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  1. Newbie to this

    Hi from Derbyshire!

  2. Newbie to this

    Anjem Choudary released... ***

    There was a time when the SAS would have dealt with him
  3. Newbie to this

    NRW to ban shooting on public land

    New link hopefully working FSW reply October 2018 MSCH.pdf
  4. Newbie to this

    Newbie =]

  5. Newbie to this

    problem uploading a pic

    There is another thread about this, the admin know of the problem and are trying to sort it.
  6. Newbie to this

    Is no news good news with SGC application?

    Good advice, You could also ask in the shooting wanted section, someone may be willing to help out until you get your SGC through.
  7. Newbie to this

    Bird ownership

    Possibly, but you will be surprised at the stupidity of some people, especially when they wouldn't normally break the law.
  8. Newbie to this

    Bird ownership

    Just install some trail cams and if he trespasses, especially while armed you'll have video evedence. Don't let him try and walk over you or imtimidate you. He may just be an idiot with poor people skills, but it sounds to me that he feels it is his right, which it quite clearly is not.
  9. Newbie to this

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I really don't see the issue. We just tell them we will not be putting a hard border in place end of discussion, if the EU want to force Ireland to put a hard border in place then that is for them and Ireland to discuss. Our side of the border is absolutely nothing to do with the EU. We'll worry about our side, you worry about yours. I think the reason they have made it such an issue is that the UK will become a competitive trade market and they are worried that our goods will be cheaper, and that will look good to the rest of Ireland, in more than one way.
  10. Newbie to this

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I emailed mine at various stages of their betrayal, and just get the same load of tosh every time, 'we voted to leave the EU and the single market and the ECJ and we will be doing so blah blah blah', even when you point out that what is being proposed only gets us out in name, you just get the same bull reply.
  11. Newbie to this

    Photo loading

    Yeah same problem here as well. Not just photos any file.
  12. Newbie to this

    NRW to ban shooting on public land

    I got a reply today and it's not looking good. FSW reply October 2018 MSCH.pdf Edit - Link not working the upload kept failing.
  13. Newbie to this

    BREXIT - merged threads

    They're not worried because we will still be paying and giving them a lump sum to boot. May looks likely to really sail us down an excrement creek without a paddle. I hope I'm wrong but I can't see our establishment (mostly remoaners) allowing a no deal, which in my opinion is best for the UK. I don't see why anyone thinks the EU is the be all and end all with regards to trade. We should have stopped paying (the only way to leave) the day after the vote was in and reverted to WTO, then we should have started trade talks. We would be out and have a trade deal by now and most importantly we wouldn't be sending the EU £350,000,000 a week still or have agreed to £39,000,000,000 to leave. The whole thing is a farce dreamed up by remainers to keep us shackled to the EU Dictatorship.
  14. Newbie to this

    BREXIT - merged threads