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  1. Fortify KAL Large Ammunition / 3 Gun Breakdown Cabinet. Collection Only, based in Stockton-on-Tees Wanting £40 Two Keys for each lock.
  2. Hope this is in the right place. I currently have a Fortify Breakdown Cabinet, and breaking the guns down is starting to get tiring (I've also "Inherited" my cousins air rifles as he emigrated to New Zealand over ten years ago). I'm looking a a Brattonsound, which I'm having to position in the same location so I'm contemplating the best way to fill the old bolt holes as I'm not expecting to use the same hole but to find that they are just off, making new holes and securing a pain in the **** House is an old 1930's brick built semi detached, with a concrete skimmed finish. Ch
  3. Thanks for the replies, now for a bit shopping..
  4. Hi, I'm mostly a fair weather clay shooter, so normally out in trainers or boots. But looking at some Wellies, as the local club field currently looks like a mud bath. However, I've got big calf's and a very swollen left ankle from a old break and I'm struggling to find any suitable wellies. I've tried a full size larger and in Le Chameau & Harkila I could not get my ankle in. Anybody come across any Wellies that could solve this? Cheers Michael
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