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  1. quentyn

    Shotgun licence

    i have seen everything from 3 weeks to 12 weeks the MET arent that bad at all
  2. quentyn

    Injured Roe Deer

    just remember this case https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/11364567/Police-in-deer-death-row-to-keep-jobs-at-Durham-Constabulary.html not sure what the moral is if there is one
  3. quentyn

    hushpower users

    hang on a sec, are you saying that with a 20g hushpower and subsonics people are still complaining at 160 yds ? if so i suspect they might be complaining at the sight of a man with a gun rather than the noise
  4. quentyn

    Price hike

    i bought 3k when they were 145 (last march i think) i wish i had bought 10k
  5. quentyn

    Price hike

    i liked this bit "According to Charles Bull of online retailer Just Cartridges, a number of decent 28g shells are still available from continental makers from as little as £167 per thousand" this was from 2017 now they are all pushing 200 so 20% up in 1 year
  6. I was in the butchers today. Its a real butchers that also sells game and other niceties. I asked them where their game section was now as i couldn't see it and was told it was all sold and that they were having issues in getting their game dealer to send them the right quantities. The guy told me that they had asked for 50 birds and had only received 20 and they were really struggling to get it in consistently. I appreciate that this is a sample size of 1 but how can it be that a butcher who wants to sell game cant get it ? i mentioned that speaking direct to an estate may be the way forwards..
  7. quentyn

    hushpower users

    with subsonics i would seriously doubt it can be even be heard at 60 yds ( if fired away from the listener) let alone 160 especially if windy i use gamebore subs ( and have some eley subs) with 30g n5 they take down pigeons fine and are *almost* garden quiet
  8. quentyn

    Pump Club

    yes anything subsonic will be much ( or should be ) much quieter
  9. quentyn

    50 cal Ban

    well it seems that the bill is delayed it wont be passed in its current form it seems
  10. quentyn

    DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Gimbal

    hi i think he knows how the item works but wants to buy it and is struggling with the forum mechanics
  11. can you send me your PP details I will have 2 at that price
  12. indeed i think that this is what people are forgetting he increased the angle of the shot and the slug dropped closer - if you look at the demo with the hose at the end you will see what he was getting at
  13. and yet in the video he couldnt and then proved what was happening at the end with a hose pipe
  14. food for thought - if a slug can only get 450 yds how far can No6 shot get .....
  15. quentyn

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    my advice, before you do anything else get it on a pattern plate and just check its shooting where you think it is i couldn't hit anything with my silenced beretta till i joined my wife on a lesson at Holland and Holland and within 5 mins ( after checking where my shot was going on a pattern plate) the instructor had fashioned a cheek riser out of tape and a cartridge box.... et viola i was hitting stuff.