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  1. We had some snow this weekend and thought it was a good time to check our baiting sites for wild boar. Started recently to feed with carp pellets and they seem to like it. Found no fresh traces of them in the snow but tried it anyway. In first daylight I saw a fox coming to the baiting site & he started to dig up the pellets, very nice to see how he could located the pellets through the snow. Waited for a clean shot, and the .243 RWS 6,2 gr took him out, distance 90m. Waited another 2 hours, saw a few roe, but no more fox our boar. Tried later that evening on another baiting area and
  2. Happy Newyear & good shooting to everybody on PW, I'm not posting a lot for some time, but follow the topics almost every day!
  3. @Holland&Holland He has a lot of experience on wild boar, last month he had a sow in front of the highseat with a lot of piglets and the ones of the former year, waited untill one of them was broadside and shot it, 40kg empty, he still does not understand how he was so wrong in the weight. Monday we are going again as the roebuck season starts at 01/08, hopefully with some more boar!
  4. Me, cleaning the boar, some dirty job, but we love it!
  5. a close up of the nice trophy
  6. A week ago I went with a hunting mate to our hunting field against the German border. The wild boars were frequently visiting our woods and we would give it a try. As the wild boar is most active at night, we went to the highseat one hour before daylight, and hopefully we saw some before they went to the thick cover. I chose a highseat near some water, where already a few boars were shot, my mate took a highseat in the wood, with a lane where you can see a 150 yards. At 05:10 in first daylight 2 boars came out on this lane, my mate thought they were around 50 kg, and estimated them a year old.
  7. Wasn't hurt myself, but: At an evening we were hunting some ducks near a river, my car was parked in the middle of nowhere. After shooting some ducks and getting darker we decided to stop and went back for the car. On our way I heared a duck coming from behind on a good hight, my shooting partner said it was to high. I was convinsed I could hit it and that was what I did! The wounded duck came lower and lower to hit the front window of my car perfectly. Costs 350£!!
  8. Ik kan niet anders dan de familie te condoleren met dit droevige verlies. Gedurende de laatste jaren heb ik steeds de postings van Konings gevolgd, en heb er veel plezier aan beleefd. Sterkte aan de familie.
  9. reddeer 40


    Nice, I love those long range shots for fox.
  10. We don't eat it, all the fish there must be put back in the water. There are 12 of them in the pound, the owner buys each year arround 2000kg of living small fish just to feed the catfish & pikes.
  11. Went last week to the Ardennes to help some friends with builing high seats. Building the high seats was hard work but fun. Found the time for a morning & evening stalk. Started in the morning at 05:00, went on foot and while checking the first open space i noticed a fox chasing for mice. Had all the time of the world as I had good wind and the fox was always facing the other direction. Putted myself down in the gras, opened the bipod and searched the fox in the riflescope. distance was 140m. Put the croshair on his chest and pulled the trigger. Only saw a big flame coming out of the barre
  12. Went fishing this morning on a private water, owned by a good friend. Normally i go for carp there, but last week he lost 3 big carps (19.1, 19.5 & 20.2kg). Untill he knows the reason we are not allowed to fish for them. So I fished a bit for smaller fish & had some good action al day. As I know there is catfish in the pound I asked him if I could give it a try. It was no problem and I changed a rod from boilie into live bait. As bait I used a big roach of 35cm, hooked it through the back and let it swim in the middle of the water. After an hour we noticed the panic of the fish and saw
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