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  1. Delwint

    Anjem Choudary released... ***

    Where’s Paul Daniels when you need him!! 😉
  2. Delwint

    Anjem Choudary released... ***

    And that Dave, is because our country is full to the brim with do gooders and snowflakes!!
  3. Delwint

    Hurricane Michael

    Always amazed me too, let’s construct our houses with 2x4 studwork, timber cladding and wooden shingles 🤦🏼‍♂️
  4. Delwint

    Now these do look good.

    Hi Trenta, no I threw them in the garage and that’s where they still are 🤣
  5. Delwint

    Poker games

    Zynga, you don’t need a f/book for them
  6. Delwint

    Chris packham

    Chris Packham agrees with police findings on foxes. Well that’s a first !!!
  7. Delwint

    How many Corvids are killed in 2018

    8 jackdaws and 5 crows this morning 1644
  8. Delwint

    Ironmongery direct website

    Pm inbound
  9. Delwint

    Johnny Kingdom - killed in digger accident.

    One of life’s characters. My brother in law had him around his farm from time to time. R.I.P
  10. Delwint

    Dreams Beds .

    Forget the mattress, your base on your conservatory is cracking!! And again after being repaired. I only hope you haven’t paid for it because you could be in a hole heap of trouble!!!!!
  11. Cracking looking setup ??
  12. Delwint

    Hide net for stubble fields

    I’ll have a look in my lock up and see how much is there.
  13. Delwint

    Heads Up

    I thought all in all, it was portrayed very well. However I feel that I’m waiting for the next episode as it seemed to end prematurely.
  14. Delwint

    Hide net for stubble fields

    @oldypigeonpopperFree if your able to collect. Or if you paid the postage
  15. Delwint

    Hide net for stubble fields

    I’ve got some spare hessian if you want some.