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  1. MFC

    land rover descovery td5 53plate

    Has the egr valve been blanked off
  2. MFC

    DISCOVERY 4 what tyres

    Pretty certain then it’s the compomotive rims if you want BFG’s When I looked about 2 months ago with BFG ko2’s they worked out 2 grand
  3. MFC

    DISCOVERY 4 what tyres

    Think you can only get BFGs in 18” and pretty certain you can only put genuine lr 18” rims on the earlier 2.7 d4’s. If it’s a later 3lt you have to get compomotive route which are very expensive I have a 2016 and put some 19” rims on it with General grabber at3 tyres. I like them obviously not as aggressive as BFG. Goodyear Duratracs are another options and fairly aggressive tread pattern and come in a few different sizes options
  4. MFC

    bee sting

    1 x 4mg tablet is what I give my Lab. he has had a few stings as well including a couple of hornets like I say they normally are fine if it’s just 1 sting and labs are pretty strong dogs, but keep a check and if any probs vets is always way to go.
  5. MFC

    bee sting

    Sorry phone went off so never finished what I was going to say. Make sure sting is not still in dog. If it is scrape it out using edge of something like a knive. Don’t grab it with tweezers or anything and squeeze it. If it was definitely a bee bicarbonate of soda mixed with water and dabbed on sting helps. Weak mix though. If a wasp then vinegar. Keep an eye on dog incase he has a reaction. Same if you give piriton. What type size of dog?
  6. MFC

    bee sting

  7. MFC

    Pulsar nv scope

    What’s the quality of these if using during the day please.
  8. Hi MFC apologies I missed your question 

    the boots are a standard EU 43, I'm a 42.5 but they are too big for me

    I am away for the next week but if you want to make an offer let me know by PM

    regards Ian

    1. Friend of mine not on here has a late place available on a diy setup near Ninfield, East Sussex due to illness Dont know all details I know it’s a 1000 birds put down and I think around the £600 mark for 8 days. If anyone interested please only pm me and I will give you his contact details.
    2. MFC

      Hunter Balmoral Soveriegn wellies side zip

      No info then
    3. MFC

      Hunter Balmoral Soveriegn wellies side zip

      What is the fit like on these please. Are they a tight 9? thanks
    4. All coming out more or less the same then. Getting Heygates number 3 Grower at £344 per ton and Number 4 Poult at £322 per ton.
    5. Out of interest what’s everyone who buys them paying for their pellets this year. Just changed suppliers as they have put their prices up to a stupid rate per ton.
    6. MFC

      Pheasant disease

      This i have used it for a while now, another keeper on a shoot near mine told me about it. Don’t know if I have just been lucky but I have had nice healthy birds since and this and the quill boost tunic in the water works well. As well as poults I have 500 ex-layers too, sometimes they come a bit worse for well but using both certainly gets and keeps them healthy . Game master also do a good Game Bird Tonic