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  1. The last 2 I bought one had 28miles on clock pre reg 6month old saved 7k on new .secound had 2k on 6 month old again pre reg saved 6k .why buy brand new you loose out soon as you pick the keys you have made a loss .some people buy brand new just to have a brand new one sat on drive who nows its 6 month old if you don’t tell one
  2. Can always put some new screws in .sounds a good buy
  3. 767000350 Action Bar Assembly Mfr Part: F33930 £118.30 * from https://www.brownells.co.uk/Popular/Remington-1100 page 9
  4. They are the same as left or right .pity it was not a 20g chambers gun spares has 1 in £124
  5. If you need one quick try local free adds or local pet shops .there will be some on eBay cheap
  6. The last time I lost the radio code I took it to radio repair shop and had it recoded .is there any where local to you that repairs or recodes car radios .sometimes modern car radios don’t have a code as they are built in to the dash and will not fit any thing else my Vauxhall Mokka does not have a code
  7. Toyota deal should be able to get the code .
  8. Scrap the license.and make them put advertising on then they will have to earn there money .not handed on a plate .
  9. Swinton


    Where are you walker570 just incase
  10. Swinton


    https://www.solware.co.uk/shotguns/baikal-shotgun they have some http://www.saddleryandgunroom.co.uk/Gunroom/SG_Shotguns_Baikal.php and these they have not imported any new baikal in to uk for a few years due to embargo of certain things baikal being one spares are hard to get
  11. What are you shootings in ploytunnel.you will make it full of holes
  12. It depends how bad a job it is .it would be easier to go to a garage and get a quote . also what is the cost of the Jimmy is the rest in good condition https://www.swintonmotors.co.uk/ these have a nice one in
  13. https://www.####.co.uk/lincoln-rizzini-rottweil-fair-spares-163-c.asp https://www.####.co.uk/emilio-rizzini-chokes-and-spares-173-c.asp is this site any good
  14. Swinton

    35 Dakotas

    Should be a nice site to see and remember.
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