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    Punching paper and smashing clay (just need practice at both)

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  1. I know it's not your own definition of 'race', but to me there is only one 'race' and that is the human race. What is being talked about above is nationality.
  2. Does gun buying ever stop?

    Because, I tell her. I prefer her to know Unfortunately my misses knows what they cost
  3. Does gun buying ever stop?

    With regards to the misses, just do what I do. Start looking at ridiculously priced guns, make sure she knows your looking to buy, then after a few "I don't think so's" and "no chance's", make her think she has won when she agrees to you compromising by buying the half price gun, that you wanted anyway! . It's worked for me on more than one occasion, if I started with the lower priced gun I would still get the "no chance" and "I don’t think so" comments.
  4. Ejectors

    Contact these guys, they should point you in the right direction. http://www.ruag.co.uk/brand/2-bettinsoli
  5. Smith & Wesson  M&P 15-22 .22 LR

    Might be worth mentioning that it is the 'sport' model. Cracking guns and a good price. Good luck with the sale
  6. Another Nose in the Trough!

    Especially as she has no concept of money or numbers
  7. UK Proofing

    I feel your pain, I'm waiting for a Howa barrel and action to get through proofing, was told that it would be two weeks so fingers crossed!
  8. Bathroom ceiling painting?

    Exactly what Scull has said
  9. Born evil?

    But he'd only fear for his life if he was in general population, not in solitary. I don’t think prisons should segregate prisoners, prison should be a society. Prove you can live in this society or you will never be released. Prisoners have it way too easy!
  10. New comer

  11. Newbie in Surrey

  12. New member

    I have the same problem, good luck with your search.
  13. Bo & stinky people

    As an ex smoker, I fully agree when I smoked, I didn't notice the smell but since giving up I find the smell quite disgusting.