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  1. herby

    SSD issues

    It may read a little easier now
  2. herby

    SSD issues

    Hi All My laptops SSD has given up. After sometimes starting up it got less and less over a week and then asked for the bitlocker code and after it was inputted it would restart. Laptop has been in and had a new one put in and its fine but they tried to get data off the old one unsuccessfully. Is there any company that could possibly get the data off as I am not sure they had the best equitment to hand being a small shop. TIA Herb
  3. Thanks for the replys. I almost looked at the Panigale and blade and although the Ducati is really nice I almost bought the blade until a S1000RR popped into my head and now waiting on it being prepared. A MV would be nice.
  4. Hi all Thinking of getting back into bikes after been AWOL due to starting a family for about 4 years. I always wanted a Fireblade and have been looking at the post 2017 models and the SP range with an eye on the RC8 as I like the torque of a twin after having a tuned TLS as my last bike. I've not looked at the BMW yet but wondering what people thoughts were who have some experience with these? Thanks, Herb.
  5. Is there a preference to what semi-auto is used? does the Beretta urika 2 have advantages over a Hatsan or any other make. I am going to get one I just don't want to go down the wrong path first step. Thanks all for this info as I have been using a .410 for a while now. and lacking a bit of power although happy with it for what it is.
  6. Hi All I am looking into getting a new car but can't find out if VAT is on top of PCP finance, even the dealership tells me to contact my accountant!! Looking onlice some sites say it is and some say it's not. Has anyone got a better idea on here please? Thanks
  7. Hiya, Literally just seen your post about the rabbits...well, me and my mate could well be interested in helping out over the hols...I'm off now till the 8th January, so could probs nip up and see what we can do if it suits,. he has three great working ferrets and a terrier too...I have a shotgun for any runners. BTW, I'm in Falkirk, so, only 1.1/2 hrs away...:)

    Let me know what you think.


    Cheers and even if it doesnt suit...have a great christmas.



    1. Norrie


      HI Again, meant to say, my mate live near Rait, so easy trip...and , neither of would want paying...just the rabbits we shoot for dog and ferret food would do.





    2. herby


      Hi yes I would be happy for you to Ferret them 07795691976 Mike can you text me tomorrow afternoon. I will have a few other places too if you want more Ferreting closer to your home I just need this area sorting really good before the 8th of January

    3. Norrie


      Hi Mike....I'm going out today, works do sort of thing, so, if its ok, I'll contact you tomorrow morning, with a view to visiting very soon., and certainly get a couple of trips at least in before the 8th. I'd really be interested in more ferreting too.

      my moby is 07766077993...so you know who's contacting you.

      Talk soon.



  8. Quite a large bank with lots of Rabbits. PM if interested
  9. Thanks for posting the correct link. I followed instructions and changed my details.
  10. As above Ferreting offered in Scottish Borders Kelso/Hawick PM me for more details
  11. I can't see the video on your front page!!
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