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  1. Swinton

    iPhone 6s Heavy Duty Case

    There are some gorilla ones on eBay they are pretty strong https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Waterproof-Shockproof-Aluminum-Gorilla-Metal-Cover-Case-For-Apple-iPhone-6-6S/262611999195?hash=item3d24e519db:m:mPAvrsnGkAS3YN5qXoHUOhg
  2. Swinton

    Computer Assistance Needed

    Ctrl key on key pad
  3. As surfer says .most modern cars open with key on passenger door
  4. Swinton

    汉字/漢字 WT#

    Never seen any
  5. Swinton

    Ipad mini 2 16gb

    That’s a bargain for someone who’s looking for one
  6. Swinton

    Dug this up today, metal thing but what is it?

    It looks like the spike of the back of a rotavateter
  7. Swinton

    Oil central heating cost

    http://www.rayburn-web.co.uk/products/rayburn-solid-fuel-wood-series they do make a wood burning Rayburn /aga . Also gas and electric. https://www.woodburnerwarehouse.co.uk/range-cookers.html there any quite a few models to choose from
  8. Swinton

    Oil central heating cost

    What about a aga with back boiler for central heating .you can get them to burn wood / coal /gas .will work out cheaper in the long run
  9. Swinton

    I need assistance

    Why not ring your local firearms office .they will tell you everything you need to now
  10. Swinton

    I need assistance

    https://basc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2015/01/Forms-Guide-2015.pdf https://leics.police.uk/about-us/our-departments/firearms-and-explosives-licensing/shotgun-certificates these will tell you .you have to sign the photo .its in the notes basc say you need to send 4 photos ,1signed
  11. Swinton

    Barb wire

    30mtr on eBay £12 delived
  12. Swinton


    Is the house brick outside .how deep is the cavity behind the plasterboard .
  13. Swinton

    Channel Migrants

    I see Javid has ask the mod to send the cutter HMS Mersey to partrol the channel . but he MOD wants to now who is going to pay the 20k a day To run .the mod or home office
  14. Swinton

    Can anybody give advice

    You can give them a polite phone call .mine took 6 month from start to finish
  15. Swinton

    20 gauge O/U

    Lot of money for not much use