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  1. Tford

    Humane dispatch

    With all the worry you would leave the animal to suffer. Dispatch as quickly, safely and as discretely as possible. The police aren’t ignorant and would take a sensible view based on the circumstances.
  2. Tford

    Fallow deer

    Certainly are... not exactly a evolutionary benefit. Stood out like a sore thumb this time of year. She’d have been laughing in the snow though!
  3. Tford

    Fallow deer

    Where I ahoot I seem to get more menil, leucistic, melanistic than ‘normal’ colourations... couldn’t say much about how yours arrived though.
  4. Tford

    Use or pamper

    I bought a silver pigeon III after saving up in my first fulltime job. That’s about 14 years ago. It’s still the most I’ve spent on a gun. I’ve contemplated doing the same and buying a sxs or semi but then I’d never use the SP.III. My advice is to use it, that’s what you bought it for - plus better to master one shotgun then be mediocre with lots... however I’ll never critique a man with many guns!!
  5. Tford

    Stuffed pheasant breast

    There’s an idea... may have to try that version.
  6. Tford

    Pigeon breast suggestions please

    After some debate. This evenings cooking consisted of warm pigeon and beetroot salad, and the making of pigeon sausage rolls... I think I’ve found my new favourite game bird!
  7. Tford

    Pigeon breast suggestions please

    Thanks all. Went and shot a few more today.. so will have plenty to try out now!
  8. Tford

    Renewal Letter - POORLY THOUGHT OUT.

    Being a manager for a licensing team (not firearms) I think you may have unreasonably high expectations tbh. As mentioned by others it doesn’t reveal anything and is not something that would cause any concern in terms of public safety. If this is the greatest problem with the local force then you’re doing well!! T
  9. Never cooked pigeon before (I know that’s probably a crime for a PW member!)... Anyway I’m looking a simple but great dinner recipe for pigeon breast, especially for the Mrs who can only think ‘feral pigeon’ when I suggest it!! looking forwards to suggestions! thanks trevor
  10. Tford

    Stuffed pheasant breast

    *cling film, not cloning film.... I bet you thought so that’s how come there were two on the chopping board 😁
  11. Tford

    Stuffed pheasant breast

    Not being a fan of pheasant I decided to try a new recipe, which I can wholeheartedly recommend. pheasant breast cut pocketed Packet stuffing (being lazy) inserted into pocket in sausage shape. closed pocket up, and wrapped in 3 pieces of streaky bacon placed on sheet of cling film with knob of butter alongside wrapped/rolled and tied up tight in cling film parcel to form a tube shape Poached for 15-20 minutes, then pan fried to crisp bacon (minus cloning film obviously) job done, you are then left with a nice piece of meat, cut along it and you’ll have a lovely sausage shape with bacon outer, breast middle, and stuffed core. Enjoy!
  12. Tford

    A1 tall camo bucket seats

    Yeah longevity was my only concern - hopefully theyll last. My recycling boxes broke after a few years - but were free! Thanks Trevor
  13. Hi all, A1 are out of stock of the above - but whilst waiting for restocking, do any of you use these and do they last. Up until now I’ve had the luxury of a council newspaper recycling box so a padded rotating seat appears flash to me. I’m mainly interested due to their ability to double as tubs for my kit (x2) thanks trevor
  14. Tford


    So keen to sell they only add one photo!
  15. I’ve always paid 50% on booking via bank transfer and the rest cash on the day. If close to the date (within a couple of months) I just transfer the whole amount even if not asked just to get it done and dusted. Atb