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  1. And a new World record as well!!!! 👏🏼
  2. Thanks mate 👍🏼
  3. What channel is that on Wishy?
  4. I’ve dealt with Empire Cartridges. Andrew is a great lad to deal with. I was the first paying customer in the country, and due to a courier problem, he drove my order 2.5 hours to my door!!!!!! And also I’ve sent my licence and had it back very quickly by recorded delivery.
  5. Delwint


    Get Keylite. I’ve used them for years. Easy to install, the new thermal barrier in them is a great addition.
  6. Yes, I’d carry on. Get something in writing if possible, from the farmer with the address on.
  7. Maradona has passed away. Despite robbing us with the Hand of God goal. He was an excellent football player
  8. Thank you for that, I will have a look
  9. If anyone has a high grade F3, extended chokes 28-30 barrels, that they are parting with please let me know. kind regards Delwint
  10. 1 dog fox and 2 cubs last Saturday & 1 vixen and 2 cubs last night with .204 and Drone Pro Total = 148
  11. Derbyshire turn around is pretty fast in my experience. Two weeks and get the bank card ready 👍🏼
  12. Really enjoyed that, thank you for sharing it. Nice to hear the old accents too.
  13. Black Grove in Cumbria 9000 odd clays over your head in the day. I shot 300 cartridges on the last drive!! Full hospitality throughout the day.
  14. Oiiiiii Charlie seems to get his attention 😂
  15. Trade and I use them everyday, week in, week out
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