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  1. Shotguns go on a FAC in NI not sure how it would work. Firearms branch are open for phone calls between 14-16 each day I think through 101, they could give you a direct answer if the dealer cant
  2. .22WMR or .17HMR suitable for bunnies and the odd fox if it appears. There is still plenty that use a dog to flush rabbits to the shotgun though
  3. Section 48 of the Firearms Act 1968 gives a Constable the power to demand a certificate. Section 47 of the Firearms Act 1968 a Constable can require any person who they suspect to be in possession of a firearm to hand it over for examination by the Constable There is very little difference when I look at the Firearms Order NI and the Firearms Act. Not complying with a with an instruction like these, where there is a lawful power, can be prosecuted as obstruction. My point is that police to have the power to do these things, but by engaging in a conversation it avoids the police “using” the power if that makes sense. A conversation can answer all the police’s questions without the need for them to inspect guns and certificates. All the details are held on a database but unless they speak to you, how do they know who you are? If you don’t show them ID you could be anyone giving a mates details as you have borrowed his gun. In my experience the police have enough to do without making legitimate people’s life difficult - unless that person gives them a reason to. Personally I have no problem speaking to the police everyday I am out with my guns if it means that the illegitimate shooters, who give the whole community a bad name, are being caught out. The other side of the coin is that there are some a**hole police out there!
  4. Under the Firearms Order they have the power to stop and search you and your vehicle for firearms or ammunition, legally held or not. Refusing to speak would just add suspicion that something wasn’t right and prolong the encounter. Firearms Order also gives the Constable the power to demand the firearms certificate of any person with a firearm, and allows for the seizure of firearms until the certificate is produced. I have always found things are easily dealt with by a conversation. This in N. Ireland I may add so might be different on the mainland
  5. Rossco89


    In N. Ireland the mot centre is run by the government. Yes there’s is only 12 centres but it’s a small country. If you book your MOT when you get your letter to remind you (about 6 weeks before expires) there isn’t an issue. I think it’s a more regulated way for ensuring vehicles are safe to be on the road. Can you still get a dodgy mot certificate? Probably. Last couple I have heard of though have been “mot’d” in Scotland despite never having left Belfast. One last thing and pet hate of mine is the “put it through and see what it needs” approach, taking your failure notice to a garage and saying fix what’s on the list. I believe in fixing issues as they arise, not turning up the radio so you can’t hear the strange noise!!
  6. Interesting that the writer didn’t have his certificate put on hold like his friends. Anyone know how this ended for the friend ?
  7. I am with BASC, aside from the insurance cover I enjoy the magazines through the post, the discount offered by some retailers and in NI they running a pest control scheme in conjunction with the farmers union. £80 seems expensive but they have a local office and are always on hand for advice and with insurance you are paying for something you hope never happens anyway so might as well get a few extras
  8. Always carry a Leatherman while working. When not at work usually have have a knife about me somewhere, although all of them lock. Might treat myself to a non locker at the game fair this year to keep myself “legal”
  9. Will keep an eye on marketplace ta
  10. It would seem so... I went back to the two chaps and neither could find any legislation or guidance to support it, I believe one is in the process of putting in a variation as we speak to add pest control to a few of his target rifles! Everyday is a school day.
  11. I don’t know wither it’s true or not, only going from what I was told by the owner and another experienced shooter. I am led to believe that it’s the the style of gun rather than it actually being used by police or military. I know the Ruger 10/22 can easily be modified with after market parts to look more “military” so I am not sure how the rule is enforced.
  12. It was classed as military/police style in one RFD, which are not usually granted for vermin control. The RFD he bought it from didn’t have an issue and just did he one on one off.
  13. Looking for some site fencing panels to fix up a pen... does anyone have any ideas where to buy in N Ireland? what price would you expect to pay for used panels?
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