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  1. probable the best Arial work chainsaw made, just selling my spare back up saws as getting new saws
  2. 2011 ms200t chainsaw 35.2cc 1.7kw saw still on original bar not had much use runs perfectly very thing else functions 12inch bar 360 Ono collection only or local meet up with in 35 miles I'm a pro user of saws but this have been bought new buy me and only been used as a back up i can send pictures to anyone and once again I will state will not post
  3. Ms341 really good condition 16 inch bar still on original bar only had 10 tanks of fuel from new work starts and runs everything works as it should 2009 59cc 3.1kw £360 Ono collection only or local meet up with in 35 miles a pro user of saws but this have been bought new buy me and only been used as a back up i can send pictures to anyone and once again I will state will not post
  4. Ms250 really good condition 18inch bar still on original bar haven't don't much work starts and runs everything works as it should 45cc 2.3kw 175ono pick up only or local meet up with in 35miles from PE133QY. I do get to Norwich on most weekends if that helps anyone, Im a pro user of saws but this have been bought new buy me and only been used as a back up i can send pictures to anyone and once again I will state will not post
  5. try the cheddite .410 available in cork wad 24g of size 6 shot in a 3 inch case and RC do a 24g .410 both subsoinc meant for hushpower guns not cheaps at 9.50 a box of 25. for cheap and good performance fiocchi 7.5s 19g magnums bowled over many rabbits and hares at 30 35 yards no problems
  6. nor a million miles away myself up near march/ guyhirn
  7. no just curious on what the cartridge was rebranded from or made to his order / requirements. as thought the hull ones looked like comp x but did seem to kick more and was also in 24g/28g, Where comp x was 21 or 28g
  8. yh i not the best of shooters so i just say whats ever the cheapest clay loads for when i decide to go clay bashing, will be popong in the new year to grabs some of what's ever on deal
  9. shot a slab over the weekend bit more kick than comp x but a nice clean cartridge. yes got them from Where did you get them from whaplode gun & tackle
  10. do any one know what cartridge the CM guns and tackle branded cartridges based on i know there HULL and 65mm case in 24 and 28g in 8 shot black cases looks like a hull comp x case to me.
  11. my first season wildfowling on the marsh was out every weekend sometimes twice a week to not even fire a shot off never see anything with in 300 yards away. Second season half a dozen trips same story but then started to go to other parts new found place and was just sitting down no camo nets no deyos got my first foreshore mallard and was see birds and duck regular. veen had skin of pinks right above us but they was 200 yards up
  12. i have a SRM TERROR choke in my gun think its a 675 or 700. if i remember correctly the thing is tight as nun but can throw very tight consistent patterns at 70 yards like you wouldn't believe in big or small shot. sadly the gun it for i don't get to use much havent been fowling for two seasons now
  13. i have the mossberg 500 hushpower .410 and its fine the the 65mm and 3 inch but can get away with the 2 inch as long as your pump agrion is done fast love the face that the safety is located on the top oc the action like sxs and under overs you can see if its on or off
  14. honestly my dog a is 13 months old now but bit like me on food gets bored of the same stuff over time. tried a few skinners and he just turns his nose up to it the duck the muesli mix the slalom one, same for dr johns titanium and same for chudleys working crunch, harringtons , james welbeloved. But from getting him at 9 weeks old he was on a food called golden fields working puppy that he was fine onto into reach 7 months old and wouldn't touch it not for 3 days on a row. But the worst food going asda hero and wagg and aldi he will eat but not more than 3 days in a row of each brand but i add a tin of sardines or mackerel to his food, he seems to be doing fine on it loads of energy silky shiny coat but would love to get a better quality food in him but a lot of the dog food only in big bags and it's a shame and expensive to buy a big bag to chuck away if he won't touch it
  15. will take a look at the fox 40 whistle
  16. he sharp a razor quick to pick up things, but do have stubborn streak and haven't managed to find any whistle he will take to so all commands have to be verbally spoken like he is deaf to any whistle. but a cracking strong dog he is just a year old and to be honest i'm **** at training like total novice but have more ability than i could give him so couldn't say if training is as easy as a pure lab or not , but this will give you a idea on how strong he is 450x450 paving slabs he can carry around in his mouth like there nothing.
  17. I have a proper mongrel labrador x german wirehaired pointer dad was gamekeepers black lab mum was a liver roan gwp who was used for deer stalking and rifle work across europe be she also use to do goose work in orkney now and then. he mad as a hatter, more tougher than a pair of paddy's work boots, has no fear in anything, supper nose finds all sorts of stuff even mice in long grass as he eats them. always wanting to please you so much energy more than a kid hyped on redbull with adhd. Down sides though bites / mouths even me forever jumping up people and me and throws paddy's when you leave him even if its like in the car and you pop out to fill up and pay. but was the best £280 i paid for him total unplanned mistake litter
  18. two problems would rescue a dog only problem local kennels and animal rescue shelters wont allow them over 5 months old to go to homes with children under 12 years old my youngest is 5 oldest is 13 of my nieces and nephew and puppy is near on impossible to find in a shelter.
  19. this i can't find anything in the next two weeks will be in contact. like i said I'm not looking for anything fantastic or a dog from working backgrounds as it will be a pet for my nieces and nephew who been wanting a dog for two years now
  20. is title say looking for a pup with in 75 miles of march cambridgeshire, long the lines of cocker ,springer, or even a cross breed but not much bigger than springer in size budget 500. don't have to be a amazing bread or solid working background as its only going to be a pet for my nieces and nephew. ideal ready from now to mid november
  21. hi steve my postcode PE13 4 area I had a saw previously lost by ups and they said check a lot of couriers chainsaws are prohibited items to send. so if they do go missing couriers won't cover paying out
  22. unfortunately i wouldn't ship bit of a pain as lots of delivery companies won't take chainsaw so if it got lost they won't pay compensation and also size and wight means higher shipping cost. and rather people see and test before spending there money so there happy.
  23. right having a clear out on my backup tools as not getting used and treating myself to some new stuff. STIHL 044 chainsaw 70.7cc 20 inch bar working all as it should loads of power professional saw £225 ono STIHL 028AVS wood boss chainsaw 14 inch bar all working as it should again loads of power £165 ono STIHL HS45 hedge trimmer 24inch blades with integrated blade lock out to prevent blades moving when you rev it up all working as it should £125 PROVISIONALLY SOLD Husqvarna 286xp chainsaw 20 inch bar all working as it should professional saw loads of power bar is new £180 ono STIHL MS181 14 inch bar again fully working as it should £120 ono the MS181 IS PROVISIONALLY SOLD TO JAYMO in the next week i will have a Stihl FS55 cow horn handle strimmer £130ono and a husqvarna 129c strimmer was used for 3 days only £90 ono collection only from guyhirn cambridgeshire but i do get to norwich on the weekends if that helps anyone can pm pics or email them or will try and get them up loaded to here at some point
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