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  1. I know at Bisley (Surrey) it is muzzle energy that is the deciding factor, of course you have to hit the target as well or feel the wrath of the RCO.
  2. That is a very interesting point. The recent case of the bloke being harassed while going about his legal business. I believe he was threatened with revocation by the police (not 100% sure), presumably he used his legal cover to fight the police's totally wrong decision (if he was actually threatened with revocation). Where would he be if the same happened again once the legal cover is removed??? Without his guns I presume!
  3. Didn't he also say something along the lines of - The trouble today is people want everything handed to them, they dont want to put the work in to get it. And something like - People need to stop blaming others for their own misgivings. He was speaking a lot of sense. I'm surprised the interview was aired.
  4. Just came across this video. I'm now wondering who they will vote for after the Labour party has been disbanded because of their racist founder
  5. Anyone know of someone missing a quad, Kent police have recently recovered this one
  6. May I suggest, that while legal cover is still in place, the membership possibly use it to sue BASC
  7. Newbie to this

    Sedwill gone

    Excellent news
  8. There was one in the for sale section a while ago.
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