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  1. Buy a Drone pro, although the battery life is pretty awful as well unless you have an add on battery pack
  2. Hollands country clothing and eBay, Deerhunter xox tweed are really nice quality, and cheap as they’ve been discontinued.
  3. Delwint

    few bits

    I’ll have the game carriers please
  4. Ahh Judge Caprio, a kind judge and one who has empathy 🙏
  5. Just online but it said 15 mins ago
  6. He has been online this morning 👍🏼
  7. If they are independent, then they can’t expect to come cap in hand to us for money. Be careful what you wish for!!
  8. Stick the details of the complaint on Instagram, Facebook their own website, they won’t like bad publicity. And also go to CAB and trading standards
  9. What are they like? Also are they 65, 67 or 70mm? They are 70mm and really good, pattern well and go bang when you pull the trigger 😂
  10. I had the first 500 from him, on this occasion he personally delivered them to the door as the courier let him down. Lovely lad and always happy to answer questions. It’s good to support new businesses, when so many are failing around us.
  11. 3 for me tonight with the 204. 2 vixens & 1 dog Total= 520
  12. They did have a backlog, but are currently up to date. So as said above 12 weeks max
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