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  1. Surprise surprise, Labour are wholly against needing ID to vote. I wonder why! Now I know that the idea needs some thinking because not everyone had a driving licence or passport. They need to sort free voters ID card or similar.
  2. I've got a landline as part of my broadband package. It's never had a phone plugged into it.
  3. I think he is referring to this one I posted earlier. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1190407/Brexit-news-UK-EU-Angela-Merkel-Boris-Johnson-Brexit-deal-latest-update/
  4. Yes so I have heard. Take extra gun slips as you will be coming home with more than you intended
  5. If you click on the ad link, it says the gun is no longer available.
  6. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1190407/Brexit-news-UK-EU-Angela-Merkel-Boris-Johnson-Brexit-deal-latest-update/
  7. So if this is indeed true, will she also face charges for absconding?
  8. If only! You'd go to prison for a very long time for doing that here. The police wouldn't hesitate to act and the courts would hand out maximum sentences.
  9. Bit of a cheap shot, oh wait I forgot all us leave voters are stupid.
  10. I see these nutters have found the solution to all our environmental 'problems'
  11. I second that, it's quite clear now that the EU are not going to offer any form of acceptable deal anymore. Let's leave, keep our ransom money and wait for the EU countries to pressure their dictators for a deal. And in the mean time got on with trading with the rest of the World. Personally I'd now like to see our trade with the EU kept to an absolute minimum.
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