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  1. I have put BKLs on my Ultra with 13mm rail many times with no probs.
  2. Like the good looking chap a couple of lines above, had my 100k for a million years and just bought a BP, even betterer (if that's not a word, it certainly should be). Enjoy yours.
  3. Do you not have access to a computer?
  4. Happy St. George's day to you all. Don't spoil it by telling me he wasn't English, I don't care.
  5. Morrisman

    FFP scope

    It's my go to scope on my 177 for my home made jobbie (16mm lens) and my Ward 800. Smashing scope, IMHO!!!
  6. been with Virgin for a million years and always been brill. Decided to go cheaper, so phoned Virgin and guess what? They dropped their price CONSIDERABLY. Needless to say still with them. Bless.
  7. It looks as though it is the same so as long as it is from a 1500SA, I'll have it, please. I'm going dancing now so if you send payment details, I will respond tomorrow. Ta ever so.
  8. Yes they are. For 12 quid, they definitely are. I was looking at North Face ones but they were a million quid.
  9. I've just this minute bought these, they are nice and comfy but they certainly won't be waterproof. I like a small glove but don't suffer the cold too much. https://www.trespass.com/atherton-unisex-gloves
  10. Do you or anybody know if this is the same as 243?
  11. I remember, shot it into my foot to see how powerful it was, I was so stupid in those days,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it hurt by the way. Try it if you want.
  12. I have rats down the end of the garden and I give them a dose of lead poison. Good fun (for me).
  13. Morrisman

    Sat Navs

    I've got Garmin Nuvi 57 and Drive Smart 50 and they're both brill. I update them a couple of times a year and they have taken me all over europe. Don't use my phone but wifey does.
  14. Got mine a couple of weeks ago. Only a bit shooter so was surprised but fair play to them.
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