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  1. Great shooting and you never fail to provide fantastic video may I ask what range finder binoculars are you using atb
  2. What AMP. Is this please atb
  3. That is really really good 👍
  4. Very nice truck 👍 where did you get the paint job atb
  5. Simion What app are you using and zero range please , great shooting as always happy Xmas , and get jack a new coat , 😂 atb Dave
  6. TTT open to offers before it goes on the bay
  7. I have a hawke frontier 2.5-15x50 for sale , in really good condition, no marks or scratches anywhere, TMX reticule, really good with nv add on reason for sale I need a larger mag now my eyes are not as good £325.00 +postage
  8. I’ve texted you mate atb
  9. Hi mate I’ve the full package of the best carp carp set up money can buy 3x basi reels , hand made torex x3 2.3/4 test curve bait boat , Nash bed chair, 3x delks TXI, the list is end less I wouldn’t want a swap , but could be interested in a sale Atb
  10. How much if I collect them atb
  11. Yep that may well be the answer, and then put a net lower down to cover the bottom thanks Atb
  12. Thanks for the heads up pal I’ll have a look Atb 👍
  13. Good morning does anyone know where you can buy the above at 1.8m high, the extra 300mm would be real handy for a lanky lad Atb
  14. Some fantastic shooting that is , wish I could shoot that far , what app do you use to work out drop /wind , great video atb
  15. Thanks for that old un , I never realised that ! As they say every day a learning day 👍 atb
  16. Lead DD never shot Steel mate , no need on them birds 👍
  17. The shot I use is clear pigeon 32/6 for both crows and pigeons 3/4and 1/2 choke but really thinking about going full in both barrels don’t know why tho really atb
  18. I’m on it kills stone , I’ll get the go pro strapped to my head atb
  19. The shot cam has a setting for flying birds I think it’s at a 1/3 speed I’ll have a look next time I’m out and set it to real time 👍
  20. Yep JKD I can do that mate , my cocker is made for it , doing the editing make take some time tho 😂 atb
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