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  1. £50 posted , I've used this twice and it comes with all the original leads/traps/box ECT just the way it left the shop .
  2. Houge stock off a Howa 1500 short action £70 postedIf intrested pics can be sent via email.
  3. Sorry if this is the wrong thread, can a gun owner leave a spare set of keys with his insured body ie BASC ECT in case he is out the country and the police need access to the cabinet for any reason thank you in advance . Is insures allowed to do this for there members?.
  4. Cheers guys , so all good then where we have permission from the farmer I can use his gun as long as he is next to me.👍
  5. Me and my mate have permission on the same ground, I have SGC and he has FAC so the question is can I shoot his 223 under his supervision? Sorry if this has been covered before, it's in scotland I ask this about many thanks.
  6. Anybody have one of the above, there's no proof marks on gun for steel shot , what's the max in grams of lead will this gun handle and be safe many thanks.
  7. Can a admin delete all of these posts except this one pls as I don't know what went wrong, it has put about 6 posts sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. The beretta I have is not proofed for steel shot, the question is can I shoot steel through it with chokes that say steel shot on them I've got a 1/4 and 1/2 chokes which say so on them would this be okay for steel shot thanks in advance.
  9. Now sorted , cheers Wabbitbosher ?
  10. I seen it mate its a bit far for me to travel cheers for the heads up. Wullie
  11. Sorry aboit that this phone is taking the **** m8 Much you want for them bud.
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