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  1. I have recently read that one of the UK Engineering Universities are in the process of developing a metal matrix storage system that works with hydrogen at greatly reduced pressures.if this is successful it could spell the end of battery powered electric cars.why lug a one ton battery everywhere using a good percentage of your stored energy just to move the store!? Hydrogen is the future, generate the gas using off peak wind & solar & distribute using the same infrastructure we already have for petroleum fuels. The added advantage of course is that the capacity of the fuel ce
  2. Spot on. Cui Bono! With supermarkets & Game Dealers boycotting lead shot meat where else are the millions of shot birds going to go ? Landfill. Go figure
  3. Had my Maxum 2 Years now, I really can't fault it Beautiful to shoot & value for money. Ive put circa 6000 carts through it both clay & game, still as tight as when new. Go & try one first I don't think you'll be disappointed. Its easy after you try one out - you just get in car & go to your local CG dealer & order one!! Let us know how you get on.
  4. I have used these for about a year now,find them fantastic. Found mine at RS components@£299.They still last 6-7 hours on a single charge , would highly recommend.
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