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  1. Delwint

    Post gone

    I posted one a month or so ago, that too disappeared. Messaged the mods but no reply 😳
  2. I watched it on Saturday and spent the following 3-4 hours watching clips on you tube of their past performances. I’d forgotten what a great showman Freddie was. Great film and I thought it was very well done.
  3. Delwint

    Plumbing help

    As ultrastu said, fit a Durgo valve and then remove the pipe above completely 👍🏼
  4. A friend who’s in the force said similar, and to leave the keys in the microwave at night. As if that is the case, by leaving them in a microwave. The metal stops the code being read by the scanner. And the spare ones seems to work. But they are in the ammo safe
  5. Came out of the house this morning and the truck wouldn’t unlock with it’s fob, came home from shooting and the lads says his car wouldn’t unlock with his fob either. Mrs gets home and says the car wouldn’t unlock with the fob. And I went to get in the van and that wouldn’t open either with it’s fob. Coincidence??? Hmmmm 🤔 Any ideas guys atb Delwint
  6. I’ll have this please if it’s available, PM me me payment details
  7. I have the PST as well good scope for the money
  8. Pretty much that... and including public liability insurance as he said
  9. They were found in Ireland, and it was worth a stab in the dark. I’d happily have the brown one, he’s a beauty!
  10. I don’t suppose one of these is Ammo from A1 decoys ? Atb Delwint
  11. I’d say we’ve lost 30 or more in our town since I’ve lived here, 6 are either Tesco’s or coops the rest are restaurants houses or waste land
  12. Mike has been around for quite a while, he moved to Sweden last year, he regularly used to put up videos of hunting and bushcraft, when he lived in the UK He also makes some cracking pieces of kit.
  13. I have also bought from Nick, and while I had to wait a while. The product is far better than others on the market. You get what you pay for.
  14. I’ll have these, you have pm
  15. Pretty much as Prem1234 said, MOT stone to level up the bulk if needed then use grit sand rather than building sand as it doesn’t go mushy the same. Screed the sand to the required level. Put geotextile weed membrane down to stop majority of weeds coming through. You will get some self set, but they are easy to keep on top of. 6” galvanised nails to pin the grass down. A good brush from time to time keeps the pile up. And I hoover in the dry weather with an old hoover. Jet washing it is also not a problem. No mud on the dogs paws anymore being carted into the kitchen. We fit quite a lot and I’ve personally had it for the last 15 years in 5 separate houses. If you need any advice drop me a message 👍🏼
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