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  1. Although this statement is true, it is disproportionately higher for cyclists!
  2. And there is the biggest problem with policing today, it's become political, and that is something no police should be.
  3. I stand by my comment, it will depend who it is aimed at. Some will be seen as fair game to the producers, because they don't fit the 'right' political agendas.
  4. I think that depends who it is aimed at. Remember Jo Brands acid suggestions live on air!
  5. Surely he cannot record on privately owned property, there must be an offence there as well.
  6. Try deleting your browser cache/data Should be in - 'Settings, Privacy and Security' or something of that fashon
  7. Just wondering if all these people applying for citizenship of EU countries will be giving up their UK citizenship. I doubt it very much!
  8. I know nothing of soakaways, but will say, listen to your surveyor, if you have more questions ask them.
  9. Not quite, more because globalisation brings these sort of problems. This virus is here to stay, none of the measures in place can stop that. A virus starts in China and the next day it is spread worldwide, before anyone even realises there is a virus.
  10. Not that it's much help, but there is an old topic on this.
  11. Brownells do them, but they are currently out of stock, but available for back order. They normally do 20% off on Black Friday if you can wait. https://www.brownells.co.uk/Hunter-X-22-Backpacker-Stock-Black
  12. I don't think it has much to do with her, and more to do with population density.
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