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  1. shropshire-jon

    grandson pigeon shooting

    Hi welsh warrior Sorry my error he's 10 years old. When you say modified, how do you mean, the stock shortened ? many thanks
  2. shropshire-jon

    grandson pigeon shooting

    Hi Everybody, My grandson is very keen to come pigeon shooting with me, I welcome his enthusiasm , but I have a problem as to what gun he should use, he's average weight and build for his age so im thinking .410 single, but most 410's will be too long in the stock, has anyone come across this problem, and how did they cure it. also does anybody have a gun that is no longer used because it has been grown out of. many thanks in advance.
  3. shropshire-jon

    Barking Dogs

    If he is a friend and a shooting man then this is simple to stop. When the dog barks say nothing throw a container of water at him, try make sure he dosent see it coming ( shock factor ) also make sure its a good drenching if done correctly he will only need to do it a couple of times. E collar is defiantly not the way,( unless the dog has been conditioned for an e collar ) that is going to create more problems. good old fashioned cold water and the element of surprise will cure this. and you wont have to fall out with your friend.
  4. shropshire-jon

    spaniel hunt command

    My commands are as follows come here ( recall ) pip pip pip pip arms outstretched sideward's sit ( which means put your **** to the floor and don't move until told to do so ) long whistle blow ( which means sit ) arm raised shot fired ( which means sit ) gun raised bird or game flush ( which means sit ) get out ( from heal which means retrieve ) no hand signal if its a seen retrieve if its a blind then push arm in the direction of the fall lost ( which means hunt that area for a retrieve ) no hand signal whistle short pip followed rapidly by a long decreasing volume pip get back ( retrieve from not at heal ) arm pushed upward get on ( which means hunt for game ) no hand signal gone away ( return to heal from a retrieve ) arms outstretched sideward leave that ( don't retrieve that bird or game I want a different bird or game ) I have all these with a young ( green ) spaniel apart from drop to shot and drop to flush. these take a lot of training and a lot of time. Those are the commands I use but dog don't understand English so any repetitive sound or signal will do as long as it is repetitive.
  5. shropshire-jon

    reloading supplies

    Hi Guys sorry, I thought anybody that requires powder, shot, shell or primers would know what F.E.S is its Folkstone Engineering Supplies as salting correctly says. if anybody wants anything message me your number and ill call you. sittinginhedges I think tommy wore a Fez. lol.
  6. shropshire-jon

    reloading supplies

    Hi Guys I'm planning a trip to fes soon and was wondering I anybody else wants anything to help with the cost of the fuel I'm In the midlands so I could do a meet with anybody that's wants anything. Thanks in advance jon
  7. shropshire-jon

    shooting over drilled maize

    Hi My shooting is now starting to get a bit thin on the ground, with the beans and the barley through and the spring drillings finished on the farms where i have permission. In the next week or two i have a farm that is going to start drilling maize. My question is, is fresh sown maize any good for pigeon shooting?
  8. shropshire-jon

    reloading cost far to high.

    Hi george 88 quid including the dreaded 20% powder delivery 36 and a tenner for the shot and wads. can i call you for your prices Many thanks Jon
  9. Hi everybody. got equipment to start reloading. contacted clay and game. placed order online to make 250 32g No6's sent copy of sg cert they rang to get payment. Are you ready for this. £ 134.00 of course if i buy in quantity that price comes down. Now ive read that reloading is not cheaper than shop bought unless your reloading specials but twice the price is an expense that i will not do. I asked Clay and Game why the expense the order including VAT was £ 88 the answer was delivery charges. so i contacted FES and there prices were slightly cheaper not by much a few pounds, so i had a chat with him. Apparently the couriers are doing there best to pull out transporting dangerous goods this will include guns and ammo and as there is only one courier they pretty much charge what they like. Having spoken with FES we have a possible solution. Which is im going to collect my order if anybody wants me to collect there order i can do that for the cost of the fuel. But there are limits to what i can privately carry. So if you are close to me and you want me to collect your order please let me Know. Many thanks
  10. shropshire-jon

    reloading advice desperately needed

    hi iksopener I dont know is there anybody in telford that reloads carts that i could watch for a while Many thanks
  11. shropshire-jon

    reloading advice desperately needed

    thanks all I have a question for fortune It appears that the bushes are the original Bowman bushes, the smallest one i have is 24 1/2 grns of N260 i think its 260 the stamp is a little worn. i will be getting some scales, my question is, is this in the right ball park is is it to large for loading 32gr of 6 shot with cheddite primers in a 2 3/4 hull ? many thanks forgot to mention maxam csb5
  12. shropshire-jon

    Hello and first post - from Carse of Gowrie, Perthshire

    hi aya firstly deek range, this depends on wind direction, shot, choke etc etc etc. Also depends wether you want to kill pigeons or have some sporty shooting me personally with the wind in my back ( pigeons coming straight at the hide ) will start with a u shaped pattern with ( with 15 deeks put 2 rows of four about 15 to 20 yards in front of you with the remaining seven completing the u shape. if the wind is stronger move the deeks in a little. let the pigeons come as closee as possible then stand up the birds will flare and with a good wind will be moving very quickly, his has the effect of the birds now being at the right distance 25 to 35 yards and will force you to move the gun through to make the shot. with the wind in your back the main part of the pattern can be a little further out 30 to 40 yards with the arms of the u shape starting about 10 yards from the hide. basically set your deeks up with the kill zone about 35 yards from the hide. whirleys and gadgets work in certain cases but are definatley not a substitute for field craft. the single most important thing is recon find the flight lines which will be different for any given day, weather being the key. floaters work well if your like me youll make them up in the field coulple of pieces of hazel one pushed through the vent up into the birds head and a second to brace the wings apart, cheap quick and more importantly nothing to carry willow will work as well at a push. fishing i do my fishing on the welsh coast around aberdovey great for bass. but eu legislation, is a pain right now. But thats another topic Good luck above all its not the number pigeons you kill it the fun you have trying. hope this helps
  13. shropshire-jon

    maxam csb5

    does anybody know who stocks this in the midlands many thanks
  14. shropshire-jon

    reloading advice desperately needed

    yes sorry youre right its 70mm 2 3/4
  15. Hi all. I have just purchased and bowman reloading press. which im sure you Know is old. It came with all the bits as far as i know. So here's the problem. the bushings for the shot range from 7/8 to 1 1/4 ounces as lead is lead im going to assume this is going to be fairly accurate. the powder bushings are in the range 24 to 28 grains. doing a conversion and using maxam load data sheet. to load 12g 76mm hulls with 32grams of shot and using cx1000 primers i need 24 - 25 grains of powder. all is good so far until you factor in that the bushing measures volume not weight so if there is a difference in old powders and modern powders im stuck. so does anybody know the answer. will the bowman bushes be ok or will it overload powder resulting in breech over pressure ? Youre advice will be appreciated.