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  1. I would be interested buying components if anyone can help out. Very expensive sending to me in glasgow. But I can travel as far as the borders to collect.
  2. Guys, so what is the best load to use for pheasant, no:5, 6 or 7 shot 32g maybe. Cheers in advance Davie.
  3. We're are you Donegalcharlie, I can travel and sleep in my tent for a good weekends shooting if you could help? Cheers davie
  4. Is this because of inexperience and wrong equipment as everyone of the videos I watch on YouTube using lee load all equipment has not got a high failure rate?
  5. Looking to purchase a second hand reloader. Cheers Davie.
  6. Looking to buy a lee loader if anyone has one. Cheers Davie
  7. Reloading, is it better to use presses or is there individual dies and tools I can use to reload 12g shells?
  8. If it was only that easy Donegalcharlie, if someone could point me in the right direction would be ideal, thank you.
  9. I am also looking for my first pheasant shoot if anyone can help me out, cheers Davie.
  10. Hi, am looking to get out with the shotgun and shoot rabbits? Does anyone know where I can get out on some land and get shooting? Cheers in advance Davie.
  11. I have spent over 30 years teaching many many weapons for the army and still do (skill at arms instructor with distinction in many weapons). I just took up the shotgun sport and I know I haven't got the experience to teach my guys so hence the reply to your post. I am looking to get some sort of qualification so I can get my team into competion this year, if you can point me in a direction to get qualified then much appreciated. The Atmy dont specialise in shotgun, Cheers Davie.
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