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  1. New acquisition - English ejector named as W. Hensman, no serial number. No info online, I imagine a regional seller of trade guns? If anyone has any info it would be appreciated. Sleeved barrels, but that doesn't bother me. Seems to be a good job. Proof mark is 1974, but I assume this was from the sleeving as there are some older marks barely visible on the flats. I believe the stock also dates from the same time. Some decent engraving and chocolate brown barrels. Quite happy with it!
  2. How advanced is the cancer? Is it around the rafter joints? Precast units can suffer with thin cover to the bar all round, your problem maybe tricky to fix. Pics will definitely help.
  3. This is my gun. Any questions please ask. It is Section 2 - forgot that bit. Also found the other chokes. They are IC and Full. Will also accept cash if you want to make an offer.
  4. Most archery clubs are against them because they make a terrible mess of the (not inexpensive) targets they use, will just strip your bolts or you will lose your bolt in the middle of them. Plus they need a heftier backstop or longer distance behind the target which most clubs just don't have. Its easier to just say no. Most Archery clubs share land so cant be open everyday, though tbh I never found them that expensive. The last one I was a member of was about £120 for the year with no additional fees. Clubs tend to be against randoms turning up with a bow they purchased as you need to know range protocol and ideally not shoot yourself or someone else... Honestly, as you can't hunt with them in this country I just cannot see the point in them. Especially when a low powered air rifle is just as accessible and IMO more appropriate for some back yard plinking.
  5. A .410/22 literally just popped up on GunWatch.
  6. Lord v


    The Labour proposals to nationalise everything they could possible get their hands really didn't help them. Their leader is a man who has publicly spoken in glowing terms about the government in Venezuela....that tends to make people a bit twitchy.
  7. Lord v


    I'm gutted I'm not getting my 4 day week. (Very happy with the result tbh!)
  8. 'normally' - i.e. not every time, not a legal requirement. As stated above, a SGC is the easiest check to show the person buying isn't a prohibited person.
  9. Usually I would be OK risking it, but the Mrs is a yank and if I was not allowed back due to silly reasons my life wouldn't be worth living.
  10. Struggling to find a definite answer on this one, did have a link to the regs but seems to be broken. I'm off to the US in a week, are choke tubes and reloading press' bars etc covered by the ITAR regs? I seem to remember chokes being a bit of a grey area....
  11. He may well be right that he has a plug but the tube may also be crimped. My weatherby has the removable plug as I guess it is standard to shove it in for boxing up for shipping around the world. The tube is also crimped though, I guess to comply with UK law. I did have a moments panic when I got the gun home and realised I could remove the plug... Thought I had been sold the S1 version. 🤣
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