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  1. Jut a quick and massive thanks to Bluesj. Through him, and another, I managed to get a number for a s5 dealer with a Taurus judge 410 (rifling removed by importer) who was also able to restrict it to 2-shot for me. They even dropped it off on the way past me, saving a 5 hour round trip! Perfect example of what this forums all about. This was my top choice, but I’d not even contemplated finding one due to historic legality concerns - its a revolver but not a revolving shotgun. Thanks again Bluesj
  2. Thanks. I’ll be sure to make enquiries if you can find out more.
  3. I couldn’t see the shot, it was going to fast to check the size 🤣
  4. Interesting... any details? The rifling will have to already be bored out and restricted to two shot to maybe fit within the shot pistol requirements... doubt that’s happened. but still interested if you have the dealer name? thanks
  5. Update - FAC granted for max 2 shot ‘410 shot pistol’ conditioned for humane dispatch of animals and in connection with my profession (and associated qualifications).
  6. Surely not 😁 +1 on your comments. They are ‘tougher’ and appear better able to cope with shot when compared to pigeons. I was probably a bit strong on the ‘must’ roof part - the essential point was there though!
  7. First outing of many I hope?! No doubt with more attempts will come more ideas of what works for you on your permissions. i equally enjoy crow shooting as I do pigeons but for differing reasons - pigeons for fast sport and breasting, and crows for pure pest control satisfaction.
  8. You need a decent hide and be well hidden, with a degree of roof cover - that’s a must not an optional! They will fly high and spot you before you spot them if not. Cover face and hands if you have gloves/hat etc Do not move at all until you are ready to shoot, and use a decent cart, as they seem to be able to take quite a lot to get nice clean kills (although maybe better shooting might address that on my part!!) - I use no 5 in 32g A crow call also works well (primos power crow for example) If they spot you and they will, they won’t come near. Keep decoys tidy on area where they feed, as anything out of place may also spook them - you’ll soon see them turn away if that’s occurring. Im not expert, but have learnt these bits by trial and error. Only basic info, but hope it helps! trevor
  9. It doesn’t really need to be in all honesty, but wandering checking fox traps it’d fit in a relatively normal jacket pocket, whereas the Falco folder will need a jacket with a big old pocket. If checking fox traps in more obvious locations it may be easier to have some plastic sacks in one jacket pocket and a smaller gun in the other. Albeit one loud bang, but leave just carrying a black sack with a dead fox in - that’s the theorey. Plus - I just prefer them!
  10. Can’t imagine that they’re very refined in handgun terms! I just prefer the discreet nature of a handgun that can be put into small bag rather than the traditional ‘sawn-off’ style shot pistol
  11. Hi looking for a second hand shot pistol in 2 shot derringer format (bond arms type). Please let me know if you know of any for sale. alternatively keep an eye out for some rocking horse poop, that may be easier to find 😁 ta
  12. Two last night, strong wind, crept into the towards no1 dog who was browsing in the grass and dropped. No.2 dog came running with the wind directly to a call and dropped. 6.5x55. Total 121
  13. I bought the passive CENs as I just can’t justify the high price of the electronic ones. They fit perfectly, are very comfortable, and work well. No doubt the electronic ones aid better hearing of normal conversation, but the passive ones are sufficient for my needs. Ulyou can always upgrade to electronic later and it doesn’t necessarily cost anymore - plus you then have the passive modules for when you lack batteries! Finally with CENs if you are Kent based go to the pure tone head office in Rochester. Unlike all the companies who sell on their behalf they don’t charge an extra £25 for the mould. They were very helpful with mine, first visit they told me to get the gp to dewax my ears to get a better long term fit! And then they done it after. T
  14. Tford

    410 shot pistol wanted

    It may be, but my first choice is a bond arms derringer type (for humane dispatch). i doubt I’ll find a second hand derringer type so may be open to alternatives. whats the score with this one? feel free to pm if easier
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