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  1. My wife and I sent ours in for renewal about 4 months early ( last year in the middle of covid) and then were berated ( when i chased with 6 weeks to go) for "sending them in too early" you cant win sometimes
  2. i think that they may have to else all the .410's are done for
  3. without starting a war as to if we should or should not see the end of lead ammunition, what options are there for the .410 shooter ? looking on just cartridges there doesnt seem to be any non toxic .410 load at all. Is .410 viable in steel ?
  4. can i confirm was it clear or grey flock ? i have been looking for clear and cant seem to find it
  5. aah i see, best to go for grey and then repaint them ? or can one get transparent ?
  6. I have a load of shells where the flocking has worn off or there wasnt any there to begin with can i buy flocking to sprinkle on ? i presume a spray contact adhesive and then "flock" ? anyone know what keywords to put into google ? Q
  7. they are not cheap but the goodnature traps are superb and they automatically reset
  8. i was considering going till i realised that the prices have gone up significantly. The last time i went was 2020 where the total cost ( excluding fuel ) was £33. Adults were £18 a ticket and children under 15 were free. Now the total cost will be nearer £100 as not only have adult tickets gone up to £25 but children from 0-15 are now £15... and on top of that i now need to pay parking. Its a trade fair, £33 was about right but its now closer to £100 to be able to get in to buy things.... . I suspect that this year will be quieter than 2020 when people suddenly realise that for a family of 4 its now £70 more to visit. I would be really curious to those who do go what the show was like and if the extra £70 was worth it ?
  9. cool will try them unfortunately i have already converted it to be silenced so i need to swap the stock
  10. i have a 20 bore silver pigeon with a left handed stock, i want a right handed stock in an adult size anyone have one lying about ? i presume that they are interchangeable ?
  11. i bought a kids stock from sportsmans guncenter for £63 the other day
  12. i called sportsman guncenter as they are the kofs importers and got one for £63 ! ordered it Tuesday it arrived yesterday thanks for the advice
  13. i often use a pump action at clay grounds as its fun. I once had an old man get very angry with me as he thought i was putting 3 cartridges in. With my pump i tend to shove 2 in the magazine, then press the action release and pump in 1 of the rounds. It seems that this "gentleman" assumed that i had put 1 in the barrel, closed the action and then 2 in the magazine. Even when i explained he seemed to still be annoyed and seemed to believe that what i was doing was somehow unsafe. I tend not to shoot there anymore as i have met some funny people there... Never had an issue anywhere else
  14. hi all whats the best kids ear defenders ? I have 2 sets of the kids pelator ones but kids hate them. My daughter grabs the howard leight ones i have spare but i need another for my son. Essentially the pelators just dont seem to fit my kids ears all that well and so there are gaps after a while - this leads to noise ingress and ( my son at least) hating shooting are there good quality kids ear defenders with soft materials around the ears ?
  15. my lovely wife asked me what i wanted for Xmas and the only think i could think of was a .410 so off to the gunshop we went where they had a Kofs and a Yildiz - my wife was apparently considering getting a beretta but given they are £1800 and there is a wait she thought otherwise we had a play with both and eventually we both agreed that the Kofs was the better gun and was only £50 more. The engraving, that it has ejectors and the overall feel of the gun made it worth the extra 10%. I have a shoot on the 27th where it will be put through its paces ! i have 2 questions 1, can i remove the automatic safety myself ? with my airguns i have always done all work myself but with my shotguns i have always deferred to a gunsmith. Given how long it took the gunsmith to remove the auto safely from my Beretta i suspect its just a single part to remove ? 2, do you know if you can buy a youth stock as a spare ? i presume its 1 bolt to swap the stocks over ? i have the adult version and if i could make it more child friendly that would be good
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