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  1. Trail cams

    😂 hadn't given that a thought. Maybe I'll stick with one that records on an sd card
  2. Trail cams

    Has anyone bought or used a trail cam that sends you a text of the picture the trail cam takes? To me it sounds like a great idea. You would know instantly when a fox had triggered your camera, along with the date and time. It also saves the effort of going out in the field and playing back what's been recorded.
  3. Car insurance

    I change every year unless the price is similar, the same with AA breakdown. last year it was £160 this year £380 a quick call and they reduced it to £180 £200 is £200!!!!!
  4. Fox Red Lab Wanted

    There’s a fella on instagram the page is riverginsgundogs he’s just had some this week from one of his labs Gin he’s a great trainer and has some cracking dogs
  5. Sporting tattoo's

    So come on then , who do you work for? Probably a insurance salesman or estate agent, someone who looks down on you just because your caked in mud and dirt, when they don’t realise that you actually earn way more than they do. It’s a life choice you have them or you don’t. I do and am not ashamed to say so. (not that there is anything wrong with any of the jobs mentioned, just an observation from experience) 😉
  6. Optimum zero distance

    Cheers lads and @ happy pig are they referring to the hmr or a .223 as they are a predominantly fox related site
  7. Chainsaw recommendations

    Stihl are a great saw and pretty bomb proof
  8. absolutely gutted

    Don't know what to say that would make it any better, sorry to hear what's happened
  9. Sporting tattoo's

    Cheers Ultrastu, you’d have thought at nearly 50 I should know better lol. I had the traditional dagger and proud to be British with Union Jack, from the garrison town local tattooist of the 80’s. The Essex contingent may well know of Dave Ross from Colchester
  10. Sporting tattoo's

    I had my first tattoo 30 years ago and the second 20 years ago, they have now gone out of fashion so had one lazered off and two new ones a couple of years ago to replace it
  11. Patio Stones

    And mortar doesn’t turn green on a patio 🤔 It’s personal choice at the end of the day, you pays your money and take your choice
  12. Optimum zero distance

    Thanks for that fellas, unfortunately rain has stopped play 😂
  13. Optimum zero distance

    Morning all, as a general rule of thumb. What would people's realistic zero distance be for .22 and also for .17HMR. atb Delwint
  14. It didn't say £60 when the op posted it that's why I said he needed to state a price 😉
  15. You need to state a price mate