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  1. Excellent news Yes, a good film, shows the good and bad on both sides. A good watch.
  2. Just don't get thrown by the BT. Mine has a BT on it, but this is not the date stamp.
  3. I started with a 5 gun safe and now have space for 12
  4. Late to the thread and not sure if it has been mentioned yet. The 80s were terrible!
  5. Happy Saint George's day 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  6. it was you that suggested death by cop was the punishment. By that logic the copper was just carrying out sentence
  7. Obviously nothing, as the 'bully boy cop' was just passing sentence for the aforementioned crime
  8. My mate has the HK MP5, but not the SD verision, his only has a 13 inch barrel (I think, where the SD is longer, 16 inch) and it is not very accurate because of this, but it is reliable and he has had no problems with it. He did struggle to get magazines for it though as walther discontinued the HK rifles. It is not ammo fussy and cycles any he has put through it. Accuracy on the SD version should be better because of the longer barrel.
  9. They are politicians, do we really expect any different! They are nearly all lying, cheating, self-serving scumbags!
  10. I take it you don't know any Trans MEN then
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