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  1. its seems to be a black tarry like substance that laughs at napier gun cleaner i may try this as well - though if its tar like perhaps something like ethyl acetate will get through it no thanks for this what i need to clean is the outer part of one of these the inside of the outer black tube is gunked up completely
  2. its a bit big its on a Beretta silver pigeon so must be 35 inches long
  3. i took my hushpower apart today and wow was it gunky. It was so gunky i almost coudnt get the outer tube off. Can anyone suggest something that can cut through the gunk ? Napier spray on gun cleaner isnt up to it, at points my finger nail was struggling to get through it any suggestions ?
  4. i bought a thousand JUST CARTRIDGES CSP CLUB 12GA 28GM FIBRE 7.5 from them for £194 they break clays
  5. as per title i am looking for one for my swingblade - looked on ebay and etsy but nothing Does anyone do custom here ?
  6. can someone summarize as i have read the article and i am confused is it that he said he shot them in a place he was authorized to but it was later believed that he shot them elsewhere ( where presumably he didnt have the rights to be) or is it that where he claimed to have shot them didnt have the rights to be?
  7. gah can some kind mod move this to general not equipment ? its late and I am tired
  8. spotted on twitter "Review of the new guidance of Fire Arm applications. Our team members are conscientious objectors to gun ownership. If you hold a firearms licence or think you may apply for one in the future, we suggest you consider registering at a different medical practice. We charge £200 to complete a Fire Arms application" from http://www.travelsafeedinburgh.com/news.aspx?pr=S70179 i hope that this is a one off and not part of a pattern as some pleases in the UK dont really have much choice in terms of GP https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-46912055 This could easily push gun ownership into the hands of those that can afford private GP's
  9. i thought you didnt have to declare fixed penalties ( ie points on your driving license) ?
  10. my friend got hit by a chunk of clay 3-4 weeks ago. He was wearing a hat but i could see that it hurt from the look on his face and the muttered comments if you have high driven pheasant simulating clays its inevitable that you will get hit at some point
  11. sorry i really should have been clearer i want a 20 bore 28gram subsonic load sor quiet clay bashing
  12. i would go for a maul - you can get one in wickes for <£20 since i swapped to a maul and not an axe for splitting its much much easier. I still use a hand axe for splitting kindling but for the big stuff i have used a maul for years and havent looked back just looked on wickes website and they do 2, a wood maul for £30 and a demolition maul for £20 - get the standard demolition maul https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Fibreglass-Powastrike-Builders-Demolition-Maul/p/190342
  13. your house cant be made of plasterboard ? the rigfix anchors are designed to go through the plasterboard, through the gap and into what ever is behind the gap
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