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  1. Kraai

    16g HP Steel Cartridges

  2. My wife have the beretta and loves it
  3. No idea i dont shoot 28 bore sorry.. Just now you can buy them
  4. Here in belgium whe have mary arm steel in cal 28
  5. Ok thx i normal shoot gamebore or rc but have just used 2000 clay loads of rio steel and find them very good. Dont know the hunting range
  6. Anybody shoot with these? Happy with these carts or not?
  7. Kraai

    A day in the sun

    For pigeons here in belgium i had 0.75 € for a pigeon. I now shoot with gamebore black gold steel 28 gr nr 4 and love them
  8. Sorry sir i think you better tested it on a patern plate at 10yards its just a bullet...i have shot foxes with 28 gr steel nr 5 at 30 meter
  9. Kraai

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    Verry strange overhere in belgium whe shoot steel since 2008...if i hit a bird hard its dead...i use half and 3/4 choke and shoot 32 gr nr 5 and 32gr nr 3 sterl
  10. Kraai

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    I use 5 and 3 rc 32 gr steel and have no problems therfore i use gamebore super steel 32gr in 4 or 5 whitout a problem just find the rc is harder hitting...
  11. I have shot thousands of gamebore steel and now shooting with rc 32 gr nr 3 and love them...
  12. I have a new excuse when i miss ?
  13. Kraai

    Proof markings and steel shot

    900 bar is that hp? ??