.
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