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  1. Even if it is a lost cause BASC need to take this to court. The way I see it is the "No GP letter = No certificate" will come if nothing is done. Therefore an appeal won't make anything worse - at worst we end up exactly where we are right now. Even if unsuccessful then an appeal judgement would probably comment on charges for the GP letter, who should bare these, whether Dr's can make a conscious objection, and make recommendations for consistency. This would avoid the inevitable disparities and 'make-it-up-as-you-go' approach that will inevitably be adopted by forces should this just be allowed to rumble on. It can only help matters. Realistically it will be a struggle, if not impossible, to beat the BMA/Police; if not in the courts then in the court of public opinion. I do agree with the BASC assessment that we will end up paying for the initial Dr's input. However that doesn't mean A) we shouldn't try and B) push very very hard to make the fee a statutory charge (This should be BASCS goal IMO). In any negotiation you push till the other side squeals to find the line. At the moment I see no squealing from anyone so it can't be a surprise the police are pushing. A court case, even one with a remote chance of winning, draws a clear line.
  2. renew licence

    Really? Is Vic not still around?
  3. Bags for life

  4. Worst Gigs..

    Manic Street Preachers post Richey Edwards in about 2003. Utter utter ****. I quite like the Dropkick Murphy's - I saw them on that Pogues tour in 2005. I thought they were alright that time, not on top form and maybe slightly the wrong crowd. They have been going for ages and tbh I would say their popularity s on the decline. I will say The Pogues (especially Shane ) were the better band that night though by someway. Different strokes I guess.
  5. Are the Winchester SXP any good?

    I picked up a weatherby PA-08 a while ago. The SXP was another option. Weatherby was £260 brand new and I can't really fault it. It's performed really well and the only jams have been user error and easily rectified. I have done a more complete write up in the pump club thread above.
  6. Question for gunsmith

    Was that barrel pressed into service as a bean pole?
  7. which shotgun

    Not going to help the situation but I got a pump action last month and I love it. Prefer it to my o/u.
  8. Pump Club

    It's definitely got some character now!
  9. Pump Club

    Have now put about 600 through the weatherby. Action has worn in nicely and is noticeably smoother. User error jams from not coming all the way back now hardly ever occurr.... Main gripes: the black finish on the receiver and barrel scuffs easily. The lifter in particular has quite significant brass line down it from loading cartridges. The black on the magazine tube is also obviously wearing. Nothing that affects the operation of the gun though. It's a cheap gun, and I haven't been that precious with it. Also the instructions are rubbish and not worth the paper they are printed on. Not really a gripe, but the supplied chokes are a bit tighter 'choke' (or seem to be) than I like. Easy enough to get used to though. Everything else seems solid though. Goes bang everytime you pull the trigger and hits whatever you point it at. The synthetic stock seems bomb proof and no obvious wearing of the mechanical parts. Very easy to strip and clean even for a mechanical idiot like me. I do like the balance of it and the look to be honest, the brass bead gives it a nice finish. It's not the greatest pump action out there, and there is nothing fancy about it at all. But it's cheap, works, and more importantly looks like it will keep on working.
  10. Need help zeroing

    either that or quite a few of us are mad and/or blind!
  11. Need help zeroing

    The rings look different heights to me too.
  12. What over and under?

    A 2nd hand laurona in good condition will set you back about £350. I really like mine and they have a solid reputation.
  13. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    I think it was the Russians. Chap was double agent, he won't be the only one. Some probably far more valuable than this bloke. It's all about sending a message; "we will find you, we will kill you". The attack needs to be public so the news gets out. It needs to be obviously russian in origin so the message works, but 'sloppy' so the Russians have public deniability. It's a nice little warning shot. The chaps son died on a trip to Russia a couple of years back from a 'heart attack'... Definitely suspicious. Either that or I need to put down the Rankin....
  14. Cleaning Kit, Rifle Hardcases and Monopod

    I'll take the cleaning kit. Pm sent
  15. breakdown cabinet

    Ah, thanks. It doesn't come up on mobile. Too far for me anyway.