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  1. To be honest with you pretty much all the digital stuff is cheap tac. It wouldn't be professional of me to talk about stuff out of turn. But you get what you pay for. Too many people are paying Vauxhall Corsa money and expecting Ferrari's Not saying for the masses digital night vision isn't adequate but please leave all the bitching behind. Horses for courses and al that
  2. I'd donate a large portion I think, choosing the charity would be the biggest issue. I don't want for much in life, I'm quite happy as I am. I don't even think I'd leave the military. All though rumour has it that if you earn more than the CO you must leave
  3. Wait for 4 or 6 weeks il have something that will blow your minds
  4. The shooting agents Iv worked for and work for now only ever employ on ad hock basis. I have a full time normal job to cover this. The problem with the agents they need to make money as well to make it worth while the hassle, and in this day and age no one wants to pay a reasonable price. So self employed is the norm as far as in was aware. Easier for them to just pay your invoices As for the shooting agent not responding to any form of contact, I don't hear from mine for months at a time. I just put in my invoice in just before April and he pays by BACS. It's a tough game an
  5. I sell military grade night vision. £3k will get you a mediocre unit, but again it truly depends on what you want to shoot and with what. My units range from £3k to £20k
  6. Such a sweet rifle the new owner is lucky
  7. I shot this very large vixen this morning whilst out stalking.
  8. I home load Berger 87gr VLD, lovely for muntjac if you head and neck shoot, deadly on fox steady on roe, 41.1 gr of H380 gets it to go fine
  9. im so happy the good old .222 is making a nice come back
  10. I never call with anything other than my mouth, the stalker who taught me showed me how to do it and it's such a good feeling when it works well. I managed to nail it first time, and like anything you do first time it just develops.
  11. No live trapping but I have a humane killer I can offer. It's brand new on the market.
  12. That's a lovely boy, the bucks seem to real come into a call the next month or so. Really love to see them prance around....before I give the good news of course
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