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  1. Thermal base layers

    As a base layer for moderate activity these takes some beating: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0065HWLFO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Lifa and the rest are good, but to justify the cost, three times that of the fellow in the above link, you really need to be working hard. If you want something uber warm, i.e. for lying around in puddles, then it's these: https://www.heinnie.com/ussen-baltic-norj-pro-zipped .... and if the puddle starts to freeze, it's big brother: https://www.heinnie.com/ussen-extreme-protection-norj Both have the long wrist with the thumb slot that cover most of the hand, but I find them too warm as a base layer for active use, but great for static stuff.
  2. North Sea oil rig part evacuated due to storms

    Hence why they're pulling non essential personnel off
  3. North Sea oil rig part evacuated due to storms

    The Jacket isn't properly braced, apparently. Never been on the Ninian South, but been on dozens of others and of them, the Dunlin's "big sway" in a hoolie was a horrible sensation.
  4. Sadiq Khan London Mayor

    Not even the leave campaign were campaigning on leaving both. I'm sure you can post links to them saying they did, and I can post links of the same people saying it's not, even Farage is on record saying leaving the EU does not mean leaving the single market. So from my perspective it wasn't clear at all. The ballot paper was stay in or leave the EU, nothing more or nothing less. The vote was leave and we're leaving the EU, I'm not arguing for a vote on that that is decided. Montage et al, means nothing. A vote on single market (not the EU) membership would settle the current constitutional impasse. If you don't see the constitutional issue then it's time to open your eyes.
  5. Sadiq Khan London Mayor

    I'm not bothered about staying a member of the EU, and as you correctly point out we don't have to be a member of the EU to have a soft border with the EU, but we would have to be a member of EFTA, or have a similar arrangement in place, because there isn't a single border into the european block that has a soft border that doesn't have such an arrangement in place. I know as I've crossed most of them in person at some point in the last 20 years, I haven't; been to Belorussia, crossed the Finish border with Russia or crossed into the Kaliningrad enclave from either Lithuania or Poland. As to Scotland and another indyref, the ground work has already been done and the referendum bill has passed by majority vote, it's sat awaiting the final outcome of the brexit process. For my part I'm favouring the UK joining EFTA, or if that doesn't happen, an indy scotland joining EFTA. As mentioned in previous posts on this thread single market membership is the perfect compromise IMO. Sorts all the issue out, bar freedom of movement.
  6. Wad plastic or fibre

    Cheers for that. I'm using a mix of fibre & plastic depending where I'm shooting. Fibre shot cups make sense to me, it'll be interesting to see how widespread they become in commercial ammo. In the meantime I'll checkout Gamebore. Edit to add: Jings £3.25 on a box of 25 before adding a primer powder a hull and shot
  7. Wad plastic or fibre

    Any advice as to which brands are doing this?
  8. Sadiq Khan London Mayor

    Two questions the answers to which are a yes and a no. The vote was finite, Scotland and NI voted to remain. The result was a 2% majority UK wide to leave the EU and we're leaving. However with a 2% majority and without the whole of the UK behind it the current westminster administration should be looking to a unity position, not charging on with the pick and mix approach that'll lead to the fragmentation and break up of the UK. I didn't vote for her and nor do I agree with her on 99% of her policy, but I agree with Ruth Davidson on this, indeed you heard it here first; perhaps Ruth was reading this thread http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-42236312
  9. Sadiq Khan London Mayor

    I know. However. With no plan from the outset defining "brexit" and how it would look from the leavers side, why are you and others surprised that much of the interpretation is still contested? The lack of a plan was laughed off by many on the leave side at the time but now the chickens are coming home to roost. Khan, is representative of the devolved administration attitude generally, in that, if May can do deal for NI single market continuation she can do a likewise deal for the rest of the devolved administrations. A center ground Northern Irish unionist perspective on this, read the piece and some of the comments: https://sluggerotoole.com/2017/12/04/how-brexit-is-destroying-nis-centre-ground-and-could-take-the-union-with-it/ The people writing and commenting on the piece aren't the nominal NI unionists that flocked for Irish passports in the weeks after the vote. It's the same with Scotland. The difference with Scotland is that Holyrood have already voted on and passed the legislation, to do it all again. The constitutional situation can be saved by the whole UK remaining in the single market. May is toast anyway it's cut, cliff edge brexit and hard border; the irish will veto the UK, irish sea border; the DUP withdraw their crucial 10 parliamentary votes , UK remaining in the single market; English hardline brexiteers blow a fuse and the Tory's engage in internecine party blood letting, and thats just over the Northern Ireland situation.
  10. Sadiq Khan London Mayor

    You must have special news that the rest of us aren't privy to.
  11. Sadiq Khan London Mayor

    They'd better get themselves elected, as thats the noise coming out of Cardiff Difficulty comprehending what I typed? I'm not talking about a rerun of the brexit vote, al a Libdems, the vote was had it's ancient history and the powers that are are mid leave negotiation. A vote on Single Market & Customs Union membership, in or out yes or no. The brexit vote was won by a finite margin, the vote was leave and leaving we are. However there's no mandate to leave the SM&CU, and without the DUP May is toast and her administration with her. I believe the answer is single market membership. That shuts everyone up.
  12. Sadiq Khan London Mayor

    The issue with Ireland is that the DUP won't accept a deal that puts a border between them and the mainland UK, under any circumstances. Political suicide for the no surrender party so it's unlikely to happen, anything that looks to them like an equal footing with the Republic, looks like unification by the backdoor. No DUP Tory support and we're back to the polls by the spring, with brexit talks stalled. London, wales, NI and Scotland are more or less pro single market membership. The DUP are looking for parity with the UK. The answer then, is to remain in the single market and customs union. Personally I think there should be another vote on membership of the single market and, that would put it to bed.
  13. Metal to Metal adhesive

    ^ That. Degrease the surfaces to be bonded with thinners, allow the thinners to evaporate and then scrub the surfaces with a course abrasive, knock off the dust and bond, leave to set, then fit. Job done.
  14. Harika smock offer

    Jings, a polar bear/arctic hunting jacket!! A good double ventile shell jacket made to measure comes in at around £300 to £450 depending on spec size and who you get to make it.