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  1. Lord v

    Home office guide lines.

    You absolutely can be taken to court for not following or having due regard to guidance. Ref Ali v London Borough of Newham The case is also interesting as it does (sensibly) show there is a heirachy of guidance and more regard should be given the higher you go. Ie Home Office guidance trumps guidance from an individual police force.
  2. Lord v

    Leather Boots

    I have a pair of mammut gtx boots still going strong after 8 years. Will definitely buy again. Although I have read there was a bad batch for a few years when they moved production to India I think.
  3. Lord v

    moped scum, gloves off?

    I am desperately trying to think of the myriad of legit reasons someone may have for not stopping for a police car with full blues and twos. Cos at the moment I have bupkis.
  4. Lord v


    Was eyeing up some of these yesterday in a shop. Stacked up well in the looks department against more expensive marques
  5. Lord v

    Pump Club

    You have missed the obvious solution. Get a larger cabinet.
  6. Lord v

    I need shotgun restorer suggestions

    I have been following this one on Instagram... Some quality work by James.
  7. Lord v

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    I really need to stop buying shoes... 😋
  8. Lord v

    Survival tools

    Ditchman. 😂
  9. Lord v

    Hand Forged Knife

    How long is it?
  10. Lord v

    ashers bakery

    Absolutely the right decision. No one should be forced to say something they don't want to. (Think about the implications in the legal field for a start...)
  11. Lord v

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    From my really limited experience of 'nice' shoes there is a significant jump in quality that justifys the extra £100 a pair.
  12. Lord v

    Car keeps getting a flat battery

    Immobilizer is the other favourite for this. Easiest way to check is to do what bigcat said. (Also check the right rated fuses are in there at the same time)
  13. Lord v

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    You ****** . I have now been ruined. New shoes arrived and they are the nicest thing I have put on my feet. I'm never buying cheap **** again.
  14. Lord v

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    That's just sensible.
  15. Lord v

    Emergency Alerts

    Lots of other countries do. US for one