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  1. Hi Guys and marshman I live in a small village in east Leicestershire about 10 miles away from the very green suburbs of Leicester I believe that the pigeons of today treat the suburbs and villages as an alternative to the woods Im normally driving about all the time and like you Guy always looking for pigeons looking for where they are flyting feeding / roosting My observations are that there are loads of birds about sooner or later they will start hitting the crops Im not sure whats happening in the more rural areas But as marsh man says his village is full of pigeons well my village is now almost empty
  2. Sorry its taken me a long while to get back to you Guys only just noticed the new posts your posts are interesting and thought provoking I have to admit I've not been out vermin shooting for quite few weeks now I can drive to where I want to shoot but if the weathers bad and grounds wet I will often not bother . I do do a fair bit of clay shooting as well so will wait for some good weather The thing with corvids they dont seem to move about as much as pigeons and as Jim says they go back to the rookery If I do manage to get out on the corvids I will let you all know how I get on old Dave
  3. Thanks for the advice guys You would think I was a novice and on the blacks I am I've always gone after the pigeons in the past so set up 1-30 pm finish 5-30 ish the one thing that may put me of a bit is the unearthly hour that you go out to set up Is going out before dawn the normal ? Thanks again Guys Old Dave ps intrigued to know why are crow callers illegal
  4. Well some good advice there Re covid I should have known that must be an age thing If I was pigeon shooting and had dead birds I would use them as decoys So in the absence of dead birds would you say good quality decoys are a requirement if so how many would you say ? more work required on my hide I think Tar again Guys
  5. Thanks a lot Jim how about late afternoon what do you think? have you ever used a decoy with a crow caller in side it ? just asking Old Dave
  6. Not sure if I can make this post or not as its not about pigeon but raptor? I'm looking for advice on decoying black ones I've only once managed a bag on crows ect and that was shooting them over maze stubble that had been left standing for 3 weeks before I was able to shoot it I just set my hide up and started shooting no field craft required plenty about just need to figure out how to get on them any advice would be greatly appreciated this is like going back to school old Dave ps sorry admin if I have put this in the wrong place
  7. Hi Guys must agree with Motty No pigeons in leicestershire I pigeon shoot in East Leicestershire and have done so on and off for quite a few years Believe me there are plenty of birds out there Don't throw your gear away yet guys Some times its a bit like the old Wild west films "I can't see know injuns out there sergeant next thing you know you have an arrow through your hat" they could be in the stubble / in the woods even on some one else's fields or even in the suburbs but they are there in big numbers Dave Sign In - Pigeon Watch Forums.html
  8. Try A1 Decoys only £24 for new motor
  9. Morning Guys Thanks for the posts Guys thought provoking I now think I've been guilty of taking the birds for granted maybe to sloppy setting up maybe more attention to my hide strange as said before was doing well before harvest Will try again next year god permitting Dave
  10. Thanks for the response Guys Just to clarify I also use dead birds as decoys and some times two magnets before harvesting took eplace I was doing (without saying how many) quite good bags, A day or so after Harvest I went a drive round just to see where they were feeding and to be honest at about 2pm they were in most fields so I decided to shoot the next day set up about 1-30 pm dead birds and magnets pigeons all over the place was looking forwards to a good day.h Well total disaster they would not come any where near me I took the magnets in still no good - shot two! Since harvest Ive only shot there once a week. the following week I did setup in a different field they seem to want to be any where in the field but not near my dead bird decoys I,m thinking that there is too much food about for them after harvest? Is that possible? they seem to want to feed in their own little groups thinking of what you guys have recommended bangers / flags/etc Im just not sure but maybe give the flags a go may be just sit under a flightline
  11. Evening Guys and Girls My first time posting on here in the past Ive been quite content reading up on some the excellent advice some of you guys come up with and that is the reason for my post. I am lucky in having access to a fairly large amount of arable land which I have been pigeon shooting over for several years now On standing and laid crops I can get reasonable bags. But come harvest time the acreage that I shoot over is cut all at the same time and I cannot get the blighters to come any where near me flagging may seem to be an option but I would need a frigging lot of flags Any one have any suggestions ?' Dave
  12. I see your point Bruno you have me thinking but not sure the farmers will think they just won't em dead what do others think on this
  13. Hi again Guys thanks for the welcome So I guess it's much the same then
  14. Good evening Guys I'm new to posting on pigeon watch but have been reading your posts for quite a while now. I'm looking for tips on Crow/Rook etc. decoying Where I shoot pigeons seem to be awol so I would like to have a crack at the black ones. I've had a few but how do I decoy them ? Dave
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