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  1. No reply to Email. Will try again in a week or two.
  2. I have sent an Email, lets see what happens.
  3. I would love to know what it cost new, and what you could buy at the time for that money. I would imagine it was way beyond the means of the average shooter? If anyone can help I'm all ears.
  4. I well remember many moons ago, my first shotgun at 15. An ancient Hillsdon and Hillsdon underlever hammer SBS. Not nitro proofed, but had hundreds of carts cycled through it all the same. Not advised, but thats how it was. I have wanted a nice one ever since, but thought a Damascus barrel one would be out of my reach. There are some bargains out there, but I hear that prices are rising again. The engraving on this one is really nice, and even through 120 years of wear - the fine detail is captivating. I have sat just turning it over in my hands, and wondered at the craftsmanship. I am looking forward to the odd day of rough shooting, and a few forays at the crows. I will stick to around 1oz loads, although it has been proofed this year for the 70mm chambers, I don't want to push anything heavy through it. You will notice there is a 'ding' in the trigger guard still, must have been dropped by someone long ago.
  5. Hi all Couple more pics. Interesting comments, please don't let anyone think for one moment that any of you will offend me! As I said in the original post, I thought long and hard before going ahead with the stock re-finish. the original bare wood butt of the stock was a bit beaten about, so we had to lose a little length to get back to a flat sound surface. I had the gun fitted to me, and that required a little more length. I specified the brick-red rubber butt pad, I like the look, the black spacer is a little agricultural, but Im ok with it. Overall I am thrilled, if you are not you can suck my balls. ( no offence intended )
  6. I bought this absolute gem off Wabbitbosher a while back. Stock was in original - 1890's according to proof marks - condition, uncapped butt was a little knocked about, and a good few bumps and scratches. I was of a mind to keep it original. After much thought I decided to have the stock re-finished and fitted to me. Not surprisingly, a nice piece of timber revealed in all its glory! Just wish I had taken a close up 'before' pic. Again many thanks to Wabbitbosher!
  7. When I was a nipper, used to use a Lee Loadall for 12 bore reloading, there must be a 20 bore version. I think you would save quite a bit of dough once set up. Just looked - £70 on Amazon.
  8. You had a bargain there. Grant won't find one that cheap I bet. Yeah been flat out, picked up some nice new ground. 7 charlies first visit to one farm. Not been shot over for a few years. They had lost half a dozen ducks night before my visit, so I am warmly welcomed anytime, good to make a nice first impression.
  9. Did you get the barrels cerakoted?
  10. Hi I am very keen on the Boswell hammer gun, can you take card payments? 

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