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  1. rosshouse


    Where about in Scotland are you?
  2. I germinated mine indoors in early Feb. then moved them into the greenhouse in a small propigator. Temp. was fine but I reckon short daylight hours was the cause of them being slightly streached, they are on their third leave now but with the increase in daylight I think they will come on fine. Next year I"ll try the light/box method.
  3. Your plants are looking great. What are the conditions are you growing them in, temp. light?
  4. I would expect it to taste a bit like guga. https://www.virtualheb.co.uk › guga-hunters-of-ness-isle-of-lewis-western-isles
  5. If you want to cook proper restaurant style indian curries whole spices is the only way to go. I"ve been using a book The Curry Guy written by Dan Toombs, cannot recommend it highly enough, He has recently brought out The Curry Guy Bible which is all of The Curry Guy book plus a lot more, Tesco"s have it for about a tenner. I got everything I needed online from Spices of India, using Dan Toombs book as a guide £30 worth of various spices makes me a big variety meals for months. I was also using Easy garlic/ginger untill I was told to try fresh, definitely better and worth the effort. I blitz equal amounts fresh garlic and ginger in a food processor and freeze it in a tray for making ice cubes.
  6. Daiwa Lexa River Special 9 ft. Wt.4. 4 piece for sale . Brand new, plastic removed from handle but rod has never been used. £125 posted.
  7. There is a terrific site on facebook called Stickmakers and Supplies (SAS) very friendly and full of tips and info on stickmaking, although looking at the sticks Boo is making he has no need for it.
  8. Up for offer on here before it goes for auction on e-bay. Optics are clear. Plenty info on the web about it. £200 plus postage.
  9. I"ll take this,let me know your preferred method of payment. Alex.
  10. Hi, Sorry, should have said. They are flush.
  11. Genuine Beretta mobil chokes that I will never use, 1/4 choke 2 off and 3/4 1 off. £15 each + £3 p/p
  12. Anyone help? I"ve got a mobil choke for my Beretta marked C0000-CL , anyone tell me the maker. I really want to find out if is suitable for steel cartridges,all Beretta chokes are marked SP. Thanks Alex.
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