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  1. Baikal sling swivel for 12g o/u barrel

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-Pcs-1-Gun-Sling-Swivels-Rifle-Shotgun-Quick-Release-Sling-Swivel-Black/141424940188?hash=item20ed95549c:g:rXQAAOSwd4tUK7wP £3.39
  2. Can’t stand this new layout

    I don’t see any problem with it it’s like buying a new car or anything new you have to learn where everything is .this site is no different you learn and find your way round . only thing is there is no instruction book
  3. Banks

    Santander .get interest when pay utility bills I have had nearly £800 I. Interest in about 3yr pay gas,elec ,council tax water can fault it .swopped from Halifax as was getting nothing from them
  4. Sat Nav hack

    You can sometimes get the discs of eBay to update

    Have you tried any motor dismantlers they may have one .or try to find out which other vehicle has the same engine they will not make one engine to fit the one range is the touran engine the same. It was like the rover 75 2lt diesel was the same as the bmw 120 you could get parts from rover and bmw its worth a try you only need a short engine and use the rest off the old one that you need it has the vw code bac engine .i believe the same version is fitted in the transporter 2004 year
  6. Scottish borders raiding due to start

    People will still buy it .its like fags they keep putting them but people still buy .they just do with out something else so they have the money to fags and booze
  7. 12g o/u for wild fowling

    £434 new sportsman gun centre
  8. Knife blanks

  9. 12g side by side local to Essex

    Try wabbitbosher he may help
  10. Revo Tactical 12 gauge

    Hi sorry I have got 2 guns I don’t need any more .thank you for the offer I appreciate it .i have a Winchester 12g the wife has the revo 20g many thanks steve
  11. Hucclecote

    http://www.bywellcountryclothing.co.uk/brands/hucklecote https://www.fields-menswear.com/jackets-c2/morpeth-waterproof-tweed-shooting-jacket-green-p1258 any good
  12. AYA no.4 firing pin

    https://www.gunspares.co.uk/products/24639/No4/#. It looks like they have on £20
  13. Good bye

    I don’t think it’s that bad .its like any thing new you get used to it .it simple once you get the hang off it
  14. Remington 1100 stock and forend

    I think wabbitbosher had a complete gun cheap
  15. Revo Tactical 12 gauge

    Not took long to sell .they are great guns for the price.i have the 20g premier game had no trouble