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  1. He hasn’t got a single one has he?
  2. 1 dog fox last week, vixen and a dog cub Saturday and a dog cub last night. .204 with DronePro. Total = 286
  3. One of the feet has come off of my Bergara seat. Has anyone got a spare or know where I can obtain one? Thanks delwint
  4. A friend of mines had the re call letter and is going in this week
  5. MF ceiling grid, we use it all the time and it’s easy, strong and you’ll get no sagging.
  6. Delwint

    What is this?

    What he said 👍🏼
  7. Also Nottingham sporting clays, and on the third Sunday of every month there is a shoot at quarry farm in Cutthorpe
  8. I disagree, there are no crops on stubbles. So why would you kill the pigeons? Similarly with roosting, they are not causing damage to crops.
  9. I’ll have a word with my mate and see if he’s free, I thought it was Pollards short but looking at the pictures it’s not
  10. Delwint

    Tweed set

    Holland’s country clothing, have the Deerhunter tweed in stock, which is in the sale. I bought the full set recently and it’s really nice quantity
  11. Delwint

    National Service

    Why....... So it would show them there is no such thing as a free ride. Leaving school and signing on, claiming DLA when there’s nothing wrong with them. Working the system because John down the road has told him what to say to get it. If not National service then stick them in a Quarry breaking rocks. Get them litter picking. It’s the fannying around with people like these and no real deterrent for any of their actions, that makes this country as **** as it is!!!!
  12. Delwint

    National Service

    I’ve always been a strong supporter of reintroducing National Service. I have lots of Greek friends, who all have to do at least 18 months. Depending on which service they go into. And perhaps it will show the youth of today some respect, and a better work ethic than they currently have.
  13. Delwint

    Post gone

    I posted one a month or so ago, that too disappeared. Messaged the mods but no reply 😳
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