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  1. One yesterday evening 8pm. Dog fox ran out of a thick hedgeline and straight towards me when hand called. Unfortunately for him he met a .22 WMR going to the other way at about 40 yards. 😁 total 206
  2. Don't know what level of proof is required as yet. No other satisfactory solution is the test in question, not that you have tried everything else first
  3. Click on the customer registration tab... The systems a bit clunky but works EDIT I should have read the above post first!
  4. Make sure you register with Natural England ready to apply online... they take 5 days to verify the account prior to the ability to apply. https://cwm.naturalengland.gov.uk/home/NE/CWM/CWMPortalPage.caf?mode=cust T
  5. Three dogs last night, one 140ish yrds, one 60ish yrds, the other 85ish yards. All with the unmoderated 6.5x55, shots straight into the chest. The 85ish yard one was more entertaining, my mate shot a rabbit with his LR and with 10 seconds the fox trotted out the hedge, picked up the rabbit an started to trot across the fields thinking he was the luckiest lad about. Needless to say his luck run out about another 5 seconds on... still he died happy 😁 Total = 193
  6. I’m not surprised. I struggle to get round mine often - but mainly due to two little ones at home.
  7. You’ll need more calibres by 6 months then! 😁 I’m also Kent based. That’s a decent patch of land for Kent. I think I’m in the 900acre region.
  8. God yeah, get using then stick in a variation ASAP. If it was me it’d be in bang on the 6 month mark... at latest! My first FAC was for 22wmr and 1500 rounds. There’s a clear argument for a HMR and more rounds. You ‘need’ a HMR for longer range bunnies (and foxes in closer range potentially) and as it tends to ricochet less. You need to buy bricks of 500 min to get same batch numbers for accuracy/consistency with a few left over just in case you can’t get what you need... so 750 sounds reasonable as a minimum.... never mention it’s cheaper by the brick, they don’t give two hoots about ‘cheaper’ arguments.
  9. 6.5x55 best of all worlds... big enough punch for reds, recoil more akin to a 243, easy to find ammo, suitable for use as a fox/deer rifle too as per the home office guidance... so pretty good as an all rounder. Find PRVI ammo and it’s sub £17 per box of 20. Only downside is that there is less second hand when compared with the 243.
  10. Thanks all. I managed to source a Taurus judge smooth barrel through a member on here.
  11. 1 more dog last night, should have been two but I missed a sitter. I was that annoyed I went home before I missed anymore!! total 153
  12. 6 in and around the young lamb fields last night. 6.5x55 and nm800. Out again tonight on the other block of fields. Total 152
  13. Tford

    Noise complaint

    Cheers. Councils can and will do 'stuff' where they have the grounds too - we're all to often the target for critisism either for not acting (where there's not enough evidence) or for acting (and stopping someone's fun). Restrictions on clay grounds are just one tiny example of noise controls being applied... in fact where satisfied of a stat nuisance councils have a legal duty to serve an abatement notice. That being said there are some Councils that seem a little ineffectual - housing associations and tenancy action are by far the worst I've seen in my time.
  14. Tford

    Noise complaint

    I manage a noise service in a local authority. They will not confirm who complained, and there will no be enough grounds for police to consider harassment based on what you are saying. The issue appears to be resolved so won't go anywhere. People's tolerance to noise varies greatly, and the Council have a legal duty to investigate to determine if a stat nuisance is occurring. Most the time noise is an irritant rather than actionable nuisance. The LA can also take action against multiple households if each are contributing to the occurance of stat nuisance, so the 'everyone else's dogs are barking too' won't necessarily wash - but most L.A. officers are unaware of those provisions. You appear to have resolved the issue, and bearing in mind the evidence required to pursue a case I don't see this going anywhere. T
  15. Jut a quick and massive thanks to Bluesj. Through him, and another, I managed to get a number for a s5 dealer with a Taurus judge 410 (rifling removed by importer) who was also able to restrict it to 2-shot for me. They even dropped it off on the way past me, saving a 5 hour round trip! Perfect example of what this forums all about. This was my top choice, but I’d not even contemplated finding one due to historic legality concerns - its a revolver but not a revolving shotgun. Thanks again Bluesj
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