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  1. Double Glazing Unit HELP Required PLEASE

    Just push the bead in, it goes n quite easily normally, or just push it in with a small scraper or piece of wood
  2. Woodward No.3638

    I can only repeat what has been said before, great story. It made good reading
  3. So, what do you reckon?

    So on that premise, when people roost shoot, that’s surely contravening the GL too
  4. Taxidermy

    Thanks Old man, I’d looked at his work and forwarded his details on.
  5. Taxidermy

    Thanks for that Pushandpull
  6. Taxidermy

    A friend of mine had shot what he’s sure is possibly a gold medal buck this afternoon. Does anybody know of a good taxidermist as he wants to have it mounted thanks Delwint
  7. Magpie/Crow call bird register!

    Call bird wanted in Chesterfield if anyone has one spare
  8. How many Rabbits are killed in 2018

    1 tonight with the Hmr Total 281
  9. Ignorance is bliss - or is it ?

    A funny post and good to see people taking it in good humour
  10. What FAC slots to apply for???

    Where can you get 100 rounds of .223 for £35?
  11. Pulsar Trail XQ38 scope

    I’ll have it for a £1 😂

    Isn’t it in the title Shaun?
  13. What weed is this?

    Throwing sticky willy at people can lead to a whole heap of trouble
  14. Trail cam

    Thanks for that, but are they any good?
  15. Trail cam

    Just wondering if anyone has a trail cam they don’t use, and want to get rid of. Let me know what you have Thanks guys