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  1. I voted to Leave, nothing more, nothing less. A FTA is preferable, but not essential.
  2. I have a cheapish digital scale (about £40) and a beam scale and use both to double check each other every 10th round.
  3. Maybe this is what is needed.
  4. Has anyone else noticed that the EU's push for an Army coincided with the UK and USA's withdrawal from Germany!!! Funny coincidence or part of the plan???
  5. Our own government, which we can change at the next election!
  6. I'm so glad that people with an attitude like yours were few and far between during both Wars, People volunteered in droves for both wars, knowing full well what the potential cost could be, and they joined anyway. The British would've rather have been wiped off the face of the Earth than submit to German rule IMHO. I think it would have been another referendum, where the result would have surprised you!!!
  7. https://www.planostore.com/plano-airglide-scoped-rifle-shotgun-case These are good. No part of the rifle or scope comes into contact with the case the rifle sits on foam and floats in the case and nothing touches the scope. The picture on amazon shows how it works better https://www.amazon.co.uk/Plano-Vertical-Rifle-Case-Single/dp/B000P3WPXM
  8. Yep, Hypocrisy of the highest order but I wouldn't expect anything else from such fascists.
  9. No in the video he says there were 2 options available a high alignment such as EEA and a customs union OR a normal advanced FTA. He then says Tusk offered the normal advanced FTA (no mention of customs union or single market). He then goes on to say that it was then forced upon us by our government to go for a high alignment deal. So again an FTA was offered and our remainer government (mainly May) forced us to seek a closer alignment deal, which is where we are now. The EU know our Government and Parliament want to remain and are playing hardball. Hopefully this will change under our new PM. But I won't hold my breathe just yet.
  10. We must be talking about something completely different. Steve Baker said the FTA offered delivered on the referendum mandate, that mandate as laid out by Cameron's government meant, out of the single market, out of the customs union, an end to freedom of movement and the ECJ's jurisdiction. But May turned it down for closer alignment with the EU. Nowhere does he say that the advanced FTA was keeping us in the single market and customs union or keeping freedom of movement or the ECJ's jurisdiction over the UK. And according to him it was May's decision to turn it down.
  11. Not according to Steve Baker, what was offered would have delivered on the referendum and it's mandate.
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