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  1. Franchi AL48 Bronze Friction Ring

    There has to be something out there that will replace it .surely they not make it as a one off just for that gun .
  2. One for Lord Geordie I Think

    If the new town was called Sefton on the program .it is actually Seaton Sluice .
  3. Franchi AL48 Bronze Friction Ring

    Franchi are are made by beretta .will they not have parts from the similar version of beretta to fit . i had a webley 820 made by Sarsilmaz who still make the 820 but as there own version but the parts were the same worth going to a beretta dealer and see if he has any thing that will fit
  4. Escort or Armsan semi auto

    Forsey guns has one £199 escort 12g welling kent 02083049222 there is 3 for sale in Kent on guntrader
  5. Vote your Favourite Clay Shooting Ground

    Park lodge . has some decent set ups .and high birds .plus a great cafe
  6. ARMSAN semi auto instructions

    any good
  7. Wanted -Set Of Chokes

    Why do people not reply to the question they ask .because sometimes it is annoying they ask a question then don’t reply why ask in the first place the person has been on since asking the question.can not be that desperate
  8. 10 bore cartridges

    http://www.countrywaygunshop.co.uk/shotgun-cartridges/ they have some steel ones http://www.wilsonandwilsonfieldsports.co.uk/category.php?id=18 they have some Winchester
  9. another chainsaw question

    Echo and husgarvi are good .
  10. Shotgun sling without need for swivels

    http://www.orvis.co.uk/p/non-marring-shotgun-sling/40e4 it says they are no longer available.does it have to be leather as you can buy them in U.K.
  11. Wanted -Set Of Chokes

    Will be a bit hard to find they don’t make it any more https://www.gunspares.co.uk/categories/23960/Airgun-spares/ you will find some on this site.just checked is it the chokes with the thread at the top or bottom of the choke .there is two sorts
  12. Shotgun sling without need for swivels

    just dropped a gun off at local dealer and saw some slings in shop £14 .
  13. It says £60 on his post nice looking boots worth £60 .but too big sorry
  14. Shotgun sling without need for swivels

  15. Hi Swinton,Sorry to take so long to reply .The Randy Wake man site is useful as it does list the modification but does not show it in detail which is what I want The modification would have to be at least 15mm in size to enable it to fire 55mm shells, I can not see how a 15mm modification  would fit also how did they adjust the ejection.