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  1. Had these 5 from a little perm I've acquired......and look Mice not one from the freezer or stuffed...….and full feeders Kev 295 Mick
  2. Damn it to far away from me.....don't worry i don't think you will be short of takers Mick
  3. Hi mate is that Cambridge area?....cheers Mick
  4. Hi misser im Mick who Mice has been on about im only at Preston would love to come and sort the rats out for you....just drop me a message and we could sort something out....cheers Mick
  5. mick.c

    New gun day 😁

    I'm going to tell her that you spent £1000 on it then she will get the knife out .....don't forget sleep on the sofa tonight mate as i've had a few beers and i'll have a loose tongue later Well mate if you want to swap the trigger sticks for the one's i made you i won't complain Mick
  6. mick.c

    New gun day 😁

    Thats your opinion but for me it would go tomorrow Mick
  7. mick.c

    New gun day 😁

    Seriously Mate welcome to the BSA club you won't regret it....try some JSB heavies mate thats what my old girl likes or Biz Mags or Barracuda Match ( same as Biz Mags ). Give the barrel a pull thru then start testing and get rid of that **** BSA reg get a Huma off Darrin at XTX if he still does them, and the pellet probe may start flaking its Nickel coating so a Stainless probe again from XTX is worth thinking about.....cheers P.S bet you don't need those shooting sticks i made for you now Mick
  8. mick.c

    New gun day 😁

    Bloody hell Kev i can't believe you took my word and bought it... you would of been better off getting a Logan S16 much better rifle or even a SMK bet you regret it now Mick
  9. Walker570.....i did add my score yesterday i put it up to 1927 then you had 1 today equals 1928.....i hope Mick
  10. mick.c

    squirrel control

    Yeah mate i thought i'd give it an outing, its lazer guided you have to be an idiot to miss.......and i am the idiot
  11. mick.c

    squirrel control

    here you go Kev the feeder always topped up
  12. Just goes to show what results a well stocked larger feeder gives Mick
  13. Out today for my annual 24th Dec shoot not as many as last year but i had 9...... very enjoyable plus another 37 racked up from other locations 1927 Mick
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