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  1. Brexit - Merged Threads

    Here's a link to the FCO 30/1048 document, the last one wasn't the actual document. https://www.dropbox.com/s/m3860q91f7vvg04/FCO%2B30%2B1048.pdf?dl=0
  2. Brexit - Merged Threads

    just had a quick read it wasn't the actual document, I have now got a PDF of a photocopy of the fco 30 1048 but it's 200MB so can't upload it I'll see if I can get a link
  3. Holland and Holland video

    Excellent craftsmanship, just wish I could afford one.
  4. Brexit - Merged Threads

    Granett, If you feel that Brexit is failing so badly, then why not air your concerns with you local MP. I for one would be interested in their reply to all of your concerns.
  5. Brexit - Merged Threads

    Anyone thinks that this group of great countries that make up the UK, can't hold it's own in the world needs to do some history lessons. And yes I understand we can't live in the past but we sure as hell can learn from it. If the EU is so great, then why hasn't USA, China, Japan, Australia and any other countries with decent economies tried to join? It is after all such a great institution designed to bring like minded countries closer together. Just think they could rebrand it to WU! Lets see how many Americans would pipe up about how great it is then!
  6. Outdoor CCTV system

    I've run HikVision IP POE cameras around 100 Metres without any problems on cat5e cables, if you are worried about the distance then upgrade the cabling to Cat6, in either case make sure the cable is copper and of good quality. I've seen systems using cheap non copper cables, that wouldn't work at distances of around 25 Metres.
  7. Legal eagles any tips

    Is it the same fault?
  8. Outdoor CCTV system

    All of which I stated, with the exception of the outside IR lamp, because in my opinion an outdoor camera would be the better option, as stated in my final sentence.
  9. Outdoor CCTV system

    If you remove the sun shield and press it tight against the glass, it may stop the IR glare, but you will probably not get the angle you want, alternatively you could access the camera menu and turn off the IR lights, but this will greatly decrease the picture quality in dark conditions, maybe even to a degree where it wouldn't be worth having. But your best bet would be to get an outdoor camera.
  10. Outdoor CCTV system

  11. Hi

  12. Brexit - Merged Threads

    I was just putting up memes I found on the internet, like other people. Here's another I've already posted I'll find some more
  13. Brexit - Merged Threads

  14. Brexit - Merged Threads