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  1. i think that the reviewer is just trying to relate it to a firearm as thats his point of reference. As the projectile is a disk it makes no sense mechanically to have a barrel ( and i dont think that they can) - notrmally a railgun machanism is closer to a crossbow flight groove the german ones have a pin mounted across the "barrel" so that they cant ever fire a projectile through it ( only an arrow over it)
  2. however it doesnt have a barrel .... a rail gun just accelerates a projectile down a rail ( hence railgun) there is no barrel involved - just a line of electromagnets and some huge capacitors i suspect they may need to update the legislation
  3. given that railguns are now starting to become available https://e-shotgun.com/ tested on as there is no barrel and no propellant will railguns be classed the same as crossbows or slingshots ? the one in the video above is a toy but soon enough they will be this size and a useful power thoughts ?
  4. i must have posted this a lot rigfix m8's work like a charm for dot and dab and themalite blocks http://buyrigifixonline.co.uk/store/index.php?route=common/home
  5. try these http://buyrigifixonline.co.uk/store/index.php?route=common/home the 8mm are perfect
  6. they didnt offer to button for me - it was a stand with 3 positions and a trapper i waited my turn to shoot all 3 positions one after the other the group ( who had been waiting about 5 mins) decided to make it a 5 and shoot with me - i asked to shoot it alone as i had just waited 20 mins to shoot it and they kept on coming. The trapper was oblivious as he was in his hut at the end of the stand. I said i wanted to shoot alone and they all stood behind me expectantly ignoring me. I decided that it was probably better that i shot elsewhere. Tightchoke - where did i say "they offered to button for me" - all they wanted to do was make me join their group for the layout no as it was a stand with 3 positions which would have meant shooting the 1st set then waiting for 4 people to finish, shooting the 2nd and then waiting for 4 people to finish and i suspect you can guess the next bit
  7. they actually decided they were going to shoot *with* me - making me shoot in a 5 and yes thats what i should have told them to do - i walked away instead
  8. Read the response from cuffy, I was waiting for my turn and another group pushed in I wasn't looking for special treatment or to go ahead, I wanted to shoot the layout and the group behind me decided that they would shoot with me (an English sporting layout with 3 stations)
  9. today was a little more challenging as i had waited 20 mins to shoot - they had waited 10 and had decided they didnt want to wait any longer
  10. oh i dont mind if someone offers to button for me ( i will offer to others too) what annoys me is the time it takes for a group to move through as normally there is 50% banter and 50% shooting today was just irritating that the larger group thought it acceptable to just push in with me ( and then i would be shooting in a 5) when i had waited patiently for the other 2 groups. Honestly if they had just let me shoot i would have been finished in under 10 mins. Even when i said "i would prefer to shoot on my own" they kept coming
  11. i normally shoot alone or with 1 other, i dont think i have ever shot in a big group. Recently i have noticed that at an increasingly larger number of grounds that the min group seems to be 4 with some gaggles of 8 clustered around stands. Now i dont have an issue with groups of people socializing at all but if you are in a big group please be aware of the person shooting alone. Perhaps let them shoot through ( as golf) ? Today i waited patiently as 2 groups of 4 shot ( there was 1 group of 4 waiting as i got to the stand), another group of 4 came up behind me and instead of letting me shoot alone decided that they would join me and make a 5.... i tried to remonstrate with them but they were certain they were shooting... i abandoned the stand and went somewhere else ( annoying after waiting 25 mins ) If you are shooting in a group *please* be aware of the single shooter.
  12. i have a team Beretta one that fits my hushpower Beretta... else you might have to go custom
  13. i stopped selling after i got hit twice by scammers. Sold an item than got the Significantly Not as described message but another message straight after offering to negotiate. This is apparently what some do - over pay then try to get back some of their money with a SNAD claim / negotiation just after. Very irritating as no matter how outlandish the claim ebay will almost always side with the buyer
  14. oh dont get me wrong its a fine gun and great for the price but.... if i could get a silver pigeon for 1200 ish then it would be worth pushing the boat out
  15. i am presuming that the Berettas are the same price ( brand new) irrespective of calibre ?
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