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  1. Excellent news, thanks for sharing 👍
  2. Have a look at the D-Line trunking, they do some that blend in with the skirting. https://www.d-line-it.com
  3. There is a road near me, that goes from a single carriageway into a dual carriageway, but for about the first 100 yards it remains 30mph. There is nearly always a mobile camera there at peak times.
  4. Heart attack grill in Vegas dish out the odd spanking for not finishing your dinner
  5. ^^^This, as a driver he is outstanding, as a person he is a.... I can't finish as it will get me banned.
  6. Try Medcert, they may be able to do it quicker, but not sure if they still rely on your doctor providing your medical records.
  7. This comment speaks volumes.
  8. ^^^This. As for Comrade Corbyn, he has too many fanatical followers, that Labour need. He was never going anywhere!
  9. Yes, it's a device that allows you to use certain apps on your TV, they turn a non-smart TV into a Internet connected device.
  10. I'm guessing that as he stood down, he still gets a pension Still at the trough!!!
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