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  1. Seeland or deerhunter Jacket

    My kids have a lot of stuff from percussion and realy happy with it... I have the cumberland jacket for 142€ and the cumberland trouser for 101 €
  2. Seeland or deerhunter Jacket

    I have bought the deerhunter cumberland...the muflon was ro heavy and the seeland dident fit to wel
  3. Seeland or deerhunter Jacket

    The seeland is 249€ the dzerhunter 175 € i get a discount... or what do people think about browning xpo big game jacket i get also a discount
  4. Seeland keeper or deerhunter muflon? I cant choose
  5. steel our not

    Like motty said...no problem to shoot steel cartridges in a gun that is not steel proof...mine is steel proof and shoot 3/4 3/4 even with gamebore mammoth steel 36 gram nr 1
  6. steel our not

    55 grams in cal 12? Dream on A super magnum cal 12 is 39 gram
  7. Shotguns on Boar

    Sauvestre are the best slugs
  8. I like gamebore and rc
  9. Hahaha thats a great cartridge...
  10. Before shooting steel in your guns

    A friend of mine shoot gamebore super steel 32gr nr 4 in a gun that is not steel proof since 2008 whitout a problem or a scrath in the barrel... i think there is alot of rubbish talk about steel carts
  11. Non toxic 20g for snipe

    Rc 24 gram nr 7 steel gamebore have also 7 in 24 gram
  12. Before shooting steel in your guns

    I still dont understand why we dont have problems overhere and we use steel since 2008...
  13. Before shooting steel in your guns

    For 9 years now whe can only use non toxic... Only know of 1 problem... The guy in the shop selling a wrong choke for a berettaits result in a problem... I have seen the same with lead... Mud in the barrel resul the barrel exploded. A wad that has stuck in the barrel...result the barrel has exploded Snow in the barrel...result the barrel has exploded.. My point... i have seen 4 barrels with problems 3 with lead and 1 with steel and the steel problem was the fault of gunsmith
  14. Before shooting steel in your guns

    Did you ever shot steel cartridges