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  1. Where is Bechill Sussex please
  2. Think he realised it was to cheap judging by new ad
  3. Had3 D3’s and must have been lucky as they were superb cars and now on my 2nd D4 which is superb. No more spent on them than anything else I have had. The worse thing I had expense wise was a full service with the cam belts which was about £800 at the Landrover indie garage I use. Superbly cabable cars and if it’s the HSE model it’s get all the bits. Superbly comfortable and great to drive. With decent tyres on them they are great off road too. Make sure they have been serviced looked after and sure you won’t have too much trouble.
  4. Edited to say just had a reply.
  5. Any updates to anyone tried to get info but getting late in day now
  6. It’s 2.4 TDci. 2008 and it’s East Sussex near Hastings
  7. Mate of mine is getting a new one so he is selling this if anyone interested. I have just copied his advert so if any interest let me know and I will pass on details and photos can be emailed Cheers Good condition Defender 90 superb engine, great condition all round. Full service history and low mileage on 65,000. New BFG Mud terrain tyres fitted only a few months ago. New good quality Gas Shocks fitted recently with new springs and gas steering damper. New updated anti roll bar kits fitted with poly bushes to aid towing. Last service not long ago with full service carried out with all filters done too. Rear bench seats with it but not fitted at the moment. Mot until October 2019 with no advisory’s. Lots of work done as and when required with receipts. £14,950 ono
  8. 2010 Honda TRX420 Quad. Good condition extremely low hours, only 105.5 hours Good condition starts everytime on the button. Electric start plus pull cord. 5 speed semi auto plus reverse, selectable 2/4w drive. Front and rear racks. Good tyres, was serviced not that long ago. Superb runner not abused. Pm email address for pictures, East Sussex Edited ad as was not price I wanted to put it should have said £2450
  9. Pretty certain then it’s the compomotive rims if you want BFG’s When I looked about 2 months ago with BFG ko2’s they worked out 2 grand
  10. Think you can only get BFGs in 18” and pretty certain you can only put genuine lr 18” rims on the earlier 2.7 d4’s. If it’s a later 3lt you have to get compomotive route which are very expensive I have a 2016 and put some 19” rims on it with General grabber at3 tyres. I like them obviously not as aggressive as BFG. Goodyear Duratracs are another options and fairly aggressive tread pattern and come in a few different sizes options
  11. 1 x 4mg tablet is what I give my Lab. he has had a few stings as well including a couple of hornets like I say they normally are fine if it’s just 1 sting and labs are pretty strong dogs, but keep a check and if any probs vets is always way to go.
  12. Sorry phone went off so never finished what I was going to say. Make sure sting is not still in dog. If it is scrape it out using edge of something like a knive. Don’t grab it with tweezers or anything and squeeze it. If it was definitely a bee bicarbonate of soda mixed with water and dabbed on sting helps. Weak mix though. If a wasp then vinegar. Keep an eye on dog incase he has a reaction. Same if you give piriton. What type size of dog?
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