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  1. Mark1983

    canabis oil

    cream got rid of a long time rash no other creams we tried would on my girlfriends legs, same for my mates eczema. mum uses it on her knees and said she notices a slight benefit. i used on my back but not sure if it was the cream or all the stretching which helped. i think the plant needs research wouldn't advise anyone not taking doctors advise over it though. hope you all mend sooon
  2. Mark1983

    Not walking on lead

    my BT wont walk in any form of harness or jacket, just sits or refuses to move, can you encourage her with treats and get her to move a little at a time? im having the complete opposite atm where i cant get mine off the lead.. recalls great but as soon as he want to go his ears stop working and i have to chase him for miles😭
  3. Mark1983

    Baikal Over and Under 12g.

    Wow amazing! I would love to be your charity case but only applying for my SGC this month! I would buy you a few beers. Unless you can wait for me to get it😁
  4. Mark1983

    word of warning

    was thinking about going for one of these, bit scary
  5. Mark1983

    Pigeon and rabbit shooting available

    wish i was closer! 👍
  6. Mark1983

    PPI claims

    i haven't read all the reply's just a word of caution that to look into it if you have ever had debt written off they may use this money and you could owe more... most people i know who have claimed have got good payback though i just didnt follow it through as I think i once had debt written off.
  7. Mark1983

    Hello from Hertfordshire

    Hi, Thanks for the welcome! Im not far from Rickmansworth as living in Croxley now, bit of a drive for you in the morning that A41 and M25 combo lease you got some nice countryside to stare out at my commute is just traffic and buildings;) Best Regards, Mark
  8. Mark1983

    Hello from Hertfordshire

    Hi Mitch! your really close to me nice to meet you, might see you around some of the local clay shoots thanks for the welcome Mark
  9. Mark1983

    Hello from Hertfordshire

    thanks Vince I sent a PM thanks for the welcome guys
  10. Mark1983

    Hello from Hertfordshire

    sorry I hate talking about myself so thought I would keep it brief, maybe that was a little too brief Im from Watford area, have been mainly into air rifles since a kid but want to turn from garden plinkering into hunting and last 3-4 years have shot clays occasionally with friends when invited. Am looking to pursue these paths as I love being outdoors and I feel we need to conserve these traditions, I am now in my thirties and want to learn what I can off older generations so I can pass this knowledge on so we can secure our future for these sports. Am stating beating next year so thought it’s good to read and learn as much as possible on here, am a keen Sea fisherman and occasional Fly. would ideally love to make some friends who enjoy air rifle hunting or fishing around my area as am a bit of a lone wolf best Regards, Mark