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  1. But that's the thing we are not, we put out this image that we are, but in reality we are in an insurmountable amount of debt.
  2. She sounds like a keeper, a very rare find.
  3. I see Rishi Sunak is considering an new government approved digital currency, with the rather familiar sounding name Britcoin. https://www.reuters.com/business/finance/uk-launches-taskforce-potential-bank-england-digital-currency-sunak-2021-04-19/
  4. What a great day for you both
  5. Because not all GPs have uploaded the full records, my online medical history shows next to nothing.
  6. I would do the same, but if my shooting of flies is anything like clays, it will be a complete waste of money
  7. Let's hope she sees some prison time and loses her job, but I won't hold my breath.
  8. I had the same thing with Ford, took my car in for a service and MOT and they came back with list of faults as long as your arm, all before they did the MOT, which I cancelled. I took it to a trusted garage (family member uses), he checked all on the list and only 1 thing needed to be done. There must have been 20 things on the list. And as you say the price from Ford for the repairs that didn't need doing was more than the car was worth, quite a bit more.
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