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  1. Uilleachan

    Dave Carries best kill shots

    Carrie's making decent vids with a pro game shooting spin, very many of the people featured speak in regionally accented english which goes some way to closing the perceived gap between the working and monied classes of the participants, to counter the elitist wealthy man's spin thats often attached to the sport by those who'd attack it. He's showing things are much more socially inclusive than Joe Bloggs is led to believe, by pressure groups and our often hostile media. Sure it can be expensive but it's not class exclusive. Then there's the clear but under played visual evidence of the symbiosis/relationships between the shoot staff help the guests and local businesses benefiting from the activity in what is otherwise a fragile rural economy. So we can argue the toss about the shooting of the sorts of targets featured but that aside, his vids present a more balanced and positive view of the activity for the non shooting public at large. That IMO is a good thing and much needed in the current climate as it kicks away a couple of the props often employed against the sport.
  2. Uilleachan

    Claybusting near Cupar

    Auchterhouse for me.
  3. Uilleachan

    Midge proof clothing.

    For actual midgies any clothing will do. It's just a case of staying covered as the humble midge, burgers' that they are, can't bite through clothing.
  4. Uilleachan

    Scottish MP against new gun shop in Edinburgh

    I'll still be voting SNP, because there's much decided in the diddy parliament that affects me directly and IMO the Nats are the best of the bunch at the moment, when it comes to running the show locally. Shooting isn't going anywhere soon, Knickers & Co are politicking for the gallery of public opinion over the "Yank" and her antics. The locals of Morningside may support a gun shop, but the majority in my homeland don't. The recent failure of the Greens to win their "Hill Track Bill", whilst a pity in my personal opinion as the ground is starting to look awfully scared, is proof positive, all be it inspired by revenge for the Green's failure to back the Gov's education policy of sampling progress in P1 & 2, that they know where the cash comes from that keeps the few remaining local people on the ground working. It still is shooting heaven, but unless you have a pet laird or an in you have to pay. The other side of that is that shooting policy, other than air guns, is decided in London.
  5. Uilleachan


    Was speaking to a lad last Saturday, one of the better shots, he's 1/4 n' #8's & 1/2 n' #7.5 english, plas wads, for DTL. I'm 3/8 & 7/8 fiocchi Fblu "7.5" (2.4mm) plastic for both.
  6. Uilleachan

    Scottish MP against new gun shop in Edinburgh

    Different MSPs', the guy in Edinburgh is the list labour MSP. That American Lady on Islay also shot a sheep, well a blackface Tup, as well as a few goats and deer. Then plastered it all over social media with the usual cousins enthusiasm that many here found distasteful, round here it's the shooting of the Tup thats got everyone talking, including the odd keeper, with enough social media traffic to spark wider media interest, so we're now subject to trial by media, every petting zoo aficionado and their pet are on radio and TV expressing their outrage at the moment. Mike Russel, the Islay MSP, isn't really to blame here. He's expressing his view, but he's not responsible for the viral nature of the story, he's responding to rather than initiating the copy.
  7. Dave Carrie pattern testing vids show good patterns with his gun at 55 yards with 3/4 choke and gamebore plastic & fibre wadded shells. Vid here using pigeon extreme 5's in plastic and with Grouse extreme in fibre:
  8. Uilleachan

    Hunter Wellies

    Comparable Aigle wellies I've tried have been too high in the heel for me, unfortunately. Which makes them unreliable underfoot on rough ground.
  9. Uilleachan

    Hunter Wellies

    I share your pain. My 10 year old hunter balmoral's died last year, although I still wear them if it's just mud I'm dealing with. For my feet and ankles they were by far the best fitting and I did try all the wellies in the shop. Those were the first wellie I've owned that I could go miles off path on the open hill without hurting my feet or wishing I was in boots. Great boot, but sadly it seems their likes will never be here again; as I've yet to find a comparable fit and feel replacement.
  10. Uilleachan

    Not guilty - but pay up!

    Financial awards are made by the court to compensate for "Damages" incurred, they're not set by the claimant.
  11. ...... and thats the point where you politely agree to disagree, wait for them to leave, and then call your lawyer to have them write to the chief constable on your behalf, politely expressing your dismay that sec. 1 criteria is being applied to your sec. 2 renewal that has no basis in law. Round here it's the local bobbies that do the leg work, we have officers that grew up on working estates and officers for whom fire arms are an anathema, plus many in between, sometimes the criteria for sec 1 & 2 can become blurred in the eyes of the inexperienced. IME, best just to humour them be polite and leave any wheat and chaff separation to the professionals processing the paper work and issuing the certs.
  12. Has to be said coming up with a good reason isn't difficult, occasional clay shooting, occasional game shooting etc. all tick the box. The question is being asked round here under Police Scotland and as it's the local police who do rural home visits, rather than specific firearms officers, it's wise not to be too shirty about "our rights" . The question, "why do you still need/want a shot gun?" is a fair one for a local bobby to ask, IMO. The good reason criteria for section 1 grant/renewal is a completely different beast and shouldn't be confused with being asked why you want a shot gun at grant or renewal.
  13. Uilleachan

    Beretta Tweed Name

    Write to them and ask. Most likely a tweed they commissioned themselves so they'd likely be quite happy to give you any information they have, especially if they still have some of it kicking around. .
  14. Uilleachan

    Delta or Minox

    ^ That. I can't offer advice on the scopes in question, but as a general observation; a few years ago I set off with £1500 in cash to buy some bins, i'd a little more on my debit card if needed. After exorcising the patience of the sales staff in many a bin shop, I came home with £900 in cash and a set of minox 8 x 43 bins. I liked the glass and the ergonomics of those bins over the others. Try before you buy.
  15. Uilleachan

    Back bored 12bore - Fibre Game Cartridge.

    Thats my take too.