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  1. This is the bit I'm stuck on. From the sounds of it the boundary fence is significantly shorter than the standard 1.8.
  2. Lord v

    Kimi Raikkonen

    I do remember the classic Hakkinen interview after a qualifying session which was something like- Interviewer: you set pole and 10 fastest lap times today. Could you have done anything else? H: No.
  3. I have done lots of work with TW. The general rules of new build apply: 1) Quality is very dependent on how good the site manager is. Has way more impact than the name of the company on the door. Meet the bloke. Google his name - NHBC/LABC awards don't mean everything but if the chap has a raft of them behind him he probably cares enough about his job to do a good one. (although if he has none it doesn't mean he is bad). 2) snag, snag and snag again. There are companies that will professionally do this for you for a nominal fee (a few £100). Actually worth it generally. 3) if buying off plan make sure you review the plans properly. Look at adjacent properties and how they impact yours. 4) timber frame is nowhere near as bad as it used to be 5)note when extras have to be requested by and get them in at least a week before the due date. Sales will try and squeeze things in resulting in rushed finishes and poor quality. 6)management fees - get it in writing plus the increases. Also worth checking there is a 'residents formation' clause, that where the residents can set up their own manco and control the costs that way. 7)see if there is a near finished plot of the house type to look at and ask nicely to see it. It will be way more helpful than looking at just a slab or 'your' house. TW - honestly, a pretty middle of the road cookie cutter builder. There are better, there are certainly worse. They are a 'volume' housebuilder - they use their purchasing power to get good deals on their fixtures and fittings, however because of the amount they need to purchase these are rarely top quality items that are produced in smaller quantities. As to affordable housing - check the site. The % is a policy/planning requirement. Just because its in a 'nice' part of town doesn't mean there will be less affordable - it will always be the minimum they can get away with.
  4. That will definitely sting the next morning.
  5. I would second Beer and Seaton.
  6. Lord v

    PC Package

    If you definitely need a desktop then basically this. Rysen are good little chips - I would be tempted to go with the Rysen 3 3300x. There is little difference between this and the R5 3600 range to really justify the price step. M.2 SSD as well if you can.
  7. Lord v

    PC Package

    As above - is there a particular reason you need/want a desktop? To be honest most homeschooling activities will be cloud based and unlikely to require the power of a desktop. Unless you are gaming/video or photo editing or need exceptionally large amounts of storage then a laptop will deliver far better value especially if you want to upgrade peripherals at the same time. The laptop discobob has posted is extraordinarily good value and will likely do what you need.
  8. Bubonic plague has never gone away. It crops up every so often and has done for years. Massive non story that wouldn't get any air time in any other year.
  9. I imagine yes. I haven't seen the small print but I imagine it includes a clause along the lines of.' insurance will provided as long as it is underwritten at reasonable expense to the organisation' (if it doesn't then BASC are more idiotic than I give them credit for) PI on designs/work in engineering is often caveated this way as well. Complaints to the FCA or anything like that will be a complete waste as such clauses are very common. Far better off voting with your feet. Edit: just checked the wording we use and it's 'provided that the insurance remains available to organisations of equivalent size and type of (consultant) at commercially reasonable rates and on commercially reasonable terms' Any challenge to BASC would have to be on the word 'reasonable'. (assuming that's what they have, and I imagine they do)
  10. As the other two said, they will spray a delightful mix of anal secretions all over the joint if they think you are a predetor. Forgot to add, if you do handle it, a hand immediately behind the head and one mid body to support the bulk of the snake. Hope you find it!
  11. They will head somewhere dark, moist and warm. Under the dishwasher or behind a tumbledryer will be the spots I would check first. For the love god don't use tape or anything sticky. That messes up a snake. You need flour, a dead mouse, big Coke bottle (may have to cut the top ope a little) , towel and a low level heat source (one of those chemical clicky button hand warmers will do) or failing that warm up the towel. Spread decent amount of flour on the floor(you want to use it to see tracks) Pop mouse in bottle and lay on its side, somewhere near the corner of the room. Put heat source under bottle and cover most of it with the towel. Go to bed. In the morning you will either a) have a snake in a bottle or b) tracks in the flour showing you the hidey hole. Or c) nothing... But it will work eventually. Oh. And you will probably get musked on. A lot. Good luck with that!
  12. Gdk do an 8 gun that's about that size. 2 of those?
  13. I had their PA-08 and it was spot on. I only got rid because it never seemed to fit me quite right. But was well put together and well finished for the price.
  14. So a state/federalist model? Plenty of options but Germany would be a good one - nation states subsumed into an overarching federal government. And not that long ago either.
  15. I can't say I agree 100% with everything but this is a reasonably comprehensive look at policing in America and why cops rarely if ever face trial.
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