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    Punching paper and smashing clay (just need practice at both)

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  1. Newbie to this

    Spotting scope

    Someone is selling Hawke one on here. I have a different model to the one being sold bit it does the job at a reasonable price.
  2. Newbie to this


    Just out of interest did you read the whole post, specifically the bit about having to get in the ring to box as a punishment? Obviously I don't know your opinion on this, but from other threads I would say you would be totally against such punishments. Also I can't see anyone funding such a programme, not in our society today, where physical punishment is no longer acceptable. I'm not saying the programme isn't a good idea. Mearly that I never thought I would see you (Henry) backing it and giving advice on how to help fund it.
  3. Newbie to this

    Certificate extension

    Firearms-Licensing-Contacts-EW.pdf Should be on here
  4. Newbie to this

    opt out organ donation

    Happy to have the choice to choose to donate, not happy to have that choice presumed.
  5. Newbie to this

    Cleaning rods

    I use the Parker and Hale rods but I believe. 22 and .177 are different rods. I only have the .22 and larger .30 rods. http://www.parker-hale.co.uk/products.php?c=617 Edit - should add I use the one piece coated rods.
  6. Newbie to this

    Commercial property purchase help

    Nothing new there, same happens with Fuel, fags, booze and probably others as well.
  7. Newbie to this

    Mag Tech ( 7022) 22lr Semi Auto

  8. Newbie to this

    Phishing Paypal

    Sound advice for any Email with links. Unless you are 100% sure, don't use the link.
  9. Newbie to this

    London Terror incident

    It wouldn't. It comes down to whether being protected as a Citizen or not. For example, if the hundreds of so called British Citizens that went to fight for Isis didn't have Citizenship but only Residence status, would they be allowed back or would their residence status have been revoked?
  10. Newbie to this

    London Terror incident

    That is the million pound question so to speak. No one who isn't born in the UK to UK parent/parents should have UK Citizenship. UK Residence, yes but Citizenship, no
  11. Newbie to this

    Crime and Punishment in the snowflake age

    Oh dear, I don’t think his post is about not wanting to help the disabled. But more about not wanting to help people who have no intention of working, but live a far better life than most who do. The same people who pay TAX which goes in part to paying for people who have no intention of working, just knocking out kids which they expect others to pay for. Here's his whole post, just incase you only read the bit that offended you about him mentioning disabled children.
  12. Newbie to this

    Top lever very stiff on opening, can it be eased?

    Glad to hear you got it sorted, good on DB Guns
  13. Newbie to this

    Is no news good news with SGC application?

    Post a topic in this section, seeking some clay shooting experience whilst waiting for your SGC https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/forum/38-shootingferretingbeating-wanted/ You may find someone to help and a future shooting partner Edit - Don't forget to mention the area you are willing to travel
  14. Newbie to this

    Corbyn, the Clown that keeps on giving

    He also didn't declare ALL of his earnings on his TAX return.