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  1. Huge thank you to Trevor for a great day's beating. If you need anyone to beat on the beaters day let me know. :)see you next year. Lee
  2. You have a pm Phil. Thanks lee
  3. Gents, thank you for all of the replies - I have replied to mt PM's and I am hoping to catch up with Neutron in the next couple of weeks to discuss the club over a coffee. I will report back! In the mean time, if anyone in the Beds / cambs area wants to meet for a coffee or a shoot just let me know!
  4. Duncan That's interesting! I have just moved from Beds to the border of beds and Cambs. What club are you in?
  5. Thanks P+P - I have had a good read through of the website and they were formed in 1971, but there is very little detail on the web, other than their own very limited website and the events calendar doesn't seem to work either. I was hoping to get some info from fellow PW members as they are only showing 73 members currently...? I have PM'd a couple of PW guys so will see what that brings back If the website is anything to go by, it sounds like my ideal club with lots of other activities going on including land management, gun dog training etc.
  6. Tight Choke - Thank you I *think* I have PM'd him!
  7. Hi Ollie, this is right on my doorstep but I haven't found a single person locally that has joined yet (or even heard of the CFSA) :( I'm loath to spend £102 on something that is an unknown. It sounds a fantastic opportunity but it's clearly in its infancy at this stage judging by the website, I was hoping to get a little more detail form the knowledgable chaps on here first. I will try a post in the main area perhaps?
  8. Has anyone joined the CFSA as yet? Anything to report??
  9. Just to let you know following the feedback I have bought a set of Aigle Parcours ISO 2 boots at the weekend as I found them in Decathalon for £119 as opposed to the £180 anywhere else! DECATHALON stick the full range of Aigle boots so you can try them all on. I have covered 8 miles of dog walking over 2 days and they are excellent!! Comfy warm and nicely fitting! Thanks for the tip! They also have a great range of hunting clothing at rock bottom prices! VERY impressed!!
  10. Hi guys watching with interest as I am in the market for a new set of boots. How do the Aigle boots fit? Do they come up bigger / smaller than other boots? Obviously you can't just pop tonthe shop and try them on first and I can't get the fitting guide in the website to work :( I'm normally a 41 in shoes and walking boots?
  11. Just a quick bit of feedback my local gunshop threw in a set of Surefire EP3s and the wife said that they were very comfy with a mornings shooting clays. They have removable plugs to fill the small holes, does anyone use them?
  12. D'oh! You beat me too it - I just edited my comment thank you!
  13. I gues the only issue with the flugz is that you should need to fit them at home prior to heading out shooting as they are reliant on a microwave? ** Edit, I have been reading a little more info on the Flugz and once they are set for your ears they keep their form! They seem to get Very good reviews too!! http://blog.bushwear.co.uk/mark-horsfall-reviews-flugz-advanced-hearing-protection. Off to dig a little further!
  14. Hi Trevor I would be interested. I'm in abbotsley I will drop you a text in the morning
  15. Which version are you using guys? Are these comfy to wear all day?
  16. Sounds perfect!! I will PM you my contact details!! Would love to get back into beating etc!!
  17. Thanks for he link Masmiffy! We nearly bought a house in Buckden, it's a lovely place! I know the chap who runs the brewery there! What are you shooting and where, are there any shoots locally that we could get involved in (that aren't £500 a day!!) I've been doing pest control for the local farmers over our way for years with the Air rifle but want to ask about the SG before taking that out!
  18. Hi guys, sorry I didn't get any notification for the replies, I did think it odd! We have just picked up a Lanber sporting from WabbitBosher (Mick Volkes) yesterday,a throughly nice chap!! Unfortunately we haven't been able to get out this weekend and have a play :( All I need to do now is find somewhere to get some Carts from, any suggestions for online suppliers? Masmiffy - We are in Abbotsley if you ever fancy a brew? Andy - its an open offer! Do either of you shoot at Reisley or Warelsey?
  19. Hi All, I have spent the last couple of weeks trawling the forum reading other peoples questions and the forum is a minefield of info so I have signed up!! My wife has just received her SGC and is looking for her first SG mainly for clay shooting with the odd rough shoot and pigeon / crow thrown in. She has so far tried and liked the following in 12G in order of preference: Miroku 3000 - 28 (we have been offered one for £650 which is very clean??) Are parts an issue? Her favourite gun by far Betinsolli Universal 30 in - have read very mixed reviews - is this just Brand snobbery> A close second to the Miroku Beretta 686E (expensive!) 30in Winchester 101 XTR 30in - parts are like hens teeth She's looking for something well balanced for around the £600 mark, any other suggestions as there are thousands of brands we have never heard of? We have to own a gun to attend our local club as it does not offer loan guns and we are new to the sport. She is 5'6 and although reasonably built she is new to shooting and recoil!
  20. Hi Guys, having just recently decided to get into SG from air rifles I thought I would finally register as I have been a 'Lurker' for many years - the wife has just got her SGC and we are ready to buy our first gun - so expect many 'stupid' questions!! We are just outside St Neots in the countryside
  21. Hello! New myself on here but Just over the bordering cambs if you fancy a brew anytime.
  22. Welcome on board! I am new to SG's but a looooong time lurker and shoot with a guy from Old Billing way
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