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  1. Labour and game birds

    ^ That Thats how it's seen by a huge section of the population these days, the result of the rise in post brexit referendum populism/public engagement, depending on your view, empowering the man at the bus stop, who previously hadn't a political thought in his head but is now railing against global elites and soon to be railing against perceived elites closer to home, looking to shape post brexit Britain, deciding who to vote for, deciding how his tax contribution should be spent. An unintended consequence perhaps but a very real consequence none the less, is the fact that much of the countryside we shoot over is about to be subject to a radical revision in how it's funded, by way of public subsidy. The public will have a say, or at least the politicians will be setting out their stalls to tap in to the discontent to attract voters by shaping a dragnet of bundled generic grievance, angry voters angry at what ever it is they're angry about. Thats what labour are doing with their consultation, which I took a look at from the link supplied by David @ BASC in the other thread and, it reads like a fisherman's fly box with a dressing to attract a wide range of conflicting dissident opinion. Public opinion, or more accurately a generic one size fits all version of it, the sub political rival versions of it, influenced by the popular media, being drafted and punted by labour and the tories; will dictate/decide the way forward as to what takes place in the country for those in receipt of public subsidy and this will include policy over blood sports/country pursuits. And yes, this will be an urban heavy opinion as the vast bulk of the population are urbanites. A post brexit townie onslaught cheered on by the popular media looking to boost sales by peddling outrage, catered for by the political parties coming forward with fresh policy to tap in and attract votes. For any that don't see it, have a quick click through these links related to the current EU subsidy system and the influences shaping the thinking on what will replace it. Setting the scene https://www.economicshelp.org/blog/21641/agriculture/farming-subsidies-in-the-uk/ establishing the facts (to be used in the shallowest populist facebook-esque way, so coming to a twitter meme/facebook share near you, soon) https://fullfact.org/economy/farming-subsidies-uk/ shaping public opinion on the left and right http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/eu-farming-subsidies-billionaires-high-uk-rich-list-recipients-brexit-james-dyson-earl-rosebery-cap-a7815871.html https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/823054/Common-Agricultural-Policy-CAP-EU-subsidy-Rich-List-farmers What the present government is saying http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-40673559 I believe the biggest risk to shooting sports we face will come about through an inevitable change in land use, bundled together with unfavourable public opinion the signs aren't looking good, for the medium term perhaps but it's already in the post. Such are the laws of unintended consequence.
  2. BASC is a non political shooting association, if they were political I wouldn't be a member of that organisation. Being non political doesn't mean they shouldn't engage in political consultation, this being a consultation on issues with implications for it's members. They're acting with the express view of representing the interests of their members, like me. The genie's out and on the loose, all this populist **** won't be stuffed back into the bottle, too late for that. The UK is about to see some real radical change especially in the countryside, where the new up and coming reality will settle is uncertain, much taken for granted under the status quo will be gone forever in new Britain. If we want a say in what's thrown out and whats kept, one has to engage, to not engage is to burry ones head in the sand and be thrown out with the bath water.
  3. Wax on wax off

    Depends what you're doing I suppose. There are lighter warmer drier materials available, however jackets and breeks are about more than just staying dry. There's a general protection from the physical environment element too, briers thorns barbed-wire, even just standing by a fire/brazier etc. Most modern materials aren't up to the rigours of rough daily use and it's in those situation where heavy waxed cotton wins out most of the time. Where it loses out is in heavy persistent rain, starts by soaking down the neck then up the cuffs and hem, then the water eventually finds it's way through the wax cotton shell, creases n' cracks etc. And when it gets wet, it's soaking. I spent many many days of the first half of my working life working in one of the most inclement parts of Europe, outside in all weathers, often without respite. There's no perfect solution, no do it all garment no matter the price. Tried most of them before finally submitting to PVC oilskins and just getting on with it on those days where there's going to be no escape. Practicality over fashion or fad, every time for me and in the mix wax cotton still has a place, as do my goretex and ventile cagoules, but when it's a full on horizontal wet and windy day, it's PVC, moral fibre and fortitude that sees me through.
  4. 20 bore patterns better than 12?

