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  1. It's definitely a step up, or more accurately, nothing to do with Baikals made at the rival Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. The Tula plant was established around 1712 and eventually made mosin-nagant rifles and eventually AK-47s. They weren't really a shotgun company. This model is an 'exhibition' module used as showroom pieces, so good engraving and finishing worthy of a more expensive gun. There are a couple of hints to more agricultural models in the range such as the heavy springs and swivels. Was able to take it out for a quick blast today, very smooth shooting and the coin finish is very eye catching and it got a few admiring comments.
  2. Pretty much sums it up. I also find them smoother to shoot than the 12, although I know there are many factors to that.
  3. Nowhere near. Springs aside, they are very well finished Close up of the action.
  4. Yup, this one's 1960's ish and fully Nitro proof. The previous owner was not kidding when he described the leaf springs as coming from a Land rover. 😁
  5. I'm quite fortunate that most shops around me stock at reasonable prices. I have found either the lyalvale supreme game 25gms 6's or the eley vip game 28gms 5's are both well up for the job.
  6. Added another to the collection. Tula Hammer gun in 16g.
  7. I really like 16g... I now have two. Top is a Tula Hammer gun, the bottom a Midland Gun Company (pretty sure its a 'super demon') dated 1941.
  8. Lord v

    Baby emus

    Nope, just cassories and ostrich.
  9. I have a browning one I got in a sale a few years back. Lasted very well and the pockets are huge. Browning Rochefort I think it is. If they still make it.
  10. And particularly as I said 'sometimes'.
  11. I wouldn't say the view of pumps or s/a fits that though. I would far rather see a flagged semi or pump slung over someone's shoulder than a gun slip containing a gun that may or may not be loaded and/or safe. Sometimes the 'traditional' way of doing things just isn't that safe. Especially if people are waving the slip around as if a bit of leather and canvas has magical shot stopping properties. Saw a chap a few weeks ago removing his o/u gun from his slip (fortunately doing so properly). On breaking the gun as he pulled it out there were a couple of live cartridges still loaded.
  12. No worries 👍 Someone got a bargain
  13. The gun that fits. Which may not be a Beretta. Why the 32" barrels? is that what your used to?
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