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  1. I have the sporter more than a year... cant fault them... lovely gun...my mate have the game gun and idem
  2. I have the same problem...sold it after 8 months
  3. My wife has a cesaer guerini for women...super gun...
  4. Mirage clever 24gr nr 2 or 3 Rotweill 24gr nr 2 or 3
  5. I want to buy a sx4... Here in belgium you cant find a sx3 anymore... Just not sure about barrel lengt
  6. Overhere in belgium whe have b&p magnum steel ,rio magnum steel and mary arm magnum steel these are 28gr steel in cal 20.
  7. Mirage clever also have a steel cart wit a biodegradeabel wad
  8. What is the difference between half and modified
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