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  1. Thanks thought it probably would be. I’m a leftie unfortunately.
  2. Hi Land Rover Discovery 3 S for sale (54 plate) 125000 miles. mot until May. Black leather interior. Adriatic (dark) blue bodywork. 19 inch alloys. Good condition, runs well, clean bodywork. Land Rover nudge bar included (not currently on). Usual Land Rover niggles addressed (new front wheel bearings, new anti roll bar bushes all around, two working keyfobs (one new) etc. New brake pads all round. Low tax £325 per year, instead of the £550 from 2006 on. Photos can can be emailed/whatsapp’d on request. Based near Sittingbourne, work in Ashford, Kent £4000 please pm if interested.
  3. Responded. Agreed with the principle of medical info, disagree with this process - it's too burdensome on applicants (time chasing, unfair costs) and the police (time chasing etc) - the proposed arrangement will not work effectively and still have inconsistencies. I've suggested the Act should have an amendment to make if a statutory duty for the applicants GP to reply to a standard police medical form, and to charge the applicant/patient no more than their reasonable cost, or a maximum of £50. At least there would be clarity and consistency for forces and FAC/SGC owners
  4. Tford

    Shot pistols

    Not conceal necessarily. Just small enough to be discrete and to fit in a cartridge pocket. However remember that a 2.5 inch .410 chambered revolver is a lot bulkier than the equivalent .38 special. It’s a lump of a pistol regardless. But that is just my preference. I’m amazed how a topic goes off at tangents especially as my main point was never really meant to relate to stalking needs. As I mentioned I’d never carry it for stalking although I could. I agree a dispatch pistol is pretty much pointless except in the 0.1% of situations. However as I say I’d never criticise those who do feel the need, much as I’d never critique shooting disciplines I see as unnecessary - surely we are doing ourselves a disservice by attacking fellow legitimate firearm users?!? A shot pistol is exceptionally useless expect for almost point blank dispatch. As a qualified pest controller (amongst other qualifications) I know it’s limits and use it only where it suits my needs - which admittedly is few and far between. I didn’t want an argument about its use, but to understand who else uses one and for what purpose. It was a simple question really. this is the tool in question....
  5. Tford

    Shot pistols

    Its not my intention to explain myself, my work, or hobbies to you. Needless to say I have the necessary good reason, and make a decision on the day on what tool most adequately serves the task in hand, be it rifle, shotgun, or pistol I may sound like a nutter, but you sir sound like an ********.
  6. Tford

    Shot pistols

    The OP is fairly clear as to the point... Just wondering how many people have, and use, shot pistols and the uses they were granted for? [waffle about my use and thought on cutting it down] Anyway interested to hear from other shot pistol users. Quite simple really. Not sure how I can make dumb it down further for you.
  7. Tford

    Shot pistols

    Yes... but I’ve carried it elsewhere!l for many miles, though different terrain, including on my stalking ground... I don’t need to actually carry it on a real stalk to form an opinion. I’m terribly sorry that I expressed an opinion that doesn’t agree with yours. I shall be sure to run any further thoughts past you first 😁 Anyway back to the question to shot pistol owners....
  8. Tford

    Shot pistols

    Do I consider that there are 410 shots that might otherwise be unsafe with a deer calibre centrefire - damn right I do (as always if done right). And I agree 99% of cases the rifle or knife will do. Hence I’ve never carried it for stalking and don’t plan to, but I wont criticise those who chose to carry one, much like I don’t criticise owners of guns I don’t see the need for (i.e 50 cal). And NO, I didn’t ask for experiences of general pistol users or thoughts on whether a dispatch pistol is warranted. I also didn’t ask for thought on whether losing three inches would make it more useful (It wouldn’t - it’d make it worse) but it would fit neatly in a jacket pocket which for me is handy. Anyway, back to the point... I asked who else has and uses a shot pistol and for what uses you were granted it?
  9. Tford

    Shot pistols

    A 6.5x55 round for example would go straight through. What if the ground were rocky, unsafe stop for a rifle round but ideal for a close dispatch with 410 pistol. What about additional meat damage? What about confined areas with a thrashing beast? What about at close range the scope is out/useless for a well placed shot? Anyway, back to the original post to shot pistol owners....
  10. Tford

    Shot pistols

    Same reason as any stalker with a dispatch pistol... in most cases the rifle will suffice for a follow up though + hopefully will never need a follow up shot.
  11. Hi, Just wondering how many people have, and use, shot pistols and the uses they were granted for. i have a 410 Taurus Judge Revolver 6 inch barrel (2 shot restricted) for the dispatch of trapped fox, and potentially dispatch of deer although it’s too unwieldy to carrying on the hip whilst stalking. Considering reducing it to 3 inch barrel to slip into a cartridge pocket... although it’ll still be quite the lump. Anyway interested to hear from other shot pistol users.
  12. Got a big Brattonsound... cannot fault it for basic robustness. Do like the lokaway safes though. Wish Brattonsound done one with carpeted interior and more in the way of storages options, or at least a stick on carpet kit
  13. One yesterday evening 8pm. Dog fox ran out of a thick hedgeline and straight towards me when hand called. Unfortunately for him he met a .22 WMR going to the other way at about 40 yards. 😁 total 206
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