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  1. jonny long shanks

    Kent police SGC renewal, Medical Report

    I've held my license for about 18 months now. When I went to the doctors last I asked out of interest if there was a note on my records about my sgc. He checked and said there was nothing on records that say I have sgc. Thats west mercia. I'm not looking forward to my renewal as the whole system seems to be inconsistent at best.
  2. jonny long shanks

    Tradesman rates

    I mix my time between domestic and site work. For private work I charge 160 a day. Site work could be anything between 160 - 400 a day depending on what I'm doing. I can earn twice as much applying silicone all day than when I'm on the tools (chippy) which is annoying. I made some gates in my garden and fitted them for 950 the other week. Midlands
  3. jonny long shanks

    Prescription cannabis ?

    Its long overdue. As mentioned in a previous post the thc has been removed so nobody will be getting high.
  4. jonny long shanks

    Decent Fence Paint - That’s not like water

    Dulux ultimate wood stain is the best stuff you can buy. It comes with a 10 year guarantee but its not cheap at £110 for 5 litres
  5. jonny long shanks

    They DO talk to each other.

    I've had my license for over 2 years now. I went to the doctors a few weeks ago and west mercia haven't notified by gp about anything.
  6. jonny long shanks

    Car puncture repair kits?

    The dynaplugs look brilliant. I've just ordered some for the gloove box. I'm fed up of getting a puncture from screws on site
  7. jonny long shanks

    looking for a new cordless/ battery sds drill

    I use an 18v Makita with no problems, but I also have 15 batteries. Hilti is as good as it gets so maybe look into getting your batteries refurbished. Not sure if they can be changed to lithium ion but might be worth inquiring about.
  8. jonny long shanks

    New kitchen ???.

    Kitchens tend to last longer when they have been fitted correctly. Howdens aren't too bad for the price.
  9. jonny long shanks

    New kitchen

    That's extremely poor service. Sounds like the subbies have got annoyed with the job and disappeared hoping someone else will finish it.
  10. jonny long shanks


    Pay peanuts get monkies
  11. jonny long shanks


    I've been working on the construction and refurbishment of Aldi stores for the past 15 years. I've been shopping there about 10 times, and if I do I'm very careful about what I buy.
  12. jonny long shanks

    School closures

    We haven't had a massive amount of snow here but I decided to stay at home today as my work is a 90 mile commute to Reading at the moment. I made sure the wife made it to work safely and i'm now sat infront of the fire with the pets. I'll have to try and make it in over the weekend though. No work no pay.
  13. jonny long shanks

    drill bits

    For something like a granite worktop, in my experience, a spear bit would not work. Take a look at the diamond tipped drill bits. They can be used at high speed but need to be cooled with water. I fill a spray bottle with water to constantly clear the cut and cool the bit.
  14. jonny long shanks

    Wedding present

    When I got married a mate added a cheque with the card but didn't sign it.
  15. jonny long shanks

    What’s for Christmas?

    I have asked for a makita heated jacket. Should keep toasty out on the scaffold