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  1. Steve


    I've some crackin' rifle stories for you mate ........... you're gonna love it .
  2. Steve


    Not too bad mate . Been away for a while (not at Her Majestys Pleasure before anyone asks ). I'm a bit p****d off about how little posts I have compared to you guys now . I look like some sort of flamin' newbie :laugh: :laugh: . Sorry newbies!!! Anyway, glad to be back and I hope to catch up with all you guys soon. Steve
  3. Once sat in the pig shed and shot over 100 off the telephone wire leading into the house :( . Silly ******* just take off, fly round the field, then come back and land again! Got a bit boring actually, but good rifle practice.
  4. Excellent sport starlings! Nothing like whacking a few dozen off the shed roof with the air rifle (keeps the eye in). :(
  5. I'm a wee bit early, but congratulations Lazza on your wedding on Thurs. All the best mate! :( Enjoy the honeymoon (and try to leave the hotel room at least once so you can tell us all about it :laugh: :laugh: ).
  6. My father-in-law is cutting 30 acres of wheat this weekend. Yippee!
  7. If you look hard enough, you might find a Benelli for £600. Smashing guns, and half as many moving parts to keep clean as other autos.
  8. Steve


    I gave 3 farms where I shoot regularly, but the certificate states that you can use your rifle on any land which you are given permission to shoot on by the landowner.
  9. Steve


    I've been shooting air rifles for quite some time now, and have owned both .177 and .22 cal rifles. The last 5 years though, every gun I've bought has been a .22 (FAC) - they just seem to do the job better for me! Glad to see some more airgunners on the forum. Steve
  10. Steve

    Back again!

    I was in Belgium, Spain and the good ol' US of A for a couple of months on business. While in USA I got invited out to shoot "varmints" with a load of in-bred looking fellas all called Bo, Zeke, Billy-Jo-Bob etc (scary looking boys! ). Had a great time exploding prairie dogs with all manner of weaponry :evil: . Anyone been doing anything interesting??
  11. Steve

    Back again!

    Hi guys :( . Finally back to the forum again ("Were you away? Didn't notice." I hear you say :laugh: :laugh: ). Hope to get on regularly soon, and entertain you with tales of shooting seagulls and using illegal crow callers :( . Steve PS - William I've forgotten my password and I can't log on at my home PC. Help.
  12. You sure it was only local government they had infiltrated? It seems there's a lot of bird-brains in the House of Commons! (Particularly the anti shooting lobby ....... grrrrr :grumpy: ).
  13. Steve


    I work for Caterpillar, so Martin if you ever want to buy a digger/bulldozer I'm your man! Still, I get free boots and cost price clothing & tools so it's not that bad really! :(
  14. Me too! :( I'm on there as steve_w. See you there!
  15. Steve


    By "them" I meant the press, football supporters etc. (It wasn't clear from my post though).
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