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  1. Uilleachan

    Knife sharpening - down to what grit ?

    Yep, ^ that.
  2. Uilleachan

    Clay shooting in scotland

    I'll 3rd Auchterhouse. The sporting layout's good.
  3. Uilleachan

    teague chokes browning invector plus

    Arrived within 24 hours, very many thanks, blankmag, pleasure dealing with you.
  4. Uilleachan

    teague chokes browning invector plus

    I'll take them if still available, PM inbound.
  5. Uilleachan

    3/4 and Full

    I shot a sporting round a couple of weeks back at Auchterhouse with the chokes I've been using for DTL locally (see my last post above for the details). It went well, better than I thought it would. Today, I was at braidwood and did a couple of hundred sporting with 2 x 3/8 2nd hand teague chokes top and bottom, that I'd patterned previously, and did better. Confidence is everything, I concur with that, patterning ammo through various chokes and then going out and seeing the results has been key for me. I was hitting some difficult (long range fast crossers) shots with the 3/8 chokes today, not first time of asking on those birds, but, getting them has shown me that edge on fast 40+ yarders are down to me, with that set up.
  6. Uilleachan

    Just a thought...plastic wads

    Fibre formed wad cup is the answer.
  7. Uilleachan

    Chopping Boards

    Thanks for the tip, I only looked in on this thread as I need a new chopping board Now I have a new japan made kitchen knife (thats meant to be the birthday present sorted, for the cook) plus a board, but the bonus was the "Spend more than £50 and get this fantastic chefs knife worth £49 enter this code at checkout: bla bla bla" which looked like a scam until I got to checkout and entered the code, now I'm thinking the cook may be better off with the chef knife and me the wee Damascus Jap chib, we can share the board Cheers for the tip, the buckshee knife offer's is only on for today. As to chopping boards for butchery, I got on well with a section of pitch pine former church pew and a bag of course rock salt for cleaning it, sadly no more that board, but I still have the other bit which is my fly tying board. Beech is better, but everyone should have a 25kg bag of rock salt in the shed.
  8. Uilleachan

    Stalking experience

    Get onto a game letting agency and make enquiries for Stags in Scotland. Go for a package, which can be living in a local hotel for a couple of day and a day or two stalking on the chosen estate, or could be living in the kings suite in the estate castle full board for your entire entourage including family pets, with any number of days and stags. There's basically all sorts of deals to suit the purse of all sorts of individuals. A stag is about £500 + tips + commission, add in accommodation travel etc. I'd reckon you could get a back end day or two, depending on the location, at the stags for around £1200 all in, which would include decent family accommodation to make a quality short family break out of it. Ask round the agents.
  9. Uilleachan

    Anyone Shooting a Blaser f16?

    Well I handled one today at Cluny Country Stores, didn't get the chance to try it out as I didn't have time (I want to shoot a round with it rather than just popping a few carts) but I was passing close enough on the way through to Glasgow so thought I call in for a look. Have to say that it fitted me surprisingly well, possibly no need to alter the LOP, and if I do a trigger adjustment will likely suffice and I liked the feel of it, more than I thought I would, so passed the initial feel test and I'm now planning a try in a fortnight when I'm down there next for work.
  10. Uilleachan

    Shotgun Cleaning

    Of course they are, I don't bother putting them in anything I just chuck em in, with dirty boiler suits etc. on a 60º cycle
  11. Uilleachan

    Shotgun Cleaning

    Bore snake, a squirt of oil and a couple of tugs through after every use.
  12. Uilleachan


    Thats what I've found.
  13. Uilleachan


    TT 1 (67mm) & TT 2 (70mm) are great carts, Fblu are better.
  14. Uilleachan

    How far....

    For wood pigeons I'd have to travel about an hour east. We have very little in the way of arable crops locally so what wood pigeon we have are in balance and relatively scarce. They aren't a pest. We've a couple of small flocks of rock dove, properly marked and relatively non hybridised. They not a nuisance to anyone and like our woodies relatively rare, rare also in the respect that there are few unadulterated populations remaining UK wide. The avian pest species here would be geese hooded crows and some sheep interests would add ravens and sea eagles.
  15. Uilleachan

    Bags for life

    Yeah, ASDA are green. Two, one inside the other and they'll happily take a 250 slab too.