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  1. So the NEC have said that these stalls will be kicked out and the shooting show has said that they will stay ? if they are removed the shooting show should find a new venue else what will be banned by the NEC next year ?
  2. hi can i confirm is that an original or a print ? ie is it an original drawing as the prints are already out and purchasable
  3. i think you mean ship of Theseus ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ship_of_Theseus pedantry yes I have heard of it
  4. HI does anyone know why sporting pictures section is available to non logged in people but sporting video's is not ? not an issue just curious as to why ? i browse the forum on various devices and not all are logged in hence i spotted it
  5. grab him some hand made floats from here https://www.lureofthefloat.co.uk/ they are awesome quality and works of art ( and so expensive you *will* get it back if you get it stuck in a tree)
  6. it depends on where you are used to shooting. At a clay ground you put them in the bin, at a shooting school you let them eject where ever they go and someone else picks them up. I was shooting at H&H last year and was told very politely to stop catching the cartridges and just let them eject
  7. there is lots of talk on wood pigeons and the GL but any news on feral pigeons (Columba livia domestica) ? are they now effectively protected unless you apply for an individual license ? there is an industrial site where the feral pigeons cause a real public health problem - i haven't been up there since the issues but i wonder if control is now essentially banned ?
  8. re the golf course it was just an example and i have suspect it i was a private course my point is that very little of the rabbit control in the UK is carried out by "That person must be part of your household, one of your staff, or be employed for reward to specifically control the rabbits" will rabbits be next ?
  9. so that golf course offering rabbit shooting where you have to pay would be in violation of these rules ?
  10. Spotted on another forum but this seems strange https://www.gov.uk/guidance/rabbits-how-to-control-numbers#when-you-can-shoot-rabbits "If you are the occupier of land you can shoot rabbits on your land during the day and can authorise in writing one other person to do so. That person must be part of your household, one of your staff, or be employed for reward to specifically control the rabbits." err so no night shooting ? you can only authorize 1 other person ? when did these rules change ?
  11. oops can a kind mod move this to the right location - sorry posted in the GL discussion by mistake
  12. there is another option - you could change your name by deed poll to match the existing initials ?
  13. thanks for your comments its a mossberg 590 marine and my favorite shotgun ( dont tell the Berettas in my cabinet that)
  14. i was out clay pigeon shooting the other day and was amazed when an older gentleman told me to "buy a proper gun" - with some venom and as an opening comment. I thought it really funny and some of his friends looked a little embarrassed. Anyway, walking around the grounds i noticed that there were a fair few older gentlemen with really nice semi auto's ( one presumes due to recoil issues). Anything that allows someone to shoot is good in my books - semi autos are gradually becoming acceptable as a generation realizes that they need them for medical reasons. This brings me on to my main question - why are pumps so hated ? will they eventually be accepted ? will we see semi auto's on pheasant shoots ? why some much prejudice against pumps ? Q
  15. i once saw a pump action with a folding stock but it had a long barrel extension so it was always over 40 inches seemed a waste but was legal
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