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  1. I had a search but its always worth asking the wise folk on here
  2. Primus 2000 gas bottle, Best supplier or alternative for the male threaded torch.
  3. Break clean and a lot or persistence
  4. Had two books in cardboard sleves thrown over gate at the side of our house... during heavy rain. It was delivered by a pair of tracksuit wearing lowered vw golf driving "professionals"! Luckily no damage as water didnt make it through to the books but if they were left any longer would have been ruined.
  5. Overload i belive, just cuts power to all sockets on that circuit
  6. Got a small compressor given to me due to it only turning 1/3 of the way round on the output shaft, i have now freed it up and it will do a full rotation with ease by hand, now the problem is i wont turn under its own power; it just trips the beraker at the fuse board... Has anyone got some wisdom for me
  7. 225,55,16 x4 215,65,16 x5 195r15 x1 195,80,15 x1
  8. £10 for part worn £15 for like new Some have already sold, i will update the list when i get a minute to check whats gone.
  9. 195/80/15 ×1 215/65/16 ×6 225/55/17 ×1 Had some more but there going on truck.
  10. Currently have some freelander tires in a few sizes, let me know what size you need and ill check what we have.
  11. If i can get a good deal on it im up for the challenge. As for length theres around 4 feet between the chuck and tail stock so not really a large capacity and its always good to have more room than you need than not enough... There is guaranteed to be an easier project to take on, im sure round here theres lathes and mills sat being neglected in every other unit but they simply wont be parted with.
  12. Iv got the space and who really need to require a lathe to want one! From being in school learning how to run one iv always said i would have my own.
  13. Motor still runs like a champ but havent tried it under load.
  14. Now whats peoples opinions, theres no nameplate and what seams to be a lot of components that have been made over the years. The next bit needs me to throw a number at him and see if he bites, as it sits with no make or model and a power feed that needs some repairs, not to mension the rust patches i was tempted to simply offer scrap value but... i figured you guys would give me an idea of what to offer.
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