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  1. Kraai

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Mirage clever also
  2. Kraai

    Blaser f16 / Benelli 828u.

    Love my f16 shoots verry wel
  3. Kraai

    SXP pump jammed up

    At the end i had 2 or 3 jams per box of 25 cartridges
  4. Kraai

    SXP pump jammed up

    I have sold mine fot this problem
  5. It is developed with a gun shop here in belgium try and look on facebook by worldclass gun and amunition... I have tried but cant copy anyting about this cartridge
  6. Kraai

    Gamebore Black Gold 20 bore

    No mate sorry... the are in my local gun shop...try and look on facebook bij worldclass gun and ammunition its a gun shop there is a litle movie on facebook about the cartridges
  7. Whe now have mirage clever with a bio wad it dissolves when in comes in contact with water
  8. Does anyone uses this cartridge
  9. My wife have the beretta and loves it
  10. No idea i dont shoot 28 bore sorry.. Just now you can buy them
  11. Here in belgium whe have mary arm steel in cal 28
  12. Ok thx i normal shoot gamebore or rc but have just used 2000 clay loads of rio steel and find them very good. Dont know the hunting range