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  1. Arrived this morning, haven’t had a chance to use it but it looks the business.
  2. Hi Buckster, the choke arrived this morning and is in excellent condition thank you very much.
  3. Hi Buckster I would like to buy the IC (1/4) choke from you please. Please PM me your details so I can arrange payment. Thanks, Alistair. P.S looks as we both own Orkney's
  4. If you do decide to split I would like to take the #5 8lb, #3 11lb (lead?) shot, if the price and postage are reasonable. Thanks, Alistair.
  5. Thank you for that andrewluke I do hope you are kidding For the purpose of the Regulations, “Wetlands” are defined by reference to Article 1(1) of the Ramsar Convention4 with further explanation of the terms “peatland” and “temporary” wetlands. It should be stressed that the Regulations do not implement the Ramsar Convention, but simply use the recognised Ramsar definition of what constitutes a wetland. Article 1(1) of the Ramsar Convention states: “For the purposes of this Convention wetlands are areas of marsh, fen, peatland or water, whether natural or artificial, permanent or temporary, with water that is static or flowing, fresh, brackish or salt, including areas of marine water the depth of which at low tide does not exceed six metres.”
  6. Panoma1 you are absolutely spot on, all I had to do was remove the word foreshore from my OP.
  7. Guys I didn't really want this subject debated, I have read the legislation applicable to Scotland and I do know what ammunition I should use at certain shooting venues. grahamch QUOTE "Sadly you are incorrect, lead cannot be used for wildfowl on the foreshore anywhere in the UK" "The Scottish legislation differs from that in place in England and Wales. It follows a habitat–based approach as opposed to a combined species/site restriction. For example, in England and Wales it is illegal to shoot any duck or goose with lead shot, or to use lead shot on a specific published list of SSSIs. In Scotland, shooters will continue to be able to use lead shot to shoot species such as duck, geese, game, pests or clays as long as this does not occur on or over wetlands".
  8. Yes no problem! I will tell the whole world my favorite shooting spots so they can be turned into another Findhorn Bay
  9. Where I often shoot the depth of the sea never falls below 6m at low tide, this is quite common on the North West coast, everywhere else I shoot e.g. firths and estuaries I always use steel, anyone reading my OP properly would see I shoot both steel & lead. Thanks to the LEAD POLICE the purpose of this thread is now dead as the proverbial (lead shot) Dodo
  10. Where I wildfowl it is foreshore not wetland as defined by BASC, Scottish Natural Heritage and The Scottish Executive
  11. Panoma1 I'm afraid you are wrong you can use lead on the foreshore, do not confuse foreshore with wetland areas in Scotland. If the above is going to open up a new topic for debate could a new thread be created, my OP was only asking other home loaders for advice on Alliant Loading Data
  12. 6.5x55SE thanks for your warning but I live North of the boarder so it's still ok to shoot with lead on the foreshore, that said, I'm being a really good boy these days and I'm trying to convert to non toxic loads.
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