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  1. quentyn

    Clay club yearly membership charges,

    my friend got hit by a chunk of clay 3-4 weeks ago. He was wearing a hat but i could see that it hurt from the look on his face and the muttered comments if you have high driven pheasant simulating clays its inevitable that you will get hit at some point
  2. sorry i really should have been clearer i want a 20 bore 28gram subsonic load sor quiet clay bashing
  3. quentyn

    Splitting Axe

    i would go for a maul - you can get one in wickes for <£20 since i swapped to a maul and not an axe for splitting its much much easier. I still use a hand axe for splitting kindling but for the big stuff i have used a maul for years and havent looked back just looked on wickes website and they do 2, a wood maul for £30 and a demolition maul for £20 - get the standard demolition maul https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Fibreglass-Powastrike-Builders-Demolition-Maul/p/190342
  4. quentyn


    your house cant be made of plasterboard ? the rigfix anchors are designed to go through the plasterboard, through the gap and into what ever is behind the gap
  5. quentyn

    Red dots for shotguns

    be aware if you have an astigmatism you will never get the red dot in focus. it will still be useable but even with glasses it will be slightly out of focus my one drove me mad till i came across a youtube video ( from twang and bang i think) where he mentioned it
  6. quentyn


    behind the plasterboard is brick ? if so then go buy some rigfix M10's ( amazon has them) and relax
  7. aah sorry should have been clearer i am looking for subsonics i can get 24g subs and 30g no5 subs but not 28g 20 bore subs if anyone can point me to a 20 bore 28g clay load thats subsonic ?
  8. can you let me know who and if they are local ish to me i will get a few slabs
  9. are you sure they still do in 20bore ? i have looked on their website and googled and i can only find the 24g Just cartridges normally the oracle of cartridges only shows a 24g 20 bore
  10. quentyn


    to be fair i only held it and handled it i havent actually shot the KOFS . I have shot the yildiz and apart from the lack of ejectors and the agricultural safety it handed really well and I liked it
  11. hi I have been using my 20 bore sub for clays recently and its a joy to walk about without hearing protection ( you can even hear when the claymate sends the signal to the trap :)) however in addition to 20g subs being criminally expensive i just cant find a decent clay load. The best i have found so far is a 24g from eley but I really want a 28g load. My hunting loads are 30g no5's so i presume it is possible to make up a 28g no7 with a fibre wad ? Is my load possible ? will it be cheaper to home load ? i know that on 12 bore clay loads it isnt but with a slab of Eley subs being £73 ( and they are the 24g ones ) would it be worth it ? for my hunting cartridges I just dont shoot enough to justify but for clay cartridges I can easily go through 150-200 a session which gets expensive real quick.
  12. quentyn


    they have them in the west london shooting school shop if that helps i was looking at the .410 which is the same price as the yildiz but looks and feels much much better
  13. quentyn

    stock modifications

    ooh that i like... i tried to put a red dot on my mossberg but just couldnt get on with it is that home made ? how is it put on ?
  14. quentyn

    stock modifications

    I have a beretta silver pigeon that I had hushpowered. I couldnt hit the side of a barn with it till i popped to H&H for a fitting afternoon and discovered that 1, its a slight LH cast 2, its shooting low Any hoo some electrical tape and a cartridge box or 3 and it was shooting dead on target. I was advised to swap the cartridge box for a beretta No3 gel pad which i did. Gun now shoots sweetly I really dont like the look or feel of the beretta gel pad and I wonder what my options are to get the stock modified in a more permanent way ? the gun is not a looker as the stock was always quite plain ( i bought the cheapest donor gun i could) but i want to get the comb raised in line with the gel pad ( which keeps peeling off). Can anyone outline the options ? Q
  15. quentyn

    Outfit ideas for shooting

    it depends on the grounds, be it a clay ground ( anything goes as long as you have a hat, ear and eye protection) to an up market shooting school if its a normal clayground forget the tweed, be warm, dry and comfortable. Practice mounting your gun with the final upper layers on to check you can still shoot