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  1. I'm training my 22 month old GSP to the gun and when he is sent out ranging he more than often disappears out of sight .How do I keep him within a reasonable distance to hold point .He does come in when I give the whistle command ,but sometimes from a long way off .
  2. If by any chance you still have the torch for sale, what's the very least you let go for posted.
  3. Many thanks to all who responded to my post and your sound advice. I have now informed N.O.B.S. that I want no more to do with them and hereby cut off all links with them.
  4. oldypigeonpopper yes I did
  5. Hi Dougy as much as I appreciate your timely reply to my post.Let me inform you ,when you refer to simple communication skills ,I can assure you mine are very well adapted and I think you have missed the whole point of my post.
  6. I joined a group last year called N.O.B.S. sent them £20 for membership for myself and my son.I received a letter back along with two car stickers ,saying we were both now members That was a year ago and I haven't heard a thing from them since.I was led to believe that I was going to be informed of any beating opportunities in my particular area .As I have heard not a peep from them I'm wondering if I have been well and truly knobbed.
  7. Well Popper took your advice and got a Best setup from Ramsbottoms who gave me a very good deal indeed.Got a Best setup and all for under £48.
  8. Thank you gentlemen for imparting with your knowledge it is much appreciated.Many thanks.
  9. Thanks for your timely reply popper ,but whats the contention with a 232 bar i would appreciate your opinion.cheers
  10. I have a 15ltr 232 air bottle and looking to purchase the filling fittings online.Any recomendations would be a great help.Many thanks.
  11. How serious should we take this information of a new to me warning concerning dog ailments. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/dog-owners-warned-keep-pets-1392545
  12. Sorry to hear that your not prepared to send this gun up to me in Scotland Michael but good luck and hope you sell it soon
  13. What are the RFD costs to send to edinburgh
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