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  1. I have recently read that one of the UK Engineering Universities are in the process of developing a metal matrix storage system that works with hydrogen at greatly reduced pressures.if this is successful it could spell the end of battery powered electric cars.why lug a one ton battery everywhere using a good percentage of your stored energy just to move the store!? Hydrogen is the future, generate the gas using off peak wind & solar & distribute using the same infrastructure we already have for petroleum fuels. The added advantage of course is that the capacity of the fuel cell required for a vehicle would easily power the household when you get home! Therefore no need for a massive investment in power transmission for the grid system? I would wager that Mr Musk is already involved.
  2. Spot on. Cui Bono! With supermarkets & Game Dealers boycotting lead shot meat where else are the millions of shot birds going to go ? Landfill. Go figure
  3. Had my Maxum 2 Years now, I really can't fault it Beautiful to shoot & value for money. Ive put circa 6000 carts through it both clay & game, still as tight as when new. Go & try one first I don't think you'll be disappointed. Its easy after you try one out - you just get in car & go to your local CG dealer & order one!! Let us know how you get on.
  4. I have used these for about a year now,find them fantastic. Found mine at RS components@£299.They still last 6-7 hours on a single charge , would highly recommend.
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