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  1. The Primos caller is excellent, and as Steve above said, the reason people moan about them is due to not being able to use them. I can mimic crows and jackdaw chatter with mine. Practice practice practice
  2. The black and white Spaniel has been found in Rugby!!
  3. Also another separate owners spaniel was stolen from the same park today
  4. Paul Childerley has had his spaniel stolen today in Bedforshire. The vehicle was a Kia Sorrento with Irish Plates. If you could share on your social media platforms. And make it too hot to be in possession of. Thanks 🙏🏼
  5. 2 last night, both the dog and the vixen. With .204 Ruger =50
  6. I’ll have this mate
  7. Buy a Drone pro, although the battery life is pretty awful as well unless you have an add on battery pack
  8. Hollands country clothing and eBay, Deerhunter xox tweed are really nice quality, and cheap as they’ve been discontinued.
  9. Delwint

    few bits

    I’ll have the game carriers please
  10. Ahh Judge Caprio, a kind judge and one who has empathy 🙏
  11. Just online but it said 15 mins ago
  12. He has been online this morning 👍🏼
  13. If they are independent, then they can’t expect to come cap in hand to us for money. Be careful what you wish for!!
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