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  1. Lord v

    ashers bakery

    Absolutely the right decision. No one should be forced to say something they don't want to. (Think about the implications in the legal field for a start...)
  2. Lord v

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    From my really limited experience of 'nice' shoes there is a significant jump in quality that justifys the extra £100 a pair.
  3. Lord v

    Car keeps getting a flat battery

    Immobilizer is the other favourite for this. Easiest way to check is to do what bigcat said. (Also check the right rated fuses are in there at the same time)
  4. Lord v

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    You ****** . I have now been ruined. New shoes arrived and they are the nicest thing I have put on my feet. I'm never buying cheap **** again.
  5. Lord v

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    That's just sensible.
  6. Lord v

    Emergency Alerts

    Lots of other countries do. US for one
  7. Lord v

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    Herring emailed today to say that unfortunately one pair I ordered were not in stock but very nicely offered 30% discount on any other shoe to make up for it. Quality customer service.
  8. Lord v

    How much ?

    Easily. It will be old, probably put into its first barrel before you were born. The mash from the finest barley. From a small batch distillery.
  9. Lord v

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    Miles away from good shoes. But very close to cider. 😎
  10. Lord v

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    c'mon. you know you want to.
  11. Lord v

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    I think I will try and get it sorted. If anything its got worse over the years. (Although shifting some weight will help) In the meantime I have pulled the trigger on a pair of Herring shoes for more formal wear and a (much) cheaper pair of Sebago shoes to mix things up and give my nice pair a chance to rest. I did look at the solovair shoes - I may try a pair next.
  12. Lord v


    claptrap ˈklaptrap/ noun Woman on Plymouth Docks. "Careful Dave, she's a right claptrap"
  13. Lord v

    Is it only me.

    The normal ones screen out people who may have any ability/nous . Lass I work with applied and got an interview with the producers. Her rejection letter basically was a carefully crafted 'you have too much common sense to let you anywhere near the show '
  14. Lord v

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    Thanks - when I had the OP the GP said they may review it, but in the end it wasn't bad enough for the NHS to really do anything. If you were to see me walk you wont notice anything, but I scuff the outside of the heel and all the weight is on the outside of the foot with barely any anywhere else. I may try to go private - an insert would probably help. In the meantime I will go for a pair of loakes and maybe a pair of barbours. (The Mrs may notice and/or castrate me if I spend twice the rent on a pair of Ed Greens!)
  15. Lord v

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    😂 Old Farrier - what size works out as a man's 11?