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  1. Putting in drains

    You don’t put waste water down with rain water .they go to different drains in the ground .put the drain you want to put in and tee in to the one the toilet /sink / bath goes in to
  2. Clay pigeon shooting vest

    A few on eBay fairly reasonable price
  3. BSA gun safe

    Glad you sold it .if I was you I would remove your phone number or you will get weird calls
  4. Bags for life

  5. Charger leads, plugs and thieving magpies

    Lock them up with the guns.…or get the kids a set of leads they need and tell you lose them you replace them out of your money.
  6. Any ideas what this could be?

    It maybe better to take her to vet.tey will now and treat it
  7. Container for brining

    what about a homebrew fermenting tub holds 23ltrs of brine if need be .cost about £10
  8. 12 bore O/U with spare 20 bore barrels

    I don’t think you can put a 20g on a12g they don’t fit so I was told
  9. Amazon Kindle E-Reader

    Can you not turn the brightness down would that help
  10. Amazon Kindle E-Reader

    If you have a iPad you can get the kindle app on that .then no need to buy a stand alone kindle . its what I use .
  11. Hatsan escort mag cap sling mount

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tactical-Button-Push-Sling-Swivel-QD-Loop-32mm-Adapter-For-Shotgun-Gun-Rifle/292465002820?epid=930096944&hash=item441845c944:g:i~wAAOSwYc5aPht- can you not put one of these on the front looks easy to do
  12. Stock wanted

    https://www.gunspares.co.uk/categories/23960/Airgun-spares/ it says on there site they have a armsan 612/620 stock /forend £78
  13. Unsolicited mail

    Put it all back in post box .then post office have to return I put return to sender on any letters I don’t want then the company has to pay again for delivery don’t get as many now
  14. Best way to cut a tyre

    Use a jig saw
  15. Pelican and a Swan

    Nice photos well taken