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  1. Shooting has a PR problem. It has no positive PR at all. This year I have been to both the Bath and West Show and the Mid Devon show. Given the clientele at both most likely largely pro shooting but a lot of Jo public to engage with and get a positive message out there. Guess how many shooting related stalls at each? Even clays? Yeah.wrong. BASC were at Bath and West I saw the devon wildfowlers at mid devon. Oh and the Devon gun dog club (cracking dogs there if any members are on here.) That's it. Not one gun shop (I admit it's the game fair this weekend, but there are tons of gun shops down here). Not one cartridge supplier No CPSA No clay clubs No field sports suppliers (other than clothing) Shooting has very little public face. No wonder people can blatantly lie about it with impunity.
  2. Coombe Farm is nearly there. Just lacks the pith helmets. 😁
  3. Well done you. I happened to be on some clays so was shooting at twice that rate. Thanks to all that had helpful suggestions... I will channel my inner Jackson and look at a glove for the rare time I may need it... 👍
  4. Well. Yes. 🤔 Not the question, but thanks. Just want to avoid some minor discomfort....
  5. Took the Tula out for the second time yesterday. Lovely and light. Smooth shooting, 28g 5's felt like 21g 7.5s from a 12 guage. Wonderfully balanced. Got many admiring comments with most mistaking it for an old English gun. Didn't shoot too badly with it either.  My only slight complaint is the choking of what is apparently full and extra extra extra full.... 😂 I have suspicion that the intention was that you have shot in the full barrel and slug in the xxx full. It's pretty much my go to gun now though. One question - I would really like a leather hand guard as my hand rests just at the end of the for end. Are there any that are less than £40? I kinda object to spending that much for what is basically a very small piece of shaped leather.
  6. I stick them in an rfd. For the sake of the £20 it cost me it was worth it. The last time installing the cabinet turned into a bit of a nightmare with my drill breaking, walls being very unflat and fixings breaking. What with all the running around required and various trips to DIY stores what should have been a 20minute job was about 4.5 hours. Had that been on moving day with needing to get guns secured it would have been waay more stressful. If you're buying all sorts can go wrong at the last minute, not that they happen often, but it does happen Long story short. Moving house can be unpredictable. Cover yourself.
  7. How does that work? Either something is S1 or it isn't. Surely flock control was added as a condition to the FAC?
  8. That 16 guage is lovely. Am phenomenaly jealous.
  9. It's definitely a step up, or more accurately, nothing to do with Baikals made at the rival Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. The Tula plant was established around 1712 and eventually made mosin-nagant rifles and eventually AK-47s. They weren't really a shotgun company. This model is an 'exhibition' module used as showroom pieces, so good engraving and finishing worthy of a more expensive gun. There are a couple of hints to more agricultural models in the range such as the heavy springs and swivels. Was able to take it out for a quick blast today, very smooth shooting and the coin finish is very eye catching and it got a few admiring comments.
  10. Pretty much sums it up. I also find them smoother to shoot than the 12, although I know there are many factors to that.
  11. Nowhere near. Springs aside, they are very well finished Close up of the action.
  12. Yup, this one's 1960's ish and fully Nitro proof. The previous owner was not kidding when he described the leaf springs as coming from a Land rover. 😁
  13. I'm quite fortunate that most shops around me stock at reasonable prices. I have found either the lyalvale supreme game 25gms 6's or the eley vip game 28gms 5's are both well up for the job.
  14. Added another to the collection. Tula Hammer gun in 16g.
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