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  1. Lord v

    One of those days.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one. Fortunately not much to do tomorrow, so much less to go wrong..... 😁
  2. Lord v

    One of those days.

    Recently moved house and had put the guns into storage. Because of holidays and weddings we hadn't been around much so hadn't had a chance to fit the safe up again, plus had to wait for cert to come back with new address. (That only took 4 days, so props to A&S) So, being all efficient put the drill on charge last name night. The old girl is a bit venerable now and can only do two holes in masonry before needing recharging. Nay bother, drill two - cuppa and a bicky while back on charge, drill the next two. Have breakfast, drill first hole - fine. Drill conks out half way through second. Hmm. Stick back on charge - back to full power suspiciously quickly. Drill another half hole, conks out again. Start to look at drills on Screwfix... Bit skint though (see above about moving house). Ah well, only two holes to go. Can probably struggle through that. Cut the grass, while drill on charge. Lawnmower seems to have developed a lose connection somewhere so cuts out randomly. Whole thing takes a lot longer than it should - still, probably an easy fix and one for tomorrow. Time is getting on a bit now and the gun shops 30 mins away. Still only two holes left to drill, so nip to get guns. Back a bit later. Get drill to do last holes. *Phut* Dead. Nada. Mother.... Hit internet for new drill. Homebase have a wired hammer drill for £15. Reviews are iffy, but what the hell - only needs to do two holes. Pack guns back into car (wife and kid at home and no other way to secure), 20 minutes to homebase, get drill, 20 minutes back. Drill works- blinding. This day can be saved. Insert fixings, line up cabinet... Weird... Holes all seem a bit high. Fine. Cutting the carpet out from under the cabinet should do it. Shift cabinet and slice out carpet. Manhandle back. All looks good. Bolts in and tighten... But wait- what fresh hell is this... Wall isn't quite flat. Hmm, doesn't seem far out, can probably just tighten everything up enough and could silicon fill any gap if needed. Nope. Really not flat. Shear one fixing, another stuck in wall. **** Well that explains the holes not being right. Can move the cabinet along the wall a bit. Break out spirit level (not being caught again) ... Wall is out here as well. But can build plinth that will lift it enough to get to flat bit. Have 2x4 in garage so toddle off to do that. That done, mark up and start to drill. Hit some kind of metal wall tie behing the plaster and drill skips, massacring a load of wall. **** Shift cabinet further along wall. Drill another 4 holes. The sharp ones amount you will have noticed I'm 2 anchors down. Never fear - I have spares. Somewhere. In a box.... ****. Still I know which one. Search for box. Nothing. Ask wife whereabouts of box. Has been binned... Because 'it just had some random bolts in and old paint brushes in' Google 'divorce'. Decide that will be too long and far too expensive. Slip guns again and make a quick dash to b&q. (Another 20 minute each way drive). Finally fit cabinet. Lock up guns. Have cup of tea. The lawnmower should be warned that I have a 12g and 0 patience left..... 😁
  3. Lord v


    S1 shotgun and a .243 are completely different! start blasting crows with the 243 and see what he has to say about that..... The devil in me is thinking he was just testing your good reason tbh. If you roll over easily then you probably don't actually need one.
  4. Lord v

    Is it time for the "sin bin" in football?

    I watched that shocking display yesterday. I think something like a sin bin, but call it a 'health and fitness assessment'. Basically it can be ordered by the referee if he deems it necessary (which will be based on the players reaction...) and the player is immediately removed from the field for the assessment that should take no less than 5 minutes. Easy sell as a 'player welfare' initiative. Won't be bad for those genuinely injured. Clubs investment in a player is further protected so players don't carry on playing with genuine injuries. Time off the field is too short to bring the game down with negative play, but long enough that it discourages play acting.
  5. Lord v

    Horse fly bite

    gotten bitten by one of those ******* on the forehead - next morning I had a cricket ball sized lump on my head. took four days of antihistamines to get it down.
  6. Lord v

    Pump Club

    See I have womens hands. I would be fine. lol.
  7. Lord v

    Pump Club

    I like yer mugs. 😁
  8. Lord v

    Handing in rifles

    Indeed, but that will take time and effort. More than enough time to think about what you're doing if you have ill intent. Removes firearms from a potentially flammable situation. Pretty sensible. Surrendering your fac is saying you no longer believe yourself to be suitable to hold firearms. A very different prospect. Hence why I said I would be taking advice...
  9. Lord v

    Handing in rifles

    I can see the sense in putting guns into storage. Removes the obvious threats and recriminations that go along with these things. Can't see any reason to surrender FAC though. I would be taking advice on that.
  10. Lord v


    Yup. Just never heard of 1/2 choke being described as "too tight" for a beginner before.
  11. Lord v


    Really? I started choked 1/2 and 1/2 and still am. Have 1/2 in my pump action as well. Other than using skeet for skeet I never swap out. I'm not the greatest shot, but I do ok. Never heard that advice when starting.
  12. Lord v

    Fjall raven jacket xl

    one day I will beat TC to the good stuff...
  13. Lord v

    Just one gun?

    I would go with a pump action. Browning BPS or something like that.
  14. Lord v

    Royal garden party

    Afternoon on the clays then home for some schnitzel and potato salad in honour of the royal wedding. 😂