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  1. Thank you Lloyd, the guy I tried yesterday is going to sell it to me now, so I am sorted!
  2. Hi lloyd, Yes the newer oled versions are available (007A) but I was trying to save some cash in a preloved unit.
  3. Morning all, does anyone have a 007 they are getting shot of? thank you
  4. Sold subject to the usual!
  5. I’ve had this for about 5 years now. Works perfectly and has the sunshades etc. located Pe19 6 but can post £50?
  6. sold!! Well used but works fantastically. Loaded with calls ready to go! £65
  7. The echo stuff is great not well know outside professional circles Good luck with the sale
  8. They look great, I dont suppose you do them for SAKO .17 do you?
  9. Likewise! 🤦‍♂️
  10. R6demon


    Thanks Buddy! SOLD!
  11. R6demon


    Typical, I checked his main page and its £25, but the old website shows £10! Price drop to £8 delivered
  12. R6demon


    I thought this would sell instantly? Too expensive?
  13. R6demon


    Pigeon Shooting Chris Green Vol 1 as new genuine copy £8 posted
  14. I have some Hornady, Remington and winchester for this exact purpose! I put my variation in on friday morning and received it back yesterday! Amazing service by Cambs!
  15. Morning guys, thank you again for all of the responses. I took the gun into the local shop and he agreed having inspected the rifle that it was more than likely one of the minor issues above, following a brief chat I ended up buying a Tikka T1X MTR at a VERY good price as a replacement and I am now awaiting a weather window to Zero it in! I am disappointed that I didn't get to the bottom of the issue, but I feel that I gave everything a 'good looking at!' I will be using the same scope / mounts / ammo , so if I experience another issue I can delve deeper!
  16. Hi Turbo, not as yet, I need to check the scope and mounts and check the loading by hand next.
  17. Guys thank you for the continued support! I have a spare Optisan scope on my LR so I will start by swapping them over. The MTC scopes have been very good to me in the past, the optics are very clear and I have never had an issue (up until now perhaps!) I’ve certainly never felt the need to spend ££££ on a scope to shoot at 100m especially as most of my shooting is through an LCD screen (NV) I understood that casings and the condition were critical in CF, Is this not the case in RF Turbo? its interesting to know how the scope works Ultrastu thank you. I will reset the turrets and see how far off I am! I saw the comment about shooting with the least human interaction and I certainly understand this! When I had the use of the driving range locally, I would set up the Site and Clean gun rest with the rifle strapped down and Zero that way, it makes a big difference especially when attempting a 2 shot zero. I also believe that I shoot far more accurately looking through the NV for the same reason! It’s also more comfortable that way. I am certainly No marksman, but I believe I owe it to my quarry to be able to shoot head shots up to 100m, without that confidence in my kit and ability I will not go out. regarding moderators, is there much difference between them? I have a SAK that I bought new on my .22 LR bit haven’t seen much difference between the generic one that came on the .17 and the SAK?
  18. I started using the Bi-Pod as I noted the accuracy was all over the place. its the first time i've used the Bi-Pod 😞 I was using quad stalking sticks up to that point.
  19. OK next plan, swap scope and try manually loading ammo.
  20. Interesting results, every couple of rounds I'm getting a small dent in the same place! Thats the same with both magazines! This seems to be the later rounds in the magazine!
  21. that seems to work OK. Plus I have removed the stock (which was attached firmly) and there isn't any debris or marking on the barrel: This is the 'Damage on the MOD at the first two chambers, is this just muzzle blast damage? The action removed - clean no markings The action, original trigger The stock Interesting thought, this was using two magazines, i will try the chambering now!
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