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  1. Any recommendations for these site panels? I looked at Jp Corry and Haldane Fishers both looking around £50 per panel new. Used panels would fine, think CP Hire may sell off the old stock but will need to check prices tomorrow. Mainland seem to be able to pick then up for £10 a panel.
  2. My understanding of it is that because a magazine is classed as a component part under firearms ni order 2004 there is little that can be done to fight it, short of getting the legislation changed. The reason magazines are still a component part over here is the security situation, is was told, when the firearms order ni was amended where as in the mainland it was dropped. I hear that shooting organisations are trying to get the fee reduced, and possibly a faster process outside the normal variation but that all remains to be seen. It’s another inconvenience especially for
  3. Great gun very versatile. The woodwork on yours in a nice colour 👍
  4. What’s the difference in the laser ir? Does it give an improved picture through through night vision? Currently running a big standard ir torch - what difference would I notice?
  5. Forgot about this song, fantastic. Having just watched the ITV show on Billy’s retirement I think it’s the end of an era!
  6. Great write up enjoyed reading it
  7. I use a Nikki Sterling Mount Master. Decent scope, very clear for the ranges you’ll be shooting at. Only thing is would like slightly more pronounced milldots for hold over/under
  8. I’m in the same boat as you, currently have a shotgun sport and what to change it to when the time comes? I have considered:- X Trail Freelander 2 XC90 Have also considered a pick up with rear bed canopy Navara being my favourite. They all have their own known issues, you can find lower mileage examples without service history or higher mileage with service history. The unicorn is the one that’s inbetween! I can’t be of much more help because i can’t decide myself, in fact the shogun will probably be dead in the drive before i change. For me its the ideal v
  9. Have to say I enjoyed it, boxing night movie, don’t need to think to much about it just sit back and watch!
  10. I have no real interest in fox hunting. I don’t believe the hounds ripping a fox to bits is a quick and painless death. I do like traditions and understand if families want to keep the tradition going. I believe that can be achieved with trail hunting. I understand that an unlucky fox may be caught in the process by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I also feel that lots of hunts do themselves no favours in their attitude to a) members of the public and b) landowners. In and age when everyone has a phone that can record a video why leave yourself open to criticism?
  11. Rossco89


    I enjoyed it, good choice of presenters.
  12. Thanks for all replies in the end went for Kral Puncher. As usual best laid plans changed when I actually went into the shop!
  13. Which rifle to choose, both the same price.... BSA Super 10 .22 used or Remington Air Cobra .22 new The BSA has the rounded end on the bottle which is think makes is a mk 2? Particularly interested in any users of the Air Cobra not much to be said on internet about it as it’s been on the market for around a year.
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