    Ammo can make a difference. I was planning shooting sporting clays with half and half this year but have recently found that my job lot of fiocchi 7.5 (english 7) Fblu are throwing such a tight pattern that using those in my gun I'm thinking of staying put or perhaps stepping down to quarter and quarter. Nothing scientific, simply walked past the pattern plate and shot through the half choke at an unmarked part of it, at 35y measured by pace, and noticed that it is tighter than what I'd expect, plus I'm noticing there's much more dust coming off my kills.
  5. Game bag

    I like those Montrose bags, I fish the hill as well as shoot and where I am there's always a chance of getting a good soaking whilst out. I don't mind paying for good stuff but practicality comes first.
  6. Countryfile Mountain hares

    Grouse moors in Scotland weren't run for profit until relatively recently, they were run for sport and paid for out of disposable income by people who could afford it, as a life style choice. Many's a fortune was squandered on the grouse moor. Intensive grouse moorland management is a difficult sell in this day and age. That said I thought the CF piece was quite well balanced, the presenter was a bit of an eejit but the young keeper came across well and he made some valid points.
  7. 2018 Chilli Growing

    Yeah shifting the plant likely did for it. The feed does bring on the flowering. Because of my location I wait for the sun to get above the top of the adjacent hill before I feed them, so beginning of February for a few hours sun per day, when the flowers appear I use a cotton bud to hand fertilise, which works in leu of creepy crawlies. I may order something a little more interesting for this year....
  8. 2018 Chilli Growing

    I've a few 2nd winter survivors on the kitchen sill, still producing fruits. I'll give them a wee feed in a couple of weeks and hopefully they'll produce a few more chills whilst my new seeds get going. Not planted any new seeds yet, first week of February usually for me. That way there's a bit of heat for an hour or so if the sun puts in an appearance.
  9. Nissan X trail Diesel

    Good stuff, hope you enjoy it. When I got mine I spent quite a bit of time driving it in 2wd to conserve fuel. I discovered that for me, driving winding rural roads, it was a much better ride driving it in 4x4 auto, i.e. the middle setting. That and running chunckers sees me on about 38mph, 40mph on run on decent road.
  10. Nissan X trail Diesel

    No. Less MPG
  11. Point is, even sleeping with it, are you going to take it everywhere with you when you're not sleeping? I routinely travel with a shot gun, I don't tell people I have it with me, I keep the receiver (trigger locked) and fore end in a bag in my room, locked, and I keep the barrels and ammo in the car locked in the boot. I try to park the car in full view of reception cctv or somewhere uninviting etc. That said there are places I won't leave my gun in the car, even broken. Only yesterday I made the call to come home instead of shooting today as my job on Friday has been extended to include Saturday and as I have no control over where I'll be staying (Glasgow/Paisley) I bit the bullet and came home to park the gun, I had a good day shooting on Wednesday so can't complain. Early start tomorrow morning though
  12. Fiocchi confused?

    With fiocchi I find it best to look at the box label for the actual size in mm, 2.2 .23 are usually both marked as 8 on the box, I have some TT1's marked 8 that are actual UK 8's (2.2) my TT2's are also marked 8 (2.3) are actually UK 7.5 where as my FBLU marked 7.5 are nearer UK 7 (2.4), all clay rounds. It pays to check if it's a specific size you're after. Good confidence inspiring ammo for all that.
  13. 525 Game or Sporter

    That involves blotting out the bird with the end of barrels, which isn't ideal. If I could see a little more rib I reckon I could up my average. Thinking a match width up on the comb, but I'd need to pattern it to see where it's throwing to decide. My sxs throws high and I can adjust to that easily enough so I'm thinking I can do the same with my main gun. In an ideal world I'd have a trap gun too, but to date I've done so little trap that at the moment I can't justify the expense nor, more particularly, the space.
  14. 525 Game or Sporter

    Me too. The 525 to rule them all is the "sporter" IMO, clay game and fowl, it has it covered. I'm a fairly big guy so with the adjustable comb flat to the stock and cast a few mm to the right I'm seeing no rib and shooting flat. Fitted a butt pad shim moved the trigger forward and bingo, the gun is fitting well and I shoot it well. Next time I'm in the vicinity of a pattern plate I'll be finding the height the comb needs to be for a decent DTL trap sight picture then I'll make a gap tool so I can replicate the comb height simply and quickly. I did think about setting it up with a bit of rib showing so that I could just get used to that for all my shooting, but I like the flat shooting characteristics and I do little DTL, so having the adjustable comb is well worth it, in my opinion.
  15. War on Field Sports?

    Not giving something a sporting chance doesn't detract from the enjoyment and thrill you get doing it, the enjoyment and thrill is in and of it's self actually the meaning of the word.