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  1. Sad news indeed. R.I.P. Terry Jones, a true comedy legend!
  2. It's always been about money!!!
  3. Mel, if you click on the 3 dots in the top right corner you should get an option to share depicted by an arrow. If you click that you should then have an option to email/WhatsApp the clip.
  4. I've seen a video that is supposed to be her, there was bush
  5. This one? Link, (if you need it emailed or WhatsApped, I can do so, but you should be able to copy the link) https://youtu.be/f_ps33rE5EQ
  6. One way to be self-sufficient, sue everyone who takes a picture of you
  7. Just seen that, but on another post about Co2 rifles he said he is in Tasman New Zealand.
  8. He's not in the UK, so laws may be different.
  9. Because all the Indians and Africans are going to be given free movement rights in new trade deals. Or so I have heard oowee (I think, could have been someone else) hint at before.
  10. I thought, that was already established in an earlier post
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