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  1. put gun auctions in google there’s loads to choose from
  2. Try guntrader,gunwatch,or wabbitbosher
  3. http://www.proteksupplies.co.uk/bsa-pre-war-cadet-and-cadet-major-parts.html is this any good if you need any parts
  4. https://www.omps2.it/en/firearm-spare-parts/beretta-spare-parts/semiautomatics/a300-a301-a302-a303.html
  5. Swinton

    droppings id

    Must be a big hedgehog.i would say possible cats
  6. Swinton

    Veg patch ?

    Started off in green housec broadbeans,cabbage,cauli,onion sets .early potatoes in pots in ploytunnel .early carrots [nantes] in ploytunnel
  7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Falcon-Air-Rifle-Extended-O-Ring-Seal-Kit-FN6-FN8-FN12-FN19-Titan-Raptor-Hawk-/370993575240 any good http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/857558/STRIP+DOWN+GUIDE+FOR+A+FALCON+FN12.pdf
  8. Swinton


    Not many caravan club sites take tents you need caravan and camping club
  9. He wants £13,550 Ono .it says in the title nice motor well looked after
  10. Go across road an knock on door .or get her reg and tell insurance company what happened
  11. Swinton


    If the wife suffers with pneumonia.what a bout b&b . Or premier inn .itsometimrs cheaper than camping . plus you don’t get wet going to loo
  12. If they write it off don’t take the first offer .but the other insurance company should sort it . but I think you still have to tell yours
  13. https://www.mcavoyguns.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d148_Hatsan_Arms_Escort_field_hunter_pump_action.html
  14. £500 road tax no thank you .all the car company’s are blaming brexit . how do we now what’s going to happen no one now whatthe deal is only Mrs may and she is not telling the public
  15. No one made her go in the first place.as for saying she had no regret going and actually enjoyed it was the wrong thing to say .just because she is pregnant why should we have her back it’s not the U.K. fault she is pregnant .is there a story she went on her sisters passport so there for she has not got one but don’t you need one to get in uk. if they let her back they will ask a few questions then give her a council house and all the benefits there is .then the next thing will be can my husband come to the U.K. I say leave her there we have enough scrounges here all ready
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