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  1. Maybe they just need to have it explained to them what a once in a generation referendum is!!! Maybe they should explain it to everyone who seems to have no understanding of it
  2. In London, stomping their feet and having a good cry. Absolute morons!!!
  3. Im not talking about an MP, one of their party election broadcasts had to be pulled because it breached electoral standards.
  4. Do not accept their first offer. Produce receipts for the money spent on improvements and start looking at prices for similar vehicles to use as proof their offer is a joke.
  5. How many were removed for breach of electoral standards? I know of at least one Labour one that was removed for breach.
  6. He had knuckledusters and a taser so he is in trouble. The taser will be classed as a firearm and the knuckledusters are prohibited weapons.
  7. Nope, She is just another privileged hypocrite with her indoctrinated agenda!!!
  8. I've never had a problem with any of mine. I used the early ones and the new ones. Almost always worked on first attempt, occasionally need a second try.
  9. Apparently he was taken to hospital by ambulance with suspected pneumonia, but just had the flu and tonsillitis. So the picture is real. Whether he had to be laid on the floor is another thing entirely, I have seen Mothers saying if this was my child I would never have put him on the floor, I would have held him if I had to. Is it politically motivated? Probably. Did the child need to be taken to hospital? Probably not, but I would not want to be the paramedic that made that decision. Should ALL political parties stop politicizing the NHS? YES 100%, the NHS should be a cross party issue and never used as a political tool.
  10. You don't need to be ill to want the security that if anything happened you medical needs are covered!!! For free!!!
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