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  1. I have just put a Nikko Sterling 4-12 with AO and IR on a rimfire and it works well. I think Hawke and Nikko Sterling are fairy similar in quality and price so it’s a bit of personal preference. Once zero’d and the AO set up it’s done and gives a clear picture out past the ranges I’m shooting at, with the mildots it easier to adjust for distances above and below zero.
  2. Final day for me today, handful of us out with work commitments so plenty walking done. A cold night and hard frost this morning had pushed the birds into heavy cover it seems. Nothing dropped for me today but was great to be out and the dogs put in a good shift rising birds for others to get a shot at. Pleasingly one dog pulled of a 200 yard retrieve for a gun with no dog. The same dog that last month wouldn’t lift a freshly shot bird! Big grin for me. No woodcock seen, surprisingly a few snipe risen but not shot at. Ground still holding plenty birds despite struggling to find them some days this season so will hopefully hang around for next season and possibly rear a few young while their at it. Hope you all had an enjoyable final day and hopefully next season I can get a few more reports posted.
  3. Is that factual? My local force would be half the size it was even in the 90s?
  4. As above. As I understand it the police contact the GP with the details you provide, if the GP doesn’t contact police the application proceeds. No need to pay any fees. I know BASC did a press release around this fairly recently
  5. Advice from a game keeper, your shoot and the gamekeeper. all decent books but don go into huge detail, there not instruction manuals, more like a reference or guide.
  6. Make sure to post when the films/show is being broadcast not enough shooting shows to watch!
  7. I had this issues with a ‘98 VW Golf. Greenflag couldn’t get in. Coat hanger didn’t work. It was deadlocked as yours sounds to be. I had to smash a window. Smash a window in a door, get a replacement from the scrap yard, easy enough to change over and cost me £40
  8. Don’t ignore the Jack Pyke range, more reasonable prices, neoprene lining. I got a pair which I have used rough shooting, dog walking, beating and shared a peg a driven shoot in. No leaks, no sore feet and looked the part!
  9. If you have no cabinet installed there will be a follow up visit to check it’s installed. They may well bring your ticket with them or it may be a further wait. If you buy a cabinet you could always sell on of declined, don’t forgot you can also appeal the decision, BASC can advise on that if your a member. Plus side is once cabinet is checked they have it on record how many guns it can store buying additional guns will be more straightforward. Good luck with the application, as others have said be honest about your past, I think a home visit is a positive sign though!
  10. Is hs2 the high speed railway? I’m surprised they are buying out entire farms but suppose once the track is down it will de-value the farm anyway. Thats unfortunate fella, none of the farmers able to point you towards some new ground?
  11. If you have good reason for holding a firearm and suitable land then age shouldn’t be factor. There is 18 year old under keepers controlling deer as well as fox’s with centrefires Dont underestimate the range of the .17HMR having recently shot that caliber it’s very straight shooting out to a decent range. Depends on your ground, there’s plenty of hedges and cover where I am so the long range shooting done with centre fire isn’t really a regular occurrence. Good luck!
  12. Personally I think the police should be contacted and let them decide if they are ok with you doing the humane dispatch so it’s recorded somewhere. All it would take is an anti with a dash cam driving past to complain and you would certainly lose your guns while an investigation took place, then it would be for firearms branch to decided if you were suitable to hold the guns again - convicted or not. Contact your police wild life officer and chat with them, they could maybe guide you on calibers, circumstances and getting on their call out list - if they have one - vets are usually the go to these days.
  13. Starlings remain on the general license in Northern Ireland. They do make a real mess if they get into a cattle house. Can’t say I have to deal with any though and not sure how many are shot now.
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