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  1. I am with BASC, aside from the insurance cover I enjoy the magazines through the post, the discount offered by some retailers and in NI they running a pest control scheme in conjunction with the farmers union. £80 seems expensive but they have a local office and are always on hand for advice and with insurance you are paying for something you hope never happens anyway so might as well get a few extras
  2. Always carry a Leatherman while working. When not at work usually have have a knife about me somewhere, although all of them lock. Might treat myself to a non locker at the game fair this year to keep myself “legal”
  3. Will keep an eye on marketplace ta
  4. It would seem so... I went back to the two chaps and neither could find any legislation or guidance to support it, I believe one is in the process of putting in a variation as we speak to add pest control to a few of his target rifles! Everyday is a school day.
  5. I don’t know wither it’s true or not, only going from what I was told by the owner and another experienced shooter. I am led to believe that it’s the the style of gun rather than it actually being used by police or military. I know the Ruger 10/22 can easily be modified with after market parts to look more “military” so I am not sure how the rule is enforced.
  6. It was classed as military/police style in one RFD, which are not usually granted for vermin control. The RFD he bought it from didn’t have an issue and just did he one on one off.
  7. Looking for some site fencing panels to fix up a pen... does anyone have any ideas where to buy in N Ireland? what price would you expect to pay for used panels?
  8. I shot one this week, a friend has one which he some how managed to have on his certificate for field and target use. He put a red dot style sight on which is fun to shoot but not that accurate I found, although with adjustment probably could be. Also encountered regular stoppages with different types of ammo. The gun was brand new so the stoppages may have been down to the fact the gun needed a good clean and oil. Overall fun, cool and reasonably priced. If i shot targets regularly I would have one in the cabinets but for vermin control I’ll stick to my bolt action.
  9. Good man, hope it shoots well for you
  10. Yes I believe recent Winchester’s were built in the Miroku factory under licence. There are great guns, I think the field is slightly lighter and shorter barrels? 28 inch maybe? What will you be shooting in Greece?
  11. Tannyoky in Pointzpass have a good selection of guns, as do Mccloys in Toome. It might be out your way but Lavin Guns is the place for CZ’s. Have you looked on Gundeal yet? I found a Puma Hunter for reasonable money, wooden stock, not the new synthetic model, in Coleraine. Shoots straight no complaints
  12. They don’t state time frames though...so you see the field getting hammered, put out scarecrow and bangers, two days later return and shoot away? Record could be kept in your shooting book if you keep one.
  13. I have just put a Nikko Sterling 4-12 with AO and IR on a rimfire and it works well. I think Hawke and Nikko Sterling are fairy similar in quality and price so it’s a bit of personal preference. Once zero’d and the AO set up it’s done and gives a clear picture out past the ranges I’m shooting at, with the mildots it easier to adjust for distances above and below zero.
  14. Final day for me today, handful of us out with work commitments so plenty walking done. A cold night and hard frost this morning had pushed the birds into heavy cover it seems. Nothing dropped for me today but was great to be out and the dogs put in a good shift rising birds for others to get a shot at. Pleasingly one dog pulled of a 200 yard retrieve for a gun with no dog. The same dog that last month wouldn’t lift a freshly shot bird! Big grin for me. No woodcock seen, surprisingly a few snipe risen but not shot at. Ground still holding plenty birds despite struggling to find them some days this season so will hopefully hang around for next season and possibly rear a few young while their at it. Hope you all had an enjoyable final day and hopefully next season I can get a few more reports posted.
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