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    A good quality cctv camera would also do the trick? A proper ringer vehicle will fool anpr and all the database checks, it takes a VIN check to identify. For example- take two black 2012 Vw Golfs put the same plate on both cars. As long as one is in tax, mot and insured then so is the other vehicle to the anpr camera. At the of the day you’ll stick have footage and a number plate just might not cost you as much.
  2. That’s great, message sent to seller.
  3. I am looking to freshen up the chequering on a few stocks, anyone have any ideas where to get the correct tools? Searches of the internet lead me to a Dem-Bart Checkering Tool Kit but it seem these are no longer available?
  4. https://www.daera-ni.gov.uk/movement-animals-pet-travel-brexit-qa#toc-0 This link was post by BASC NI. May be of interest to people.
  5. I have had a pair of jack Pyle wellies, survived 1 season, plus dog walking and feeding. £60 I paid for them in a sale. Had a previous full zip pair which gave in after months but without the zip these have been fine. I can’t bring myself to spend big money on wellies as one stub on barb wire could be the end of them!
  6. Rossco89

    Sat Navs

    Here maps app.Has a junction that allows you to download a country onto the phone memory. Do it an home on Wifi and you will use no data and not need a signal. Im not aware of a physical sat nav that will allow free updates.
  7. I have a lab that’s similar. “Like a firecracker” is a good description. Until she was about 3/4 years old didn’t seem to have an off switch. Much more relaxed now but in the field she is full of energy and enthusiasm. I changed food for a lower protein option which I think helped. The only thing about extra walking is the dog just builds up stamina and it’s takes more to tired them. Intense training for short periods seemed to do the trick, tire the brain rather than muscles.
  8. Yeh one of them is just completely thrown. Think I will bring them into the garage for a week or so maybe help them adjust to new surroundings and gradually work them into the kennel. I have one of those anti bark collars from a few years ago. Still in the box. Heard horror stories about them exploding, or at least over heating and melting. Might be a short term solution though down the line.
  9. On average how long does it take for dogs to settle into new house? In our last house the dogs were in a run within the garage. Now they are housed in the shed (it’s ventilated and will have a ring attached shortly). They have the same bed. First night involved lots of whining and barking from one dog. The other seemed completely fine. Any ideas of how to deal with this? At present dogs are being rewarded for going into the shed on command and being fed in the shed. Shed has been left open for them all day to go in and out as they please. Going to have to introduce myself to the neighbours and apologise in advance I think.
  10. I have the 2005 Shogun Sport 2.5Td Rust underneath - literally every part of the underside. I recently replaced the guard panels as they were completely done and held on by mud! Check the running boards MOT men seem to spend a long time examining them for faults. Issues I have had:- balance belt snapped - removed it hasn’t had an issue running without it for 4 years. fuel filler tube rotten- was letting air into the system making it hard to start - common fault - required replacement fuel tank. brakes- if brake pads haven’t been replaced in years (due to low mileage) I found every calliper pin snapped on extraction resulting in in replacement carrier being needed. Door open sensors - drivers door one broke and effected like 4 electrical systems but an easy fix off the bay. I am a big fan of the Shogun. Doesn’t bother me that I don’t go above 60mph in it, the body roll and road noise are part of the fun. Easy enough worked on in the drive to.
  11. Shotguns go on a FAC in NI not sure how it would work. Firearms branch are open for phone calls between 14-16 each day I think through 101, they could give you a direct answer if the dealer cant
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