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  1. jonny long shanks

    New kitchen

    That's extremely poor service. Sounds like the subbies have got annoyed with the job and disappeared hoping someone else will finish it.
  2. jonny long shanks


    Pay peanuts get monkies
  3. jonny long shanks


    I've been working on the construction and refurbishment of Aldi stores for the past 15 years. I've been shopping there about 10 times, and if I do I'm very careful about what I buy.
  4. jonny long shanks

    School closures

    We haven't had a massive amount of snow here but I decided to stay at home today as my work is a 90 mile commute to Reading at the moment. I made sure the wife made it to work safely and i'm now sat infront of the fire with the pets. I'll have to try and make it in over the weekend though. No work no pay.
  5. jonny long shanks

    drill bits

    For something like a granite worktop, in my experience, a spear bit would not work. Take a look at the diamond tipped drill bits. They can be used at high speed but need to be cooled with water. I fill a spray bottle with water to constantly clear the cut and cool the bit.
  6. jonny long shanks

    Wedding present

    When I got married a mate added a cheque with the card but didn't sign it.
  7. jonny long shanks

    What’s for Christmas?

    I have asked for a makita heated jacket. Should keep toasty out on the scaffold
  8. jonny long shanks

    First childhood crush

    Buffy the vampire slayer
  9. jonny long shanks

    Mates Rates

    Multi skilled builder here, and I find a lot of 'mates' don't just want to pay less, but want someone they can trust. I understand the trust part as it can be a bit of a jungle out there. I do always charge though as I'm not a charity. There's only one mate that gets work for free as I know the feeling is mutual.
  10. jonny long shanks

    What do you pay your accountant?

    As a sole trader £440 per year. I am the nightmare client.
  11. jonny long shanks

    New plastered wall.

    As above, just water down some emulsion matt paint. Its called a mist coat
  12. jonny long shanks

    Coming to a shed near you

    I agree with fwd. There are many aspects and policies the rspca have that I do not agree with. BUT without them who would deal with the sick and injured wildlife, the stray cats and dogs that get ran over and then reunite with the owners. They seem to be the only ones that actually try to bring cruel sickos to justice. If you meet certain criteria like pensioners for example, you can get your pet treated at a reduced cost. A standard fluid drip at the rspca costs approx £15 whereas a private practice would charge at least £100. There's no smoke without fire, so I think that if an inspector wants to enter a property then there is probably a very good reason for it and if anything is going to save the police a lot of time and resources that could be used elsewhere.
  13. jonny long shanks

    Big Butchers Chopper?

    Ive got a big chopper. Every now and then I go out to the shed and polish it
  14. jonny long shanks

    A question for any roofers please,

    My mate re bedded my ridge tiles for a cup of tea and a kitkat.
  15. jonny long shanks

    Work trousers

    I need a 36 leg in trousers and snickers are the only brand I have come across that seem to cater for tall people. They are expensive for what they are though