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  1. I have never heard of charging per shot taken after an initial payment. Madness.
  2. Have no problem with pest control - it’s needs to be done, farmers trust you to take care of it for them.
  3. I agree with you, it makes no difference in terms of your health risks if you have a gun or not with you. I can tell you atleast two of my permissions would not appreciate me being out over this lockdown, others I don’t think are bothered either way. As usual with this legislation it’s all grey and open to interpretation. I just wouldn’t want to lose a permission or come under suspicion from the police for the sake of a few pheasants, for two weeks. My main concern is the pictures on social media that can so easily be twisted.
  4. A couple of the main posters and admins have said they won’t be out, and have said if people are choosing to continue don’t bother posting pictures. I don’t have any real interest in arguing with people on Facebook over it, I find the forum much more balanced place to discuss things, but as an FAC holder you are rightly or wrongly held to higher account, if you step out of line you may lose the guns even for a while. It’s unlikely to happen in this scenario I admit, but why bring yourself under notice...it’s two weeks!
  5. I have read BASC’s interpretation of the guidance issued and it matches what I took from it when I read it. I am a member of Shooting NI and to be honest I am slightly disheartened at the amount of picture of people out shooting today. I completely agree that rough shooting alone is as solitary a sport as fishing, maybe even more so and if you happen to have permission to rough shoot up in the hills or out in the glens where your not wandering through farmers “fields” then does it do any harm? No probably not. What will do harm is when the anti brigade get hold of the pictures and tw
  6. Well I didn’t expect that! I am about to embark on my own project with an AYA Yeoman. The screw fix varnish stripper works great, I used it previously on a Webley Eclipse with great success
  7. Thank you for this. The simplicity of my under lever is shining through. I’ll do some pricing and see what I think.
  8. Thank you for all replies
  9. Considering moving from under lever to PCP. Reason being it’s doing a fair bit of rat shooting with night vision at the moment. Have looked at and priced a few rifles, however, what sort of price should I expect to pay for an in test dive bottle for refills? I am better buying from a gun shop or dive shop?
  10. Has anyone taken a day at the Whistle Bare duck shoot? I would be keen to hear any reviews. Considering a driven duck day for me and a few mates
  11. I have dealt with Lavin’s a few times, Tom to begin with but lately Conor. Great family to deal with, always a decent selection of shells and guns. Young Guns also gets a thumbs up, Mervyn took the time to show me a few of his own guns while I was up. Seems to be holy to source specific guns for you. Outdoor and Country Sports have been good to me also. Sometimes feel like they only sell what suites them - if it’s not their thing they have no interest in it - but hey ho - guns always seem fairly priced. Visited Mccloys once, it wouldn’t be my type of place unl
  12. Hi I Have a browning cynergy and a Winchester select 

    both are invector plus chokes and the switch from gun to gun no 

    problem the browning chokes are diamond extend and the 

    Winchester flush choke 

  13. Will do Good to know. The internet seems to suggest they are one and the same
  14. As above I am wanting to source replacement chokes for Winchester 6500 sporter. Not fussed about them being flush or extended. What’s out there?
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