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  1. But it is still a generalisation. I'm sure there are plenty of rusty guns about of all makes, due to poor gun maintenance. It's more like saying, I don't have Corona virus, and I'm taking sensible precautions not to get it.
  2. I'd say you know a lot of people who need to brush up on their gun maintenance. My S410 which I've had for around 15 odd years has never had a problem with rust or thinning blue. It's been out in all sorts of weather, (probably not snow from memory). It gets a good dry, and a fresh going over with an oily rag, being thorough making sure every bit gets some oil, job done. If I feel it got particularly wet, it gets removed from the stock and gets the same treatment.
  3. Sorry but way too much common sense for this debate Motty.
  4. It is a section 1 firearm. So if your air rifle licence (Scotland I presume) isn't a FAC, I would say no. But I'm not certain because I haven't a clue on air rifle licences.
  5. It's probably from a closed group, anyone not in the group will not be able to view it. Didn't work for me either.
  6. That's because the writers understand that for this to have been a reality, the Germans would have had to kill us all. No way the British would've accepted German & Jap rule. Well most of us anyway
  7. This could be interesting. Are you going to need to add this to a FAC once finished. I went FAC as I feel the length may be too short for SGC.
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