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  1. I only like myself tho 🤔
  2. Thumbs up for the husky 👍👍
  3. jonny long shanks


    I've often considered working from home in my shed but unfortunately it's not quite big enough. Any talk of a shed extension is usually declined. My wife is in charge of planning permission 🙄 it will just have stay remain a refuge for now.
  4. I used to work at a butchers shop aswell. The blocks are made from maple with the end grain facing up so as it doesn't blunt the edge of the knives
  5. I bought some discs from aldi once and they were rubbish. They wore down twice as fast as the bosch ones.
  6. Screwfix and toolstation have been very efficient in the way the are dealing with the situation. I don't mind b and q being open. I'm waiting in the online que at the moment to check if they have some items in stock.
  7. I'm self employed and sat at home most of the time. I had a few rooms to plaster on an empty house which helped. I've also been out and sorted an emergency leak on a water pipe, a blocked toilet and re felted a dormer roof. Although building sites are allowed to stay open the ones I was booked to work on have closed. When the lock down is lifted I think there's going to be a lot of catching up to do and probably a few 7 day weeks to get back on track. I can't help but think the government will take this is an opportunity to clobber the self employed as well as everyone else with a lot higher rates of national insurance and tax. Hopefully the lock down will be lifted soon. I can survive at the moment but not for much longer and certainly not til June.
  8. I'd tile under and apply a thin clear silicone bead around the sockets if required
  9. Self employed carpenter. Spent 15 years travelling around the country building and refurbing Aldi stores amongst other things. I got fed up of the mileage and work so now I work on the domestic side doing plastering, bathrooms and kitchens etc as close to home as possible.
  10. Its always worth trying to repair something. I fixed a makita multi tool the other day. A new motor of eBay was £20 or a new tool at £90. I've just fixed my chop saw by picking up an old one for pennies and then dismantled it for parts. I hate having to buy new
  11. You can get the 10.8v Makita drill driver and impact driver for about £120. If you're not going to use them often then I would store them indoors out of the cold.
  12. I've held my license for about 18 months now. When I went to the doctors last I asked out of interest if there was a note on my records about my sgc. He checked and said there was nothing on records that say I have sgc. Thats west mercia. I'm not looking forward to my renewal as the whole system seems to be inconsistent at best.
  13. I mix my time between domestic and site work. For private work I charge 160 a day. Site work could be anything between 160 - 400 a day depending on what I'm doing. I can earn twice as much applying silicone all day than when I'm on the tools (chippy) which is annoying. I made some gates in my garden and fitted them for 950 the other week. Midlands
  14. Its long overdue. As mentioned in a previous post the thc has been removed so nobody will be getting high.
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