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  1. Delwint

    Smart Meters- Unsurprising?

    I’ve had upwards of 20 letters saying I must have one fitted,,,,, err no I don’t!! 😂
  2. Delwint

    Bars or Mesh

    personally I have bars, less to get paws caught in.
  3. Delwint

    Poor shots and guilt

    It seems I spoke too soon!!! 🤷‍♂️
  4. Delwint

    Norfolk based engineering wizard

    I‘ve found gaffer tape normally does the job 🤭
  5. Delwint

    Poor shots and guilt

    An honest post. I would imagine every single member has done something similar, and it was refreshing to see lots of support from the pigeon watch massive. And no tin hat was required 😂
  6. Delwint

    Game priest

    I like it a lot, I’ll buy it if he doesn’t 😉
  7. Delwint

    Insa Turbo Tyres

    You’ll be fine then 😉
  8. Delwint

    Insa Turbo Tyres

    You’ll need to keep your ear defenders handy!! 🙉
  9. Delwint

    Icotec gc300

    Now sold
  10. Delwint

    Early Harvest On The Cards

    First barley field near to me in Chesterfield was cut on Friday. They were out again today in force.
  11. Delwint

    Electric Fox Crow Caller Ect

    I’ve got one and I’m in chesterfield
  12. Delwint

    Icotec gc300

    Bump! Needs to go
  13. Delwint

    Icotec gc300

    Icotec gc300 fox caller for sale. Good condition and includes batteries. Only selling due to upgrading £65 posted thanks
  14. Delwint

    Hello from Nottingham/Derbyshire

    Welcome from Derbyshire 👍🏼
  15. Delwint

    Armasight pro drone 10x

    Thanks for that Rewulf