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  1. I had already heard the the male voice in the argument was reported to be calm and the voice of reason. Perhaps that is one of the reasons the recording hasn't been released.
  2. I completely agree, just a typical politician saying what people want to hear, to get votes. I trust none of them, doesn't matter what party they are a member of, they all lie and tell half truths.
  3. He has already stated that if he becomes PM, his stance on the expansion at Heathrow will change.
  4. I don't see him as doing anything wrong. Someone gatecrashed a private event and she was escorted out using reasonable force. I'd say he was completely within his rights. Maybe he feared for his and other guests safety. Something needs to be done about these people who think they have a right to do whatever they like, because they think they have the moral high ground, which in their mind makes their illegal actions justified. This is a step in the right direction. The fact that she is a woman makes absolutely no difference.
  5. Now it is a two horse race between Boris and Hunt.
  6. And then there was three. Javid has been eliminated.
  7. Another thumbs-up for CDSG, they are a great company to deal with and are very competitively priced. I can also confirm the sweetgate scandal, you have been done. But don't let that put you off using them. You may get 2 packs next time.
  8. hopefully something positive will come of this, I wish him all the luck in the world. Good to hear somebody taking some initiative.
  9. He has already stated that his wage as an MEP will go to charity. Not sure about his expenses. He is a very successful businessman, I believe. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Tice
  10. This is possibly a spanner in the works, they may say it is not under the control of the government. Quote: It’s about something the UK Government or House of Commons is not responsible for. That includes: something that your local council is responsible for; something that another Government (such as the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government or the Northern Ireland Executive) is responsible for; and something that an independent organisation has done.
  11. Did you even read it? It's written by a man not a woman. What does it matter that it is in the Sun? But for your information, not that I have to justify myself, I haven't bought or actively seeked out any particular news paper for many years. This article popped up on a page I follow and I found it interesting. I see you are jumping to conclusions about me again, remind me do we know each other personally! I see you only picked up on one small point and completely missed the point of it. It's not about the supply of the Ipad or the 2 computers, although 1 Hybrid laptop would suffice. It's about the fact that massive amounts of money is wasted moving location from Brussels to Strasbourg, how ever many times they do it a year, for absolutely no apparent reason. I know it is written from an anti EU stance, and printed in the Sun, but does that make it any less true. Probably not. I can't see how you can think it is written from a "it's not fair, I want it mentally", The author has now got it and is hoping to no longer have it soon.
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