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  1. Yes, the media silence of the invasion happening in Kent. Boat loads bringing Covid with them, while we are all in lockdown trying to stem the spread. All the while our Government pays the French to escort them into our waters.
  2. Just let the SAS do what they are good at, use a 7.62, put it down to a retaliation killing for her wanting to leave the jihadis, job done.
  3. No such luck, they are more likely to add to it, creating many Mini-Me's
  4. Some GPs are refusing to do it, others are charging extortionate amounts, some are doing it for a reasonable fee, some are doing it for free. It's a lottery, but Medcert is a fixed fee of £50 I think, so if you have one of the first 2 types of GP, medcert or similar is the answer.
  5. As an Englishman, I wholeheartedly agree
  6. If you buy a Delorean you might get lucky. The OP hasn't been on the forum since 2015.
  7. About 3 minutes 30 into the video Edit - Added video, not just a link
  8. I see that the companies like Facebook are now censoring Sky News Australia (as well as others from Australia). This is a very slippery slolpe, that everybody should be against.
  9. My mate had it with the MET, I didn't have it with the MET but had a different officer, because the one my mate had was on leave. I had to get someone to email him, that they had been shooting with me and I was safe. If I couldn't get anyone to vouch for me, then it meant paying for a course or no SGC. I have also had to write a letter for someone at my rifle club, stating that he had been clay shooting and had been shown shotgun safety and demonstrated he was safe with a shotgun. (He has been shooting firearms far longer than me but didn't have an SGC). This was also the MET and he
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