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  1. That has been the case for construction companies and consultancies for a long time and this hasn't slowed due to Brexit. British consultancies tend to be seen as a 'good buy' because as a general rule we have the experience in operating in multiple countries with diverse order books while still being small enough to be cheap. Therefore pretty attractive for large American/Canadian companies wanting to take the 'global' step.
  2. A dealer will claim no one wants your exact gun even if there is a queue of people out the door pledging their first born offspring for it.
  3. Lord v


    Don't think do, as far as I was aware it's an American company still. Its rifles are still made in the US I believe but they shipped the manufacture of their shotguns to Turkey. ATA may have made those under licence? Just looked at the Weatherby website and it appears their pump action is discontinued.
  4. I would be tempted with a sleeping bag as well, depends how far you will be pushing yourself a day. Can make the difference between a proper **** night and a bearable one. If not, foil bag. Again granny and egg situation but make sure someone knows your plan, rough route and a check in time. If it all goes Pete tong someone coming looking without having to make contact makes all the difference.
  5. Lord v


    That's a shame. Still have mine, works well for me but if it ain't right no point keeping it. I know the weatherby was made in Turkey so I wonder if the manufacturer has just started flogging the same gun under a different name.
  6. Some ration biscuits. Couple of hand warmers. Spare pair of socks Obviously good clothing, gloves and boots will be the starting point.
  7. Lord v


    I see Sportsman has a new bargain basement pump action and semi auto range. Apparently maker is 'Alaska' - but seems to be 0 Info online. The pump action seems very similar to the weatherby they were selling (which had solid reviews both here and in the US). Trigger set especially seems very similar with same style, safety and pin locations, so may not be complete garbage. Anyone know the background on the maker?
  8. They are just closed today mate. Back open tomorrow then closed for the Bank Hols.
  9. Get it done. My mum ignored her knee for ages because she didn't want time off work. She has now had to have both knees and both hips done all pretty much one after the other a few years later. If you're fairly young then the recovery isn't likely to be the full three months anyway.
  10. That's helpful. Can also do payment with a card now which makes things so much easier.
  11. Lord v

    MEC 600Jr 12g

    Price? could you post?
  12. When I moved A&S wanted to know what my security was going to be. Wrote it on a form (previously inspected cabinet fixed to external wall) , that was it. Revised Cert in the post a week later. They haven't checked up more than 9 months later.
  13. It's certainly not down here.
  14. A FAC is a Firearms Certificate, it's also referred to as a Section 1 or S1. It's what you need to own rifles (Inc. Air rifles over 12ft/lbs) and high capacity shotguns. Its like a pistol permit in some states. Its generally slightly harder to get than a SGC (shotgun certificate) as you need to show 'good reason' to own what you want. In practice this isn't as hard as it sounds, it basically boils down to stating what you want and proving you have somewhere to use it. Rifle ammunition (and slugs) are S1 and limits on ownership are imposed by the FAC. Sales are controlled and must be recorded. No such restrictions on shotgun cartridges though. Although you may start to fall foul of explosive storage laws if you have over 10,000 or so....
  15. Are you charged the whole cost of your private fuel? Or is it just the tax you lose?
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