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  1. ill have a 22 mag if available please? pm me payment details.. thanks
  2. looking for a hushpower 20 bore o/u if anyone getting rid?
  3. where are you located?
  4. can you get a flapper for flocked decoys? only seen a flapper for real ones..
  5. peejay

    FF6 rapid dc

  6. ff6 rapid dc. used twice . NOW SOLD
  7. Buddy Bottle for rapid, 600cc. £35
  8. peejay


    does anyone know if there is a problem with gunwatch? im trying to buy a listing and it wont accept any of my cards, checked the details and all is ok
  9. be easier if people know your location
  10. peejay

    weaver rail

    does anyone have a weaver rail for a mk2 rapid? thanks
  11. peejay

    T20 ir

    cheers. pm me payment details please
  12. peejay

    T20 ir

    let me know pal.. cheers
  13. peejay

    T20 ir

    wondered if anyone got a t20ir for sale? 3 mode 1 would be a bonus....
  14. on hold pending collection..thanks
  15. ill have this please.. message sent
  16. 500 .22 remington subs £20 collected. with ticket.....
  17. the hole in the full bodied enforcer decoys fits perfect for the spike in my t bar..
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