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  1. MFC

    Pheasant disease

    This i have used it for a while now, another keeper on a shoot near mine told me about it. Don’t know if I have just been lucky but I have had nice healthy birds since and this and the quill boost tunic in the water works well. As well as poults I have 500 ex-layers too, sometimes they come a bit worse for well but using both certainly gets and keeps them healthy . Game master also do a good Game Bird Tonic
  2. MFC

    Mossberg 835 12 gauge

    Now Sold.
  3. MFC

    Mossberg 835 12 gauge

    Replied to messages. It’s 26 I think, it comes with the one choke which is full. It’s as I say not bad condition. It’s been used as a fowling gun but it been looked after as I do with all my guns. I do get out and about but I am not prepared to travel all over the country for 100 quid. Sorry
  4. MFC

    4 x BFG ko2 All Terrains 285-75 r16

    East Sussex, Near Hastings
  5. 4 KO2’s in 285 75 r16 size. Superb condition and nearly new. Tread depth on all tyres is at least 10mm but they are probably almost at what they were when new. White lettering still shows blue protection dye. They are on my Defender at the moment and will be changed Saturday. Great tyres and only changing as putting BFG muds on. £380
  6. MFC

    New RFD Law

    Must be different here in Sussex then as just had my third gun transferred though the dealer I use and none of this sending licenses.. actually checked after reading on here about RFD and was told the way the dealer was doing it was correct. RFD here takes guns when it’s transferred to them and then puts it on my cert, Easy
  7. MFC

    England v Samoa Free tickets

    Cheers for all replies. Tickets didn’t go to waste in the end and as always at a rugby day it was superb. Very different English team yesterday who finished of the year superbly cheers
  8. Very late in the day I know but I now have 2 tickets for today’s game spare. If anyone wanted to meet me at stadium today they are free. Will only give to people who are wanting to watch game though, not given them away to someone who is going to go off and flog them. If any takers message me and I will give you my number. We will be in a few pubs in Twickenham from about 11.30. Cheers
  9. Hope it's ok to put this on here. If anyone would be interested in a full size snooker table totally free of charge then the Working Men's Club I am secretary of have one we need gone. It's in pretty good condition but the cloth will probably need doing in a few months or so. The only condition is that if anyone wants it they have to separate it and arrange to transport it. It is near Hastings East Sussex. Cheers
  10. MFC

    Any one using fox red labs

    I have two. One is 4.5 one is 2 and a bit. Rock steady although they seemed to take a little bit more coaching than my black one. But they are spot on.
  11. From Crowhurst area of East Sussex
  12. Hi to all. New to site been looking in from the sidelines for awhile seems like great site.