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  1. I have a Seeland Helt jacket and it has been fine, it’s got Seetex in it, and hasn’t let me down yet
  2. £1-75 in Derbyshire and looking likely to be going down to £1-50 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Can I have the Lee Press please. Let me know payment details 👍🏼
  4. Delwint

    Magneto speed V3

    Anyone got a V3 they want to sell? Atb Delwint
  5. Delwint


    I’m referring to the initial proposal. Not the new one. It detailed the pods you mentioned and also the fact that it would have a championship pga golf course on the site. And I can’t seem to find the page, mentioning the tip. I’ll keep looking and once I find it I’ll copy a link.
  6. Delwint


    @jall25 No I haven’t, it was a long time ago. It’s common knowledge it used to be a tip and the information regarding going from opencast to landfill can also be found online.
  7. Delwint


    What you fail to mention, is that this area of land, up until recently. Used to be a golf course and before that was an open cast mine and then landfill. I’m of the opinion it will do Coal Aston well. I’d be more concerned about Peter Listers yard up the road that’s an eyesore. Various old machines rusting away and even a plane. Once completed it will provide valuable jobs to the area. A new championship golf course. And a lake amongst other things. The advert you mentioned was a full two page headline piece. I think you are too late as the main road has already been put in to the site, and I fail to see how the traffic will be an issue, as the entrance is straight off a bypass junction. Just my opinion obviously Atb Delwint
  8. It’s all old open cast. So whatever was here has long been dug up and backfilled. I don’t know why it’s shorter than the rest. That particular track never seems to grow as high as the rest.
  9. Yes @islangun it’s 3 fields of set aside. As long as I’ve been shooting on here it’s been the same
  10. Thanks Dave, It all went really well. Very pleased at the outcome
  11. What would peoples methods be, introducing a 6yr old Lab dog. To your 4 & 5 year old bitches. I’m rehoming him for someone too ill to look after him atb Delwint
  12. I’ll have this mate please
  13. Has it got any initials on the slip, from the previous owner?
  14. He hasn’t got a single one has he?
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