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  1. You should see how they are building flats, sorry apartments in London. Just 4 layers of plasterboard and about a 300mm gap with some insulation, between them. They then charge through the nose for them and don't get me started on the size of the flats.
  2. When I used to grow chillies, I used a small artist paintbrush to aid the pollination process. It worked very well.
  3. I believe, if they got their renewal in in time, then their cert is still valid.
  4. Are you having a bad day? Did something else not go your way?
  5. What mistake was that, trusting that politicians would uphold democracy.
  6. Yes and it quite clearly says some remainers not remain voters. If you read the post in context it is clearly talking about some remain politicians. And I didn't vote for chaos, I voted to leave the EU, something the said remainers are trying to stop, the chaos as you say it, sits squarely with them.
  7. Could you be anymore condescending, do you know what I voted for, it certainly wasn't for remainer MPs to try and overturn democracy. And what is with all the name calling? And where did I blame remain voters?
  8. Yes, the news was saying it was for a soldier being prosecuted.
  9. I think you've got that a bit backwards mate, we need your card details, not the other way around.
  10. Shall I PM you my details so you can send the money. I will never vote for either of the parties again. I will vote though. Labour were already out because of what Bliar and Brown did to this country, now the Conservatives are out because of May and her blatant disregard for democracy and her willingness to pile lie apon lie, whilst doing the complete opposite.
  11. I will never vote Conservative or Labour again and told me MP such. I'm passed caring if Corbyn and his cronies get in. If he does it will be the ruin of this country but it will have been brought about by some remainers and their lack of respect for democracy, and it will be well deserved by them! I know I'm only one vote but I know many who feel exactly the same.
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