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  1. Morrisman

    Sat Navs

    I've got Garmin Nuvi 57 and Drive Smart 50 and they're both brill. I update them a couple of times a year and they have taken me all over europe. Don't use my phone but wifey does.
  2. Got mine a couple of weeks ago. Only a bit shooter so was surprised but fair play to them.
  3. Look in the sales section, £120. A bit of a bargain.
  4. Just noticed in the Radio Times that S.W. is on again this week with Mr. P. and that boring Gillian bird. Damn, I just remembered, got to wash my hair. BBC, please note.
  5. You don't have to buy anything, just go to the right hand side where there's fill and sign. Don't bother to sign as there's provision for that. Don't forget it took me 5 goes to get it there as their inbox was full.
  6. I have applied but their inbox is full. I wonder why?
  7. I have applied for a permit but their inbox is full. I wonder why?
  8. Good day, I have for sale my trusty night vision spotter. It is a Lshine 6x50 digital which is similar to Sure/ Bushnell etc.I believe. I have used it successfully on rabbits but I'm sure it would be perfectly suitable for fox distance. I am selling because I have gone thermal. It is in good nick and comes with box and instruction manual. I believe these retail between £130 and £160. I would like £90 posted, which, I think is a good buy. Thanks for looking (why do people put that?)
  9. Done. Don't normally bother but!!!!!!!
  10. Morrisman

    A bit thick

    Can anybody explain this as I think I must be a bit thick? .https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/mp-compares-herself-to-jesus-after-shes-found-guilty-of-swapping-speeding-points/ar-BBRdsGv
  11. Sorry, did it too quickly to think.
  12. Being a keen bird watcher as well as a shooter, I'm well displeased with this. https://www.birdguides.com/news/gamekeeper-guilty-of-shooting-short-eared-owls/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter290818&eid=592264&_ccCt=i1yEVqYM8aQJawMDTYQHrlcAbURZZzKdx~VWIfFcD3saKQp5n7jt8f~gqpRqXqVn
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