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  1. Rossco89

    Thermal Top recommendations

    B&M, thermal long sleeve t shirt. Cost like £1.99 and keep you warm
  2. Rossco89

    Metropolitan police sgc

    There was a time not that long ago NI shooters were waiting almost a year for initial grants and 5/6 months for variations. It was a lottery some got processed in weeks! Nothing for it but patience I’m afraid, I would speak to my shooting organisation who will guide you on timescales and can make phone calls on your behalf
  3. I maybe wrong but I knew a chap worked for Kwik Fit, years ago, he revealed that none of them were mechanics! They were trained to change a wheel, to change brake pads, to fit an exhaust ect ect. Never used them for anything but tyres since. I use a local mechanic, for anything I can’t do in the garage myself. Dont has much dealing with ATS but they may work along same lines as Kwik Fit. Im not having a dig at the lads they work there, I’m sure they service 100s cars with no issues, but would imagine they work by replacing parts for new rather than repairing, like a local garage would do
  4. Rossco89

    Has anyone got a new shogun?

    Have you checked the fuel lines, specifically the metal pipes coming out the tank before it goes to the actually hose at the back of the car. My ‘04 shogun suddenly started being lazy to start then down right stubborn, the metal pipes above the tank had rusted and were letting air into the line.
  5. Rossco89

    Winchester 6500 Sporter

    Seems these guns have quite the following, when I went to buy my first gun I was accompanied by an experienced shooter who also had one of these and sold it, now regrets it and fully intends to buy it back when the opportunity comes around.
  6. Rossco89

    Winchester 6500 Sporter

    My first shotgun and don’t think it will leave my cabinet. Good luck in your search, they do come up on gun trader and gun deal, mint condition might be a bit harder to come by
  7. Rossco89

    Winchester 6500 Sporter

  8. Rossco89

    Winchester 6500 Sporter

    How do I know if the above gun is proofed for steel shot? Tried google but struggling to make sense of it!
  9. Rossco89

    Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD)

    In case any member find this I. The future.... followed vets advice of a week confined to the dog alone. Prescribed a pain killer and anti inflammatory given once a day with food. follow up appointment today and dog has no pain or restrictions if movement. A week of moderate excersise now and get recons dog will be back to normal. It may re occur in future but preventive supplementing such as cod liver oil and yu move may reduce the likelihood
  10. My dogs were running round the yard earlier when I heard this almighty yelp. Cocker wasn’t walking right and holding up front leg. Straight to vets and some x rays later the above has been diagnosed . Currently effecting the spine in the neck area. Dog is now home and confided to the run for a week before a check up. Pain killers and anti inflammatory med prescribed. Been told potentially dog can never be allowed to run or jump again and the slip lead is out to. Anyone any experience of dealing with this?
  11. Rossco89

    The deerstalker BBC one

    Very well done, worth watching!
  12. What’s the reason behind that if you don’t mind me asking? seems like a great way for people to get into wildfowling
  13. Rossco89

    Panorama (Merged threads)

    The reply I got from the BBC:- Thank you for contacting us about BBC One’s ‘Legal Weapon: Panorama’ broadcast on 20 August. I understand you feel the programme was not impartial and failed to explain that firearm ownership is the UK is regulated. This edition of ‘Panorama’ investigated how antique guns are being legally brought into the UK and ending up in the hands of criminals. It is explained that, under current legislation, it is legal to buy and sell guns provided commercially manufactured ammunition is no longer available. Our programme team also attempted to source components needed to make homemade ammunition for two antique firearms they purchased. When doing so, our reporter Daniel Foggo explained that the website they were using “demands a firearms licence before it will sell some components”, however, others didn’t. The focus in this programme was on criminal use of legally obtained firearms, and we feel that it would be clear to our viewers that this episode was not implying that all owners of antique guns use them for criminal activity. That said, I’m sorry to hear that you feel we should have stated more clearly in this programme that not all legally obtained antique firearms are used in this way. I hope this helps to explain our approach, and rest assured your concerns have been raised with the production team and senior management on our audience feedback report. These reports are among the most widely read sources of feedback within the BBC and help inform both current and future decisions.
  14. Rossco89

    Panorama (Merged threads)

    I have complained to the bbc about the bias of this show and how it misrepresented firearms ownership and use in the uk. I would hope sporting organisations will be doing so publicly, particularly around the portrayal of reloading as an illegal activity
  15. Rossco89

    .22 WMR or .17 HMR??

    This is taken from the BASC guidance for FEO for rifles, calibers and land checks :- a) Rabbits and other small quarry. The .22 Rimfire (R/F) is almost universally used for rabbit shooting. It is powerful enough to ensure a humane kill without damaging the carcase so as to make it unattractive in the market. It is not sufficiently powerful for the humane shooting of foxes unless the range is very short - 50 yards or less - and circumstances allow the bullet to be placed with great precision. It supports the point raised by a few posters around the .22LR. The general attitude I had picked up on was is wasn’t suitable and would struggle to pass it with the FEO. That may well be the case as different forces have different views on appropriate calibers. Thanks for the input, .22LR does give me more choice of rifles.