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  1. Hi zap or any of the mods could you remove me from forum please i don't like your new set up kind regards and good bye Mike
  2. Thanks for all your replyes I have bought a 10bore Harrington +Richardson 36 inch barrel regards Mike
  3. Ok that's no problem i don't want to dwell on it you told me you would send a video of the gun you didn't . you told me you would send a picture of the gun you didn't . And you told me you would phone me I pmd my number three times you didn't answer . Now I have told you when I pmd you I didn't want it I will tell you again do what you want with it I will get one else were regards Mike
  4. No thanks I pmd you I have been waiting for you to make up your mind . You don't have to part X as aberfowl always wants 10 bored I will get one somewhere else thanks
  5. I'll tell you what mate if you want it that bad you take it as the guy was going to get back to me but didn't good luck with it hope you get a buyer Sory roost shooter but you have got a sale anyway
  6. I have left my number for you give me a call when you can kind regards Mike
  7. Cheers I am wanting it for the foxes there was a single barrel on here with 36 inch barrel but I was to slow and it sold
  8. You don't need one I do so don't waste my time or indeed the gentleman trying to sell me ones time regards Mike
  9. Aberfowl if you want a 10 bore I suggest you put in a post for one
  10. Thanks Ben sounds good I have pmd you
  11. Michael Scotland

    10 bore

    Wanted 10 bore single barrel 3 1/2 inch chamber barrel 32 inch minimum anything considered
  12. Wanted 10 bore over and under 32 inch barrel 3 1/2 inch chamber single trigger make not important anything considered
  13. Hi figgy if I go down the wood root I would cut it to fit inside the stock .I was looking inside the stock and the ridges for the screws run the full length of the stock .So in theory I could use the same holes to screw the wood on wherever I cut it .
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