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  1. Do you mean with Ireland? If so we have had free movement with Ireland, long before the EU!
  2. Definitely sounds like a fault, and if it is not and is by design, I would be getting a refund. No point wasting all that air.
  3. Have to love our media, the Ukrainians at the steel works didn't surrender they were rescued and taken to Russian held territory. Sounds like surrender to me. Unless the Russians are actually there to help these people
  4. I hope you are right, but I won't hold my breath.
  5. Are you sure about that, I would say a few countries who need the Russian Gas/Oil, will gladly have them removed, even now.
  6. I was thinking Putin himself, he will never face justice (but then neither will Blair, but for different reasons), those caught outside Russia is another story.
  7. And sod all the job losses
  8. That will go nowhere. You can't be tried for war crimes if you never leave Russia.
  9. Now now, stop sexually harassing yourself
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