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  1. Guys thank you for the continued support! I have a spare Optisan scope on my LR so I will start by swapping them over. The MTC scopes have been very good to me in the past, the optics are very clear and I have never had an issue (up until now perhaps!) I’ve certainly never felt the need to spend ££££ on a scope to shoot at 100m especially as most of my shooting is through an LCD screen (NV) I understood that casings and the condition were critical in CF, Is this not the case in RF Turbo? its interesting to know how the scope works Ultrastu thank you. I will reset the turrets and see how far off I am! I saw the comment about shooting with the least human interaction and I certainly understand this! When I had the use of the driving range locally, I would set up the Site and Clean gun rest with the rifle strapped down and Zero that way, it makes a big difference especially when attempting a 2 shot zero. I also believe that I shoot far more accurately looking through the NV for the same reason! It’s also more comfortable that way. I am certainly No marksman, but I believe I owe it to my quarry to be able to shoot head shots up to 100m, without that confidence in my kit and ability I will not go out. regarding moderators, is there much difference between them? I have a SAK that I bought new on my .22 LR bit haven’t seen much difference between the generic one that came on the .17 and the SAK?
  2. I started using the Bi-Pod as I noted the accuracy was all over the place. its the first time i've used the Bi-Pod 😞 I was using quad stalking sticks up to that point.
  3. OK next plan, swap scope and try manually loading ammo.
  4. Interesting results, every couple of rounds I'm getting a small dent in the same place! Thats the same with both magazines! This seems to be the later rounds in the magazine!
  5. that seems to work OK. Plus I have removed the stock (which was attached firmly) and there isn't any debris or marking on the barrel: This is the 'Damage on the MOD at the first two chambers, is this just muzzle blast damage? The action removed - clean no markings The action, original trigger The stock Interesting thought, this was using two magazines, i will try the chambering now!
  6. Any tips on how to check this? Looking down the barrel I cant see any obvious pitting, I will try and get a picture
  7. I will get a picture, but even with a new Mod and with the Mod removed, the issue was still present? I will also check the stock screws this morning, although it all feels tight?
  8. Hi All, Sorry for the long post however, I am experiencing an odd issue with my CZ 452 which I bought SH around 3 years ago. Having been away from shooting for roughly a year due to working overseas, my fellow PW member and I popped out for some social distanced Rabbit shooting on Monday. After a quick check of the Zero at 100m everything seemed to fine however out in the field things started to deteriorate. I was head shooting rabbits at around 50-80m no problem, then the next 3 shots completely missed the target, back to headshots, next 2 shots completely miss the target this continued sporadically throughout the night. Having discussed it at length it was noted that I had never cleaned the bore of the rifle as that was the advice from the previous owner and a number of other people WRT .17HMR. The rifle was purchased from an ex PW member and had apparently only seen a couple of boxes of ammo from new and was in VGC aesthetically ( I am new to firearms!) I then spent the best part of 8 hours trying to clean the barrel, starting with KG2 bore polish, patching, soaking, brass brush on a rotating rod (only one way from breech to barrel) and patching dry, this process was completed over 20 times and the patches would still come out looking like the below pics. I then found and old unopened bottle of Tetra Gun Copper solvent and repeated the process above. When this didn't have the desired effect i poured some of the solution down the barrel, left to soak for 30 mins and repeated the patching process. This was repeated another 6 times in total in my quest for a clean patch! I have now used over 250 patches and scrubbed the barrel over 200 strokes and the patches are still fouled! At this point I stopped, cleaned the barrel a couple of times with KG2 and put a couple of lightly oiled patches through the barrel. Last night we went out into the field to check the rifle again. To start with we ran a couple of patches of Bore Eliminator through and scrubbed as above. The patches were slightly improved but still showing some deposits. The first couple of rounds (Hornady V-Max) were used as fouling shots and then the targets were set at 50m. All shooting was prone using a Harris BiPod and shooting bags. Initially the groupings seemed good, under a thumbnail size for around 15 shots, we had the occasional odd shot but that was put down to me laying on the ground. We moved to 100m and again, a couple of odd shots but the majority were within an inch for the first 10 shots. the rifle was zeroed and then it all started going wrong, 3 shots on top of another, 2 shots inches apart and so it continued. We changed Ammo to Winchester, it got worse. We changed to Remington and suddenly 4 bulls eyes. Then the next magazine goes back to un grouped shots. We tried a new pack on Hornady - all over the place. Back to the original V-Max and three shots in a tight group, 2 slightly off. Changed to Winchester, all shots on top of each other, next magazine all over the place within a 3in group. And so this continued! Things tested in short as im waffling! 1. All scope fittings checked MTC Mamba 4-16 2. Moderator swapped for new 3. Moderator removed Mod is in good condition with the exception of a bit of clipping / blast damage to the very middle holes? 4. Different Ammo 5. no visible damage to barrel, crown looks in VGC No signs of rust or deposits The only feedback on the internals from my shooting buddy is that the rifling looks rounded where as on a CZ he would expect it to be squared off? We are both baffled 😞 Any suggestions welcomed!!!!!!
  9. R6demon

    Mercedes C220

    Any pics? And a ref number would be handy too as well as location ? thank you
  10. That’s amazing thank you!! PM sent. nice purchase Penelope!! I like that!
  11. Thank you for all the replies guys. I managed to find this on ebay and the seller threw a shirt in as well! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F113926869550 i just need to find some socks and I’m sorted as I have a Tie and ridgeline coat! Are wellies suitable footwear? Or should I find a set of boots? as the wife pointed out, I can use this when I go beating anyway!
  12. Hi all, Ive been invited to a paid driven day through guns on pegs, but I’m having the ultimate nightmare normally reserved for women, that I don’t have anything to wear!! i do a reasonable of beating and field shooting but I don’t want to look like the Farmers cousin when I rock up in my usual attire from ridgeline, Aigle and Decathalon! the other issues I have are: a) I’m rather small 5’5 38 in chest 30/32 waist 29 inside leg b) the chance of me using this kit again is slim c) I have 2 weeks to sort this but working in Aus for another 10 days! d) I can’t wear scratchy materials next to my skin (I know I know!!) any suggestions??? Can you hire smart field wear?? HELP!!!
  13. Browning men’s Gillet size medium (but more in the large side) bought from another member but miles too big for me (I’m 38 -40 in chest) This is as new £25 posted
  14. All received thank you Oowee (I’ve been working overseas) ant, pm me your details and I’ll post on whichever ones I don’t use??
  15. Lovely looking bitch. Good luck with the sale, its the wrong timing for us unfortunately and I think the wife is set on a boring lab after our last springer (who was amazing but slightly deranged!)
  16. Hu John, Welcome On board! where abouts in Beds are you and what quantities were you looking for? im based in Cambs on the Beds border near St Neots :)
  17. If you could post I would be very interested! I live in st Neots Cambs?
  18. Everything’s sold as a job lot. Thank you!!
  19. I did PM you regarding it, he wanted them all as a job lot I’m afriad and paid full asking price.
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