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  1. thanks for that out of curiosity what was their original advice ? given that their current advice contains this gem " If you do not heed this advice and are found in circumstances where your activities could result in the emergency services being called out or that suggest a danger to public safety or to the peace, this may result in consideration being given to the revocation of your certificate/s." i am now curious - the above seems to be a license for anyone in TVP area who doesnt like country sports to call out the police on the off chance that "consideration being given to the revocation of your certificate"
  2. I was reading the recent email from BASC where they said "This week, we have challenged Thames Valley and other police forces on the advice they have issued around the return of shooting to the countryside." And then i noticed that on the BSAC Corona page they still have the Essential pest control template. Can i confirm - what is this advice from Thames Valley they they have challenged ? i have looked around and i cant find it. I presume that post the changes to the lockdown that we dont need to get the letter completed ? we can just shoot under the GL's ? The reason i ask is that a lot of my shooting is in the TV area and I want to avoid issues - i am not looking to bash Basc Q
  3. Is that just a moderator screwed on the end of a pump? Mine is a double barrel silver pigeon and both barrels are ported along their length - as well the last 8 inches of shroud is a moderator
  4. Sorry I am being silly here, you mean subsonic steel? I have been told not to shoot plastic wads out of my gun as the barrels are ported along their length Can you even get subsonic steel ? Apologies I may be missing the point Q
  5. surely there are test shots fired to check power before it leaves the factory and so anything that was in the barrel has been cleaned out ?
  6. will steel have enough energy downrange subsonic to be effective ? if it does then a steel load with those fibre wadcups could be what i need ?
  7. its funny when i target shoot i find myself at the max zoom all the time, when i hunt i start on about 4-6x mag and wind back as i loose the light as someone said earlier a 3-12 will do you fine but if you are mainly shooting on a range i would go 4-16
  8. the clay grounds are opening and many of them also stock game cartridges too
  9. err how long is that metrogun barrel ? what safe do you need put that baby away ? if you miss you could put a small bayonet on the end and simply impale the pigeon ?
  10. i am starting to think that there isnt an economic way of shooting subsonic non toxic ? does this mean in 5 years there wont be subsonic shotguns ? what do people do when they need to shoot quietly but also non toxic ? i am tempted to get a few boxes made up even at £2 a bang just for the hell of it so i can say i can
  11. yes i suspect bismuth can you swap lead for bismuth in shell recipes one for one ? i presume that ballistically it performs very similar to lead ? looking here https://www.claygame.co.uk/bismuth-shot-pd7 seems to be about 54 a KG which means you can get 33 cartridges a KG ? ie £1.60 per cartridge + the hull, primer, wad, powder and labour ? so i am probably looking at £2 a cartridge ? is there a cheaper way of getting it ? ebay USA seems to suggest ~£22 a KG is the going rate in the USA ?
  12. I think that they are also referring to rumours- is there any hard evidence?
  13. I dont mind paying a pound a bang as I don't need many, is there someone who can make me up a batch ?
  14. somewhere i dont want to shoot lead but i need to be quiet - i presume that as you can get this in lead it must be possible in bismuth ?
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