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  1. Agreed. It all depends how and when you want to make your money. Do you want to flip the plot with outline planning or do you want to develop it yourself? You will need specialist advice and you need to be prepared to pay for it.
  2. I find straight hand stocks much less forgiving on fit than say a half pistol. If I am buying a cheap(ish) SxS I favour anything other than a straight hand unless it would be worthwhile getting it fitted.
  3. Thanks for the offer.... but hell no! 😁 One other thing on the heating side - If you do go PV SAPs shows a better uplift utilising a diverter to the hotwater system than it does going to battery storage. Bit of an odd one as it seems to be less efficient in terms of energy conversion and storage but no one said any of this had to make sense... Another cheeky quick win I occasionally use (where the wrong insulation has gone in or something and I am desperate to make up some points) is a Waste Water Heat Recovery. They are jank, highly doubt they actually work other than in the
  4. Already a thing. You will definitely have to provide hard wired smokes and CO. Will the entries be separate or communal? This can make a big difference to the requirements under part B. Note that the regs refer to a D2 LD3 system being minimum - this has been superseded/revised by a more current version of BS 5839 and buildings now require LD2 minimum which means heat detectors to kitchens and smoke to escape routes and primary living spaces. Also as you are going rented the alarms will need a tamper proof battery back up. At two stories you will need to pay attention to the requirements
  5. If you don't mind me asking what sort of budget are we talking? Fundamentally gas is still good for a couple of years - if you are doing this right now don't reject a new and efficient gas boiler out of hand, pair that with some slightly fancy TRVs and a decent control system and you can get some nice SAP/EPC benefits as well as being very cost effective. I have a few alternative options that maybe suitable but it rather depends on how much cash you are willing to throw around. Also depends if you want to live in it or whether it would be a rental.... Would PV be an option? As
  6. Lord v


    This makes almost 0 sense and something (if true) that could be resolved with a £5 stainless grate.
  7. That's rather the crux of the matter. All EU residents over here had to do is show they entered the country legally, had proof of ID and proof of continuous residence and I imagine the Spanish system was similar (being reciprocal and all that...). Wonder which bit Shaun failed? Also - they have had 4 years to do this. What did they think would happen? As someone who has had to navigate the 'proper' immigration system of this country (which is a major ball ache and ££££) I never at any point thought the rules shouldn't apply to me. My sympathy is hugely limited.
  8. The need to eat is a great leveller when it comes to sex/religion/background/wealth. I wouldn't say the article is 100% positive and some of it came across as a bit sneery - as in "look how cr*p the US has got that even 'ordinary people' have to become prepping nutjobs, thank God its not like that here"... but maybe that's just me. On the whole you're right though - there is limited airtime given to the animal rights nuts and a fairly positive look at responsibly sourced food. It does make for a slight change of pace
  9. Yeah that's not a small boiler... Historic buildings are going to be a nightmare - under the current regs you get a free pass if the building is listed or historic but I don't know if that will continue (it certainly should). As you say - these buildings were 'designed' (or rather built on the premise) of far leakier (and in some cases damper) construction. Simply insulating by blocking up the gaps with insulation really isn't going to solve the problem and will almost certainly make the problem worse. Come up with a good solution to that and this time next year we will be mi
  10. Did you ever look at borehole installation of the ground loop? Although the drilling isn't cheap it's quicker and less disruptive. Just one 150mm hole about 70m deep will do the average house. If mains gas is readily available though it will never really stack up. If I was given free range I would be pushing ground source heat arrays. As long as you don't over saturate the ground then they are more staple than a PV field and require far less maintenance.
  11. To be honest my experience hasn't been great with them either. As they rely on lower operating temps the heating systems act differently to a gas powered system and there is significant consumer 'training' and expectation management along side them. If you try and run them like a gas system they will be horribly inefficient. The other common issue with retro fit is radiator size - as they operate at lower temp you need larger emitters and sometimes these just don't fit and have to be compromised. Also from a Planning perspective locating the external units is a ***** nightmare. I am havi
  12. I am quite a strong believer in the micro scale (every 100 houses or less) of energy production being the future. If I wanted a single house off grid that's pretty easy. 2000 or so is a different story and not all the technologies scale very well. We will see ground source and air source heat pumps really pick up in the next few years with the changes to Part L. PV and Wind power is also quite efficient and attainable at the single dwelling level. With the advances in battery/capacitor and heat battery tech the ability for a single dwelling to operate off grid is not longer the fevered dream o
  13. In short I think you are right - Hydrogen powered vehicles will quickly become the vehicle of choice when the storage and infrastructure issues are resolved enough for commercial use. If your houses can get a hydrogen supply and use it to top their tank every morning in 5 minutes.... why would I go electric with a battery full of 'dirty' metals that I have to keep plugged in for 7 hours?
  14. Probably was - Vailant was one of the companies I have been speaking to. Someone will be making money out of this that's for sure. I see this morning that the National Grid is buying WPD and funding the deal by flogging its Gas holdings. 'Electric or bust' for National Grid as it snaps up WPD for £8bn : CityAM. That's some serious cash flying around. And as if by magic: National Grid explores plans for UK hydrogen ‘backbone’ | National Grid Group
  15. I am expecting to see great strides in hydrogen deployment in the next 3-5 years. However I suspect this will be driven by housing rather than the car industry. Traditionally gas heating has always been considered 'clean' (or at least cleaner than electricity). However the more we generate from renewable sources the needle is swinging to electric being cleaner which reverses the trend we have seen over the last 15-20 years. Successive governments push for cleaner/ more efficient housing stock has hardly been a secret and recently they have decided that the needle has swung enough t
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