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  1. Thank you Lloyd, the guy I tried yesterday is going to sell it to me now, so I am sorted!
  2. Hi lloyd, Yes the newer oled versions are available (007A) but I was trying to save some cash in a preloved unit.
  3. Morning all, does anyone have a 007 they are getting shot of? thank you
  4. Sold subject to the usual!
  5. I’ve had this for about 5 years now. Works perfectly and has the sunshades etc. located Pe19 6 but can post £50?
  6. sold!! Well used but works fantastically. Loaded with calls ready to go! £65
  7. The echo stuff is great not well know outside professional circles Good luck with the sale
  8. They look great, I dont suppose you do them for SAKO .17 do you?
  9. Likewise! 🤦‍♂️
  10. R6demon


    Thanks Buddy! SOLD!
  11. R6demon


    Typical, I checked his main page and its £25, but the old website shows £10! Price drop to £8 delivered
  12. R6demon


    I thought this would sell instantly? Too expensive?
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