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  1. Did you have decoys out mate? Mick
  2. Well nipped out for a couple of hours this week....well 4 hours actually....feeder wasn't totally empty, set up and ready for 6.30, at 8.20 first one turned up ran straight past the feeder ran around for 10mins then stopped still just long enough for me to slip a shot off nailing it at the back of the ear as it was facing away from me. Another hour passed then another came from my right ran straight to the feeder picked a bit of grain up facing me straight on, it was the last thing it did, with it facing me straight on it was a formality.....love those type of shots. At 10.30 after i had fini
  3. Another 3 this week.....but they are getting hard to come by 1374
  4. Oh can i please Kev....😠
  5. Have you been getting any big bags lately David...it must be hard getting any success with the feeders that you have up at the moment Mick
  6. Oh i forgot to mention my FEEDERS are not huge like some people have made, mine takes about 2.5kg of feed and they are adequate for my needs Mick
  7. Your right there mate you wouldn't want to eat beans on toast all the time you have to have a change now and again Mick
  8. You know why i threw the towel in, i don't know about Kev but for me you just became power mad not wanting mine and Kev's input keeping us out of meetings with the owners, starting new communication groups so you could be the administrator so you could be in charge while the old group was quite adequate. Mick Mick
  9. But David they wasn't topped up regular as you know once a week with 8oz of nuts is not enough and it was emptied in a matter of hours Mick
  10. Well David yes if you have had your head in the sand and not realised about corvid-19 and when nearly everywhere was shut down at the end of March. My feeders at one of my perms didn't get any feed at all until the 7th of July when i was allowed access to the grounds once again as you know it is a retirement home where NO ONE was allowed on their grounds...not even the good old gardener who tops the feeder up for me as he is 85 and his wife is 84 with breathing problems as they are still in lockdown. The first time i was able to shoot there i got 7 which i thought wasn't a bad bag considering
  11. I got the netting off the evil bay 4x3mtr about 10 or 12 quid if i remember Very nice mate...i had a set of them sticks but somebody wanted them back 🤔🤔🤔
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