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  1. Hi I am looking for a permanent place in a small syndicate for the coming season .Edinburgh,Fife, Lothians. and Borders . Member of B A S C.have both sgc and air rifle cert. regards John. 07543425133 .
  3. Before anyone else misconstrued my intentions.Let me firmly inform you that I never had any intention of of shooting during the current situation nor have I any intention of breaking any laws and never suggested I would.People are jumping the gun (if you pardon the pun) here and forming their own opinions.So before you reply to my post be careful you fully understand what my initial intention was. Kind regards Max .
  4. I offer my and my sons services ,which are pest control ,consisting of Mole clearance, and greatly reduced numbers of Pigeon ,Corvid,Rabbits ,Rats ,Grey Squirrels. Creating a much improved crop yield as well as a healthier working environment . Also prepared to spend a couple of days doing any general work around the Farm weekly. Area covered within 25/30 miles of Edinburgh. Fully insured safe and trusted member of BASC .Kind regards Max.
  5. Hi I am looking for a place in a friendly syndicate in the Lothian ,Borders ,Fife locations any information would be greatly appreciated . E mail josh151uk@gmail.com or ring my mobile 07543425133 kind regards John.
  6. Looking for a syndicate place in a rough shoot 25 mile radius of Edinburgh. Available any day of the week.Can be contacted either by E Mail or by phone , or here at Pigeon Watch .
  7. Hi I am looking for a permanent place in a rough shoot in the Lothians and Borders /Fife area if there is anything available id appreciate you to contact me via Pigeon Watch. I am fully insured and hold both shotgun cert and air rifle cert and available midweek and weekends .
  8. We are two safe competent guns,fully insured members of B A S C . Our intention is to as humanely as possible reduce the number of your particular problem . Rabbits and Rats will be dealt with in the hours of darkness, in a very orderly manner .Giving every consideration to yourselves and others in close proximity and also to the environment. Pigeons and Corvids will be substantially reduced ,giving you a much increased crop yield and a much healthier workplace . We only use fibre wads so no plastic pollution of any kind I will personally call on you prior to any work undertaken to assure you that it will be carried out in a safe and orderly manner. This is a completely free service and there are no hidden costs whatsoever .We cover the Lothians and borders/Fife regions . This service is available 24/7 Kind Regards Max151 .
  9. Wonderful offer ,now if that had been in the lothians and borders/fife area I would have been more than happy to be your buddy.
  10. What a wonderful offer, I just wish someone in the Lothian and Borders /Fife area would consider such a request id jump at it .
  11. I'm training my 22 month old GSP to the gun and when he is sent out ranging he more than often disappears out of sight .How do I keep him within a reasonable distance to hold point .He does come in when I give the whistle command ,but sometimes from a long way off .
  12. If by any chance you still have the torch for sale, what's the very least you let go for posted.
  13. Many thanks to all who responded to my post and your sound advice. I have now informed N.O.B.S. that I want no more to do with them and hereby cut off all links with them.
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