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  1. Swinton

    Bathroom shower drainage

    So you can not put bath water on the garden then
  2. Swinton

    Bathroom shower drainage

    You can put bath water on garden with no problem.it will not hurt them I have done this summer to water the greenhouse
  3. Swinton

    Bathroom shower drainage

    Don’t see why not
  4. Swinton

    Phishing Paypal

    Get them regular .i send them to pay pal to look into. Don’t open them just forward to spoof@paypal.com i get them On a email that’s not linked to my pay pal account
  5. Swinton

    CHEAP PUMP ACTION 12 BORE 3 SHOT , in good working order,

    Try wabbitbosher
  6. Swinton

    Pongy home air conditioner unit

    Any filters to clean
  7. Swinton

    Dirt Cheap .410 wanted

    Try wabbitbosher .or there is a few on guntrader.but wabbitbosher is your best bet
  8. Swinton

    Cheap 12 gauge Buckinghamshire region

    Loads on guntrader .or try wabbitbosher
  9. Swinton

    Sewer pipe

    Have a look next door and see if they have and follow the line down your garden they normally run in a straight line
  10. Swinton

    Sewer pipe

    Have got a manhole cover in your yard .if so lift that and turn a tap on and see which pipe the water comes out. the waste water normally run at the back and the storm drain at the front .dont connect to storm drain .is your toilet stack at the back dig down and tee in to that
  11. Swinton

    Hardwood bench slats

    Try b&q or local timber merchant
  12. Swinton

    Royal Mail Track and Trace

    What’s the gripe I have used in for years had no problems tracking or tracking any parcel
  13. Swinton

    Caribbean Cruise

    If you don’t want to get dressed up and sit at table with people you don’t now .thomsons are very good been with them twice very relaxed atmosphere ( no tips to pay like p&o )
  14. Swinton


    http://gunshop-eb.com/ from the web
  15. Swinton

    Driving under domestic rules. Info needed

    https://www.gov.uk/drivers-hours/gb-domestic-rules Just type driving under domestic rules .in google it brings a load of info up