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  1. 3 for me tonight with the 204. 2 vixens & 1 dog Total= 520
  2. They did have a backlog, but are currently up to date. So as said above 12 weeks max
  3. I saw In excess of 50 people queuing at The Ben Huthswaite day at Kibworth. A lot seemed happy with the results
  4. Around £1800- 2000 inclusive of materials and labour. Some will no doubt say less but thats what I’d want to do it. And yes it’s 100% possible
  5. My two labs, Rufus on the left is a recent rescue from a marriage break up and Lola on the right looking less than pleased to being next to a horny dog. They will make lovely pups next year 😂
  6. I was due to fly to Mexico on Friday with TC. No email from them this morning nothing!!!. Even a generic one would have been better than nothing. Mad rush to find an alternative holiday. Although it won’t be Mexico now. We’ll have to do that next year. And as a previous post said, up to two months for our money back. I think that’s wishful thinking, with the numbers of people out of pocket at the moment.
  7. I have a Seeland Helt jacket and it has been fine, it’s got Seetex in it, and hasn’t let me down yet
  8. £1-75 in Derbyshire and looking likely to be going down to £1-50 🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. Can I have the Lee Press please. Let me know payment details 👍🏼
  10. Delwint

    Magneto speed V3

    Anyone got a V3 they want to sell? Atb Delwint
  11. Delwint


    I’m referring to the initial proposal. Not the new one. It detailed the pods you mentioned and also the fact that it would have a championship pga golf course on the site. And I can’t seem to find the page, mentioning the tip. I’ll keep looking and once I find it I’ll copy a link.
  12. Delwint


    @jall25 No I haven’t, it was a long time ago. It’s common knowledge it used to be a tip and the information regarding going from opencast to landfill can also be found online.
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