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  1. I use the Mandel chokes in my Winchester 6500 - I can’t fault them, good quality and a reasonable price. Also look the part.
  2. Report it to the police, as no injury they will take details and give a reference number. Go through insurance company, inform the other party of the reference number and her insurance company and ask all enquiries go through them. Even though she was at fault it may not effect no claims ect. Insurance company will be understanding that no damage at the time hence delay in report. Unfortunately when it comes to bumpers most of the time it’s a replacement job even when through insurance, as no one seems to want to just do the old fashioned repair work. The other option is to ask the other party for proof of quote for the work and then request the vehicle is assessed at a place of her choice and see if there is a difference in quote.
  3. Thanks for the replies, this forum is always good for an honest review on stuff. Im a bit wary of the anonymous product reviews on sites.
  4. Does anyone use the HIK 6mm thermal? It’s advertised as for airgun use in terms of range. Has anyone used one and able to give a real world review of usability? Have read all the reviews I can and it’s a real mixed bag. I’m not expecting it to perform like a Pulsar XM30, but does the performance make it a useful piece of kit for rats and rabbits with PCP airgun? How would it perform for spotting foxs? I’m not expecting to be able to identify fox’s at range - but able to spot the heat source which could be confirmed via the NV?
  5. Uttings were selling pulsar xm22 for £850. Haven’t used one myself so not sure what the identification distance actually is
  6. As above I am on the lookout for one of these, preferably in the case ect
  7. Any recommendations for these site panels? I looked at Jp Corry and Haldane Fishers both looking around £50 per panel new. Used panels would fine, think CP Hire may sell off the old stock but will need to check prices tomorrow. Mainland seem to be able to pick then up for £10 a panel.
  8. My understanding of it is that because a magazine is classed as a component part under firearms ni order 2004 there is little that can be done to fight it, short of getting the legislation changed. The reason magazines are still a component part over here is the security situation, is was told, when the firearms order ni was amended where as in the mainland it was dropped. I hear that shooting organisations are trying to get the fee reduced, and possibly a faster process outside the normal variation but that all remains to be seen. It’s another inconvenience especially for air rifle shooters where the magazines are usually lightweight plastic.
  9. Great gun very versatile. The woodwork on yours in a nice colour 👍
  10. What’s the difference in the laser ir? Does it give an improved picture through through night vision? Currently running a big standard ir torch - what difference would I notice?
  11. Forgot about this song, fantastic. Having just watched the ITV show on Billy’s retirement I think it’s the end of an era!
  12. Great write up enjoyed reading it
  13. I use a Nikki Sterling Mount Master. Decent scope, very clear for the ranges you’ll be shooting at. Only thing is would like slightly more pronounced milldots for hold over/under
  14. I’m in the same boat as you, currently have a shotgun sport and what to change it to when the time comes? I have considered:- X Trail Freelander 2 XC90 Have also considered a pick up with rear bed canopy Navara being my favourite. They all have their own known issues, you can find lower mileage examples without service history or higher mileage with service history. The unicorn is the one that’s inbetween! I can’t be of much more help because i can’t decide myself, in fact the shogun will probably be dead in the drive before i change. For me its the ideal vehicle for my usage!
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