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  1. As has been said, unless you are travelling up there anyway, have it RFD to RFD transfered. Use the RFD (gun shop) you normally use or your closest and your cousin does the same. Just remember that your cert needs to be filled in by your cousin, so would need to be sent to them and then back to you, before you can pick up the gun from the RFD. Should be no more than £50.
  2. Not according to what I heard on the news, Andrew's lawyer said they have a prior agreement.
  3. Don't forget, "the NDA she signed, makes the case null and void."
  4. It is, but he should go whether they hand her over or not.
  5. Perhaps we should just send the suspected nonce over to face the music.
  6. Prince Andrew's Lawyer - "My client couldn't have sexually assaulted her, as we have a prior agreement so she can't talk about it."
  7. As has already been mentioned, it's a vote loser for any party that tries to reform welfare, unles the walfare goes up of course. 9.5 million is a lot of votes!
  8. Possibly, the more detail in the image the larger the file size, but there are ways to reduce the image. There are apps, or most emails will ask if you would like to reduce the image size, when attaching a picture, so you could email it to yourself at a reduced size. A screenshot of the image may do the trick as well (just a guess).
  9. At a guess, the size of the photo is over the maximum 4.88MB
  10. My guess would be, that on renewal this time, a doctor's letter was required.
  11. I'd also go as far as no money should change hands, there should be some sort of token system, and those tokens can only be spent on essentials. As for expecting them to sit in a flat staring at walls, no, I expect those who are able, to go and get a job. All I am hearing is we have a shortage of people to do jobs, all the while we have 9.5 million of working age, on benefits. We don't need to import workers, we need to get our lazy into work. All the while they are not struggling to get by and don't see any shame in what they do, this will never change. These things don't have to be difficult, they are just made difficult by all the luvvies and those not wishing to lose votes. Same with the boat illegals. If you enter this country illegally, you will never be able to stay, oh and definitely no benefits.
  12. @hodge911You may want to edit that post, You have posted about 15 emails by mistake
  13. Absolutely, nothing he has listed is essential to live, these are all luxuries (well some) and as such should be unattainable for those on benefits.
  14. https://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/1400809/Bradley-Walsh-The-Chase-walks-off-Giles-Coren-Chris-Packham-ITV-video?jwsource=cl For your viewing pleasure - scroll down for the Packham video.
  15. Conservatives = New Labour. We need a true centrist Party, not those masquerading as one. The Conservatives are way left of centre, they just seem centre right, because Labour are now extreme left, and have been for some time.
  16. good luck, fingers crossed for her
  17. We are no doubt still sending it to the EU, in the way of the so called divorce bill 💰💰💰
  18. Yeah right and pigs might fly. And in the mean time, the 9.5 milllion of working age on benefits keeps rising.
